He is telling the truth.

Originally, I wanted to protect the Zhang Xuan from safety. As a result, three true fairy kings, black robes, the other side killed one alone, smashed with ownself, inserted one, and the other one was hardened by his sword. Suddenly dying.

As for the strong man of Xianjun, it is even more for this guy in front of him.

Speaking carefully, really, didn’t help too much.

At most, it is pulling the strange, attracting some hatred.

Of course, the equipment was not taken, and they were all taken away by the other party.

I’ve been shocked just now. I’m too fast on the speed of Fang Jin. How is it… This blink of an eye has changed from the primary stage to the peak?

“On the way, I feel that the strength of ownself is too low, I ate a bit of Yuan Dan, breakthrough!”

See the real cultivation base, and the other party is scared, Zhang Xuan explained.

If you just reached the true fairyland peak, then the three shrine warriors, together, may not be the opponent of ownself, it will not be so troublesome.

Therefore, in order to protect myself, on the way, I will continue to swallow Xianyuan Dan, with Heaven’s Path Cleaning Technique, and just after the battle, I have reached the peak from the primary stage.

I didn’t show it before. I came to the elder hall at this moment. It was safe. I felt that there was no need to continue to conceal. I didn’t expect to surprise the other party.

“After eating… Xianyuan Dan, is it breakthrough?”

Not only the enemy fire elder driven mad, the front of the cold sword autumn, Hetian elder and the rest also swayed, almost did not vomit blood.

Before, I felt that the other party was not good at cultivation, and some were unhappy. I knew that the other side had worked hard for a day, and I was promoted to nearly two major levels. I was shocked and fainted. This is not considered as finished… How long does it take to go out? Two hours? Three hours?

Even the real fairy also breakthrough, but also reached peak?

The key is the attitude of the other party…

Eat some Xianyuan Dan, breakthrough!

Come here, I have a pot here, I ate, why didn’t I have a movement?

“No, you just said…Zhang Xuan elder, with the help of the Tong Chang sword… This sword he refining?”

After the shock, I remembered something more incredible, Sect Master once more.

Tong Changjian is the treasure he got, how many characters he has, and the most clear.

He wants to refining, it takes a lot of effort, and he doesn’t have to do it when he is in trouble. When the other party gets his hand, it is a virtual fairy. Is it successful?

The key… how long?

“Well, when I saw it, it was already refining…” The fire elder smiled and nodded.

Behind this guy, all confidence, will be hit, no longer exist.

Soon, I will talk about the things I have just experienced in detail.

When I heard the immortal strongman in the temple, I defeated the enemy elder with one finger. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t add any more. When I heard that this one was killed by a book, I couldn’t speak.

“This…the book is the protectement technique treasure that my teacher gave me. It will be gone when I run out…”

Zhang Xuan said.

The library thing, there is no way to explain, only once more to ownself to get a “teacher” that does not exist.

Anyway, Rising Clouds sword pavilion does not pursue disciple disciples and learn the exercises of other sects.

Everyone is showing the right color.

It used to be strange, this one youth, why is it only in his twenties, he has such a cultivation base and an understanding of the Way of Sword, and he has a sigh of relief when he hears a teacher.

There must be a super strong person to cultivate, and then have this ability.

No teacher’s inheritance, no one believes.

“The temple has always been overbearing, but … usually will wait until the cultivator, to reach the fairy kingdom, will come over, a virtual fairy will send Xianjun, true immortal, and even seal Space Lock … …considered as me, before No heard of !”

After the explanation, Zhang Xuan asked about the cold Sect Master in front of the road, and the latter frowned, very confused.

“More importantly, those who know your identity are in this hall. No one has left. How does the other party know? The temple, even aloof and remote, is not omniscient and omnipotent!”

Also discussed a little while, really do not know what is going on, had to give up.

“If … the temple sent people, can the sword pavilion be blocked?”

Asked Zhang Xuan.

He is more concerned about this now, in case the sword pavilion can not stop, at this time there is no protect life Book of Heaven’s Path, then, die do not know how to die.

“Should not!” Han Sect Master shook his head: “We are exiled by the temple, that is, the so-called gods abandoned, the temple aloof and remote, quietly, that’s ok, open and aboveboard rushed into sect, inevitable It will cause everyone to rebound. At that time, even if the temple is strong, it can’t be controlled!”

“Again… Rising Clouds sword pavilion, countless ancestor strength blessings, even the Xianjun strongman of the temple, into it, can not make waves, only one dead road!”

Zhang Xuan This is a sigh of relief.

Just fine.

Think about it, if the other party really wants to be open, it will not first pull the ownself into the special space, and then go to work!

“I don’t know… except for the Elder Hall, here we can have the cultivation technique of Xianjunjing. The more the better, the place I still have some doubts about cultivation. I want to see more…”

Asked a few more questions, Zhang Xuan asked.

Strength, or master the best in ownself.

If you reach Xianjun, there are more powerful temples, no need to worry.

Therefore, it is imperative to find means breakthrough.

“The cultivation technique of Xianjunjing is in the elder temple…”

Han Jianqiu Sect Master shakes his head.

Xianjun, already standing in the abandonment of the continent, the most peak, each set of exercises, are rare, how can there be a lot?

“Only a dozen books?”

Zhang Xuan stunned.

The library of the elder temple, he has been to see the cultivation technique and formula of Xianjunjing, only a dozen or so, Heaven’s Path Cultivation Technique, simply can not form … So, how to cultivate?

“Yeah!” Han Jianqiu nodded: “Rising Clouds swordsman who is qualified to practice in addition to a Sect Master, the rest are in the library!”

“Rising Clouds?” Xu Xuan eyes sparkle: “I… can I qualify for study?”

Sect Master said: “You have learned the sword intent of God, that is the sword pavilion Sect Master of the future, naturally qualified! However, this set of exercises, not secret arts … want to learn, only personal experience, come with me !”

Follow him and walk out of the hall.

Now to enhance the strength, it is king, the others are fake.

Soon I came to a closed room, took out the token that Sect Master had, opened the ban, and entered it.

In the room, there is a row of statues, counted and there are twelve, each holding a long sword and displaying different word moves.

“This is the Rising Clouds?”

Zhang Xuan frown.

“Yes, this set of sword gods is the key to comprehending the sword intent of God. The exercises are also contained in it!”

Zhang Xuan looked at the statues in front of them in different shapes and movements. They did not indicate the operation of Xianli, nor the strength of the trend. It seemed to have nothing to do with the exercises.

“These twelve are all word move, but each move is very strange. Go is against the structure of the human body. As long as the exercises are strictly carried out according to these actions, the body will naturally form the path of Xianli’s operation… and this is not only It is the sword pavilion, the highest god’s fairy breaking method, and it is the key to breaking through the false god!”

Han Jianqiu explained.

Zhang Xuan looked closely and saw that the movement of these sword moves was very weird.

Each one is like a go against the instinct of the human body, showing an incredible curvature.

“You can start the experiment from this first move. It’s harder than a move. I spent a full three days in order to complete the first move!” Sench Master smiled.

“Three days?”

Zhang Xuan looked at the first movement, the back of the ridge folded, the long sword stabbed from the head, and ten twisted.

“Yeah, this is already the easiest. The second action, I used ten days, the third one, it took a month… The twelve statues in front of me, I finished all, I used a whole fifteen year!”

Han Jianqiu Sect Master explained.

Rising Clouds sword pavilion The deepest practice, the martial arts left by the School-founding Ancestor-Master, he can finish in 15 years, and the sides as very fast, very talented.

Zhang Xuan is a tongue.

“Don’t underestimate this speed. In the past generation of the sword pavilion Sect Master, you can finish all the fifteen years. I definitely topped the top 10…”

Seeing his expression is wrong, Han Jianqiu is the color.

Can be a subject, the talent is not weak, otherwise, it is impossible to beat others, come here!

Fifteen years, it sounds very slow, but for the practice of Rising Clouds, it is already very fast.

“is it?”

Very doubt, Zhang Xuan wrist turn, Tong Chang sword appear in the palm of the hand, a corner of the back, a sword qi, spread out from the tip of the sword, the action and the first statue in front of the same, exactly the same.


Han Jianqiu eyebrows jumped.

I just finished learning it for three days to complete, and the other party made it out… let him have an ominous premonition.

“The first move is relatively simple… you have realized the sword intent of God, and it should not be difficult to display it. The latter should not be so easy…”

Very 尴尬, urgent hurriedly said.

“Let me try……”

Zhang Xuan’s body turns, the body is more twisted into an incredible curvature, and the second stroke is completed!

Then, the third move!

The fourth move!

The fifth measure!


In the blink of an eye, it came to the tenth trick.


Han Jianqiu really feels crazy.

The other party completed the first move, it can be said that this trick is simple, the remaining tricks, made in one breath, what trick?

Could it be that I have practiced before?

This is absolutely impossible!

Apart from Sect Master, there are absolutely no other people here.

Hū hū !

If you are shocked and can’t speak, you can see the youth in front of you, and the remaining two actions are also finished. Very confused to see: “This is very simple… have you practiced for fifteen years?”


Han Jianqiu hated to sneak into it.

Ownself spent fifteen years, but also arrogant, self-satisfied, feel top 10 …… The other side only used less than fifteen breaths…

People are more than people, mad!

Just doesn’t know what to do, just hear the youth in front of you, and the voice of doubt is still ringing.

“But… you have been practicing for fifteen years, could it be that you didn’t find out, the order of these sword moves is wrong?”


Han Jianqiu stayed on the spot.

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