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Really was hit, face is saved!


The body trembled, Xue Qin hurriedly turned to look at the gray coat youth: “Senior Apprentice Brother, don’t listen to this guy nonsense, he just said casually, not refining the pill success medicine, may not be the correct answer…”


The voice did not fall, the gray clothes youth turned, the backhand, the three slaps striking across.


Pa! pa! pa!


Every time, it rang through the room, and the girl’s horrified eyes, the original blown skin, suddenly red and swollen.


“Can you?”


After doing this, the gray clothes youth holding hands behind his back, coldly look over.


He is very proficient to pill concocting, and specifically checks her, no need to continue refining, has been understand, the other party said it is correct.


I know the answer, and I don’t admit it. It’s not just his people, but Rising Clouds sword pavilion!


“Sucking her slap in the face, but I casually said that a girl, and I have no marriage contract, and did not specifically run over to retreat, not considered as a hatred… If so, just like this, gambling agreement also considered as practice, Senior Apprentice Brother, please…”


Zhang Xuan is all over.


The gray-shirt youth coldly glanced at him, no longer said more, turned and left, everyone brushed up, fainted youth, and someone specializes on the back.


I wanted to come over and show my ability to make the entire city of Xuanjiang City fearful. I didn’t expect to be a slap in the face.


The anger of the heart burning fiercely.


Soon after I got out of the trading company, I turned to look at the girl with red face and my eyes closed. “Who is that?”


“Senior Apprentice Brother, this person I really don’t know…” He stunned, Xue Qin was hurriedly said.


“The boy who is on the slopes!” Gray clothes youth.


“He, he…” Xue Qin’s face became deathly white, and he hurriedly explained: “He… I have a marriage contract, and the old man in the family is married. There is nothing between them. I have never seen a few. surface!”


“You should know why you are a servant disciple!”


Youth coldly snorted, without any expression: “Inside disciple, only pay attention to cultivation, need someone to serve! You are good, and as a virgin, cultivation base is good, let you enter sword pavilion, is a service person, even As an aunt!”


“I know…” Xue Qin’s head was low.


“Know it!”


Putting a wave of hands, gray clothes youth, turned to the horse carriage not far away, lifted his foot and went in, followed by the sound of no emotions from the inside continued: “Handle things well, don’t pass to the word pavilion! The guy who is full of gauze, I want to know his origins and identity tonight! Three days later, Lu Elder Yun passed by, I don’t want, apply unnecessary changes!”




The skull is low to the chest, and Xue Qin is afraid to come out.


Da da da!


Horse carriage.


Xue Qin felt the back very sweat, once more to see the front of the swan trading company, revealing a strong murder.


“Go back and tell the teacher, start tonight!”


Many of you behind him nodded at the same time: “Yes!”




“Thank you, teacher……”


Seeing Xue Qin who insulted him several times, he was swollen in the face and was so swollen that he couldn’t speak. Shan Xiaotian knew that the teacher was for ownself, very grateful.


“Since it is my student, naturally it won’t make you feel wronged!”


Zhang Xuan smiled a little: “Well, help the teacher find a quiet room, I want to try this Jade Talisman!”




Nodded, Shan Xiaotian found the middle-aged person before, and the time was not long, he arranged a quiet room.


Entering the room, Zhang Xuan eyes swept over once, found that there are arrays around, very quiet, and then nodded with satisfaction, took Jade Talisman out and took it in the palm of his hand.


“Teacher, I heard that this kind of Jade Talisman requires specific steps to get into it, and it takes a lot of money to completely activate it…”


Single Xiaotian’s voice did not fall, and the teacher saw a few consecutive points on the jade token, and then “嗡!”, the jade token shines with dazzling light.


Activate completely!


Then a drop of blood rushed out, and the light shone, and immediately became a special pattern, in the blink of an eye printed in the eyebrows.


Single Xiaotian stayed.


According to the news he knows, activation of Jade Talisman not only requires special steps, but also requires countless coins, even with expert, I did not expect the teacher to complete the activation and accept owner only once, seem like many times before. .


I ignored his shock and carefully felt the lines that entered the eyebrows. I knew that there was no harm. Zhang Xuan was relieved and relaxed.




Next moment, consciousness seems to have left the body and entered a special space.




Looking down at the past, the body in front of me is both illusory and seem like is real, giving people an unspeakable feeling.


“Welcome to the temple!”


It is strange that a faint voice in the air sounds.


“This voice…”


Fraowned, Zhang Xuan has a stiff body.


This voice, he actually heard it!


“It’s Master Kong!”


Master Kong’s voice!


Although I know that Master Kong is definitely coming to God, I can’t dream of it, and it is related to one of the most powerful forces of the whole god, the Temple of Heaven!


Could it be that…Tongjin Temple, created by Master Kong?


“Single Xiaotian said that the temple was built thousands of years ago by a superpower, but… Master Kong has left Famed Master Continent for tens of thousands of years…” dazed for a moment, Zhang Xuan’s eyebrows suddenly jumped : “could it be that…the time flow of the gods is different from the Famed Master Continent?”


When I came to unconscious, I woke up and encountered many things, and I didn’t feel the real time flow of the gods.


In this way, the time flow rate here is indeed completely different from the Famed Master Continent.


These things are flowing in my mind. The voice just sounded more: “I created the Tongshen Temple, only for the cultivator to be able to exchange better. Here, you can change your looks and atmosphere at will, no need to worry. At the cost, you can learn to want to practice, and no need to worry, someone knows your true identity.”


“In the Jade Talisman, every entrant is the same strength, the same level, there is no high and low, you can exchange equal, real life, etc., do not worry about the position and strength of the gap…”


“…the only thing I have to say is to buy and trade the items you want!”


The sound is over.


After listening to these, Zhang Xuan has confirmed.


Only Master Kong has this kind of mind and mind, everyone is equal, Everyone is like a Dragon!


I thought that after tens of thousands of years, I went to God and found the other party’s news. I still need to spend a lot of time. I didn’t expect a Jade Talisman to know.


Strongly suppressing the excitement in my heart, Zhang Xuan recalled the words of Master Kong’s just now, flash of intuition, a quirky idea, and pop up from the mind.


“Equal exchange, regardless of name and strength, isn’t it… more high level web chat and online shopping?”


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