“Don’t dare to bet?”

Zhang Xuan said: “I don’t even dare to take it. Now I can take it away. Anyway, I can’t resist it! But… the strong man of the sacred level of the sacred temple, even the little guy of a real fairyland, I am afraid, so-called The temple, it looks just like it!”

“The real fairyland primary stage?”

The pinned enemy, Elder, heard this and noticed that Zhang Xuan’s cultivation base, once more.

Just fighting is right, at any time will die, not thinking about it, it seems that Zhang Xuan, actually broke through…

When I came to Rising Clouds sword pavilion, I broke the primary stage, more than a day, the breakthrough intermediate stage, the advanced stage, the peak, and the virtual fairy, directly reaching the true fairy…

Big Brother, how do I see you, except for troubles every day, chaos, no cultivation…

How is cultivation base long?

The most important thing is… I am going to use the book to kill each other. Are you serious?

He has lived for a hundred or two years, and he has seen books, not a few million, and a few hundred thousand… I have never seen it before, and I can kill people.

“Exciting the law is useless to me!”

There is not much expression on the face of Xianjunjing black robe.

“I know it’s useless, but… don’t underestimate my determination, don’t promise gambling agreement… I can’t commit suicide, and I won’t go with you!” Zhang Xuan said.

“Suicide? Do you think that in front of me, you have a chance to commit suicide?”

The fairy robes black robes laughed.

“Is there a chance, not that you have the final say!” Zhang Xuan nodded: “The swords of the Xianjun level just disappeared without your consent?”

Upon hearing this, Xianjun’s black robes, his eyes immediately smashed.

In fact, with the strength of the other side, he simply does not need talk rubbish, can directly kill, or even catch, the reason why did not do it, because, just a few long swords, disappeared too strange!

Even his strength is not seen, what is going on!

Therefore, I have always suspected that there is a stronger strength, hidden around, and guarded against it. This is why I watched many subordinates being killed and did not do anything.

“I can bet with you, but as long as you have the strength of ownself, if there is an expert appear, then don’t blame me impolite…”

Coldly snorted, the fairy is strong, the road.

The strength of the other side is swinged there. Even if there is any trump card, it is almost impossible to kill him. The only taboo is the “expert” that steals the sword.

As long as this guy doesn’t appear, there is no problem.

Of course, even if the other party is appear, it may not be the opponent of ownself!

After all, in this space, he is the master, unless the cultivation base truly reaches the false god, otherwise… no matter who, come to die!

Even the cold Sect Master of Rising Clouds sword pavilion is not afraid to come in person.


Zhang Xuan nodded.

The nature he wants to use is Book of Heaven’s Path.

The reason why talk rubbish is more, because the heavenly secrets here are blocked, in case there is no previous power, I am not sure, I really hang here!

Moreover, the strength of the other party is so strong, there are definitely a lot of means of protect life, and the speed is fast. I really can’t see the horror of Book of Heaven’s Path in advance, and I can’t catch up with Ah!

After all, now he has only one piece of ace in his hand.

And it is still one-off, and there is no loss.

First stabilize it with words, then… hit it!

“Well, I am standing here and seeing what you have!”

Xian Junjing black robe, standing on the spot motionless, faintly look over.

Although there is no action, the body of Xianli has been running, it seems that as long as the hidden expert appear, it will immediately counterattack.


With a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan’s spirit moved, and the Book of Heaven’s Path, which had just been formed in the mind, was suspended in the blink of an eye appear on the top of the black robe.

“What a book?”

The black robe is staying.

I thought that the other party was joking. It was a book. In fact, it might be other weapons. I didn’t expect it to be a book.

Look carefully, I want to see what material is, what level, but found that with his eyesight, I can’t see it.

The books in the air, like no strength, give people a strong oppression and want to resist, but they can’t do it anyway.

“Well, fall into a trap, this book is not simple…”

Pupils shrink, understood.

This book, although not a fake god weapon, I am afraid that the level is not low.

I really want to kneel down, with his current cultivation base, may not be able to stop.

“Break! ”

Raises the eyebrows, the hand also wears a long sword, the body turns into a sword glow, straight upwards sting!

Regardless of the level of the other party, the first step is to be strong!


His strength is too strong, the original solid space, instantly appearing cracks, like Heaven and Earth are appearing collapse.


Raises the eyebrows, Zhang Xuan.


The Book of Heaven’s Path straight in the air greeted us.

Kacha !

On the head of the black robes of Xianjunjing, for a split second, the latter’s head exploded.

Putong !

The body fell to the ground.


The fire elder body is loose, and the strength pressed on the body disappears. At the same time, the face turns pale, and the words are scared.

This one, who is not weaker than the Sect Master, is really stunned by a book…

So simply, there is no room for resistance…

Once more Look at Zhang Xuan not far away, very awe.

If, before, just treat each other as a disciple, the younger generation will treat it, and now, it is completely a strong level, even… feels more terrible than ownself!


Unlike his shock, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief.

I was afraid that the other side ran away, and I deliberately said so many talk rubbish. Now it seems that Book of Heaven’s Path is still so powerful!

No matter what level, what degree of power, a book down… directly hang!

The body shaken, come to the other side, gently 1 Mo on the body.


The body was taken into the storage ring.

Then came to the remaining three true fairy power strongmen, and gradually took away the body.

This level of strength, is a treasure, if you make good use of it, the protect life means will become more.

Before, I didn’t feel anything. Now the temple sent people to come and want to seize the ownself… I didn’t care.

Kacha !

The immortal strong man died, the body was taken away, the folding space could no longer be maintained, and directly collapsed, a moment later, Zhang Xuan felt the disappearance of the noise, once more into the ear, hurriedly looked and found once more back to the trading company On the street outside.

The enemy fire elder is standing not far away, and his face is sluggish.

“Zhang elder, first sect ……”

Come back, the fire of Elder is hurriedly said.

Too dangerous!

He always thought that ownself is very strong, but this time he faced the black robes who gave birth to a strong sense of powerlessness.

The same is the peak of the fairy king, the difference is not big.

Zhang Xuan nodded.

There is only one Book of Heaven’s Path, and I really don’t dare to wave. Otherwise, the strongman of that level will be appear a few more, and I don’t know how to die.

See him agree, the enemy fire elder no longer say, palm grabs, strength wraps it, the two disappear instantly from the place, straight to the Rising Clouds sword pavilion quickly flew.

“The enemy fire elder, you just said, the temple is strong, what is the meaning of indifference?”

Swallow a few high grade Xian Yuandan, Zhang Xuan asked.

“I don’t know much about the temple. I used to listen to Sect Master. The samurai, like the sergeant, survived countless battles and blood baptisms! So, in their eyes, only the task, early There is no human feelings, the companion dies and does not die, insignificant!”

The enemy fire elder very awe.

I haven’t touched the other party before, I don’t feel anything, I’m fighting, I’m only understand, how terrible!

As for seek like to fight with him, Zhang Xuan puts the bite in the butt, put others in his shoes, when inserting the first time, there is definitely no battle strength, the other side is more and more brave, seem like feels no It’s the same as pain.

And the one who had been smashed his arm before, lost an arm, the battle strength is not weak, but more fierce…

All of them are explained, the other side has experienced, cruel elimination and training.

“Because I have realized the sword intent of God, I am afraid that if I grow up, I will attack the authority of the temple, and I will kill me in advance?”

Zhang Xuan is puzzled.

Temple, just heard, should be aloof and remote, ignore the human fireworks… knowing ownself, send people over, it is too much to fall down!

“This… I don’t know, but there should be some contact! Otherwise, Sect Master will not be so nervous, let me come over and protect at all times!”

“Knowing that I understand God’s sword intent, the people who are in the elder temple, why do they know, and know that I am in Wuhai City, come and chase?”

Zhang Xuan continued.

This is also his question, really can’t figure it out.

Several elders of Rising Clouds sword pavilion, who use the library to explore the cross examine, are absolutely trustworthy.

Ownself Come to Wuhai City, it is also a temporary intention, there is no advance move… How can the other party know and kill it accurately?

“Go back and see Sect Master!”

The enemy fire elder thought for a moment, and felt very confused, so he shook his head.

“Right, Bai Yuqing is still practicing in the quiet room of the temple, but also trouble telling her to let her ownself come back…”

Seeing the other party can’t answer, Zhang Xuan no longer asks, once more swallowed two Xianyuan Dan, and confessed.

The fire elder replied with a sound to speed up.

After more than ten minutes, renew returned to the elder hall.

“You said… The temple has sent people to kill Zhang Xuan elder?”

Soon, Han Jianqiu came to the front and listened to the report of the enemy fire elder, his face changed.

“Yes!” The enemy fire elder nodded: “The other party sent a … Xian Junqiang strong and three true fairy peak strong, make a move!”

“Xianjun? Really fairyland peak?”

The skin shook, the cold sword autumn was shocked, and the heart more looked at the two people in front of you, very can’t believe: “The other side is such a strong lineup… on the way of you, how can you escape?”

“Speaking, I didn’t help too much. It was Zhang Xuan elder. I went to the primary stage of the real wonderland. With the Tongshang sword you gave him, I killed three true fairyland peak shrine warriors, then, then… …”

The enemy fire elder explained, only half said, looking at the audience not far away, suddenly the whole person stayed, eyes are about to fall to the ground.

“You, you …… When is the real fairy peak?”

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