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Twelve strokes of sword technique, in order of increasing difficulty, when practicing, the direction of True Qi in the body is also continuous, there is no appear discomfort, the most critical, after cultivation, the understanding of the Way of Sword and cultivation base, real Soaring, order… How could it be wrong?


“The first move and the seventh move, if you exchange it, will make True Qi gather faster. The eighth and eleventh exchanges can make the sword intent more powerful! The sixth and third moves are exchanged. It’s easier to focus on the spirit…”


Zhang Xuan goes with his fingers.


Very doubt, Han Jianqiu according to the other party said, replace the order of cultivation.




The strength of the turmoil, in the blink of an eye to master the subject via a comprehensive study of surrounding areas, the understanding of the word intent, is also immediately better, it seems that at any time will tear the space.


“it is true……”


Stay on the spot, Han Jianqiu stopped and completely smashed.


I have practiced this set of exercises for more than 80 years, but I never thought about it. The order will be wrong. I don’t think about it. If I exchange it, I will have such a powerful effect. Even the strength that has been banned for a long time has a little Loose!


Although these looseness is very weak, but with the change of any time, it will definitely become bigger and bigger, and eventually form a qualitative change. Like this one, it is impossible to comprehend the sword intent of God!


After the shock, once more looks at the guests not far away, the eyes are full of incredible.


It took him 15 years to learn the word move, and the other person in the blink of an eye was trained… the most critical, but also the mistakes and loopholes…


This… isn’t it human?


I also thought before, the other side to understand God’s sword intent, and luck, now it seems that there is no half-money relationship with luck, but the other’s Natural Talent, too powerful!


Even… it’s comparable to the Hallmaster Hallmaster!


Legend has it that thousands of years ago, the Hallmaster of the Temple of Heaven, across the appear, in just a few months less than the time, swept the world, nobody can oppose, even more alone into the temple, captured a word…


This kind of skill, only one person for thousands of years, I did not expect that the second person sect appeared in them!


“In this way… the bridge is open, the six sect geniuses gather, and our Rising Clouds sword pavilion will surely be able to win the first prize, and a sword will suppress other…”


The eyes sparkled with excitement, Sect Master clenching fists.


In the past, the bridge was opened. They had Rising Clouds sword pavilion, and they had half a god word. The limited genius was not strong enough. It was always impossible to command the overall situation. At this moment, with this, it will certainly be a blockbuster, truly master the right to speak!


Very excited, looking at the youth not far away, I saw his quiet station on the spot, it seems to have some feelings.


Knowing this kind of sentiment can not be met, Han Jianqiu no longer speaks, turned and retired.




Like he guessed, Zhang Xuan’s is indeed feeling.


This set of Rising Clouds is not very helpful for his breakthrough, but it makes it easier for him to control the mental intent of the gods he has previously understood.


The Book of Heaven’s Path formed by the single brother Xiao Shantian sealed the sword intent that rushed over, giving him a perfect understanding of the god’s sword intent, but all along, limited by strength, and spiritual Soul Force The amount, this sword intent, can’t display all the power.


At this moment, the twelve actions in front of each other are connected together. The word intent actually breaks through the ban of Book of Heaven’s Path and the Perfect Integration.


In other words, this word intent, completely integrated in the body, became part of him, to master the subject via a comprehensive study of surrounding areas, can be freely displayed, no longer embarrassed.


“The original sword technique is the key to unlocking the sword intent of God…”


Feel the changes in the body, Zhang Xuan realized.


When fighting with the three black people in the real wonderland, the sword intent of God has not been able to display its integrity, and it has been passive. Once it can be perfectly displayed, it can be killed even without breaking through to the true fairy.


Gugugugu !


Incorporating into the body, the sword intent flows through the body, and the whole person seems to be sharp. Seem like at any time will pierce the sky.




Sword intent, such as Tao, Zhang Xuan, in an instant, turned into a long sword, suspended from the original.


“You can fly…”


Quick glance, Zhang Xuan very excited.


The space pressure of the gods is much bigger than the Famed Master Continent. Only when you reach the level of Xianjun can you fly!


His only is a true fairyland peak, with the help of the god’s sword intent in the body, you can completely transform into a long sword, galloping, speed is even faster than the enemy fire elder!


“Be able to fly, plus cultivation base to reach the true fairy peak, completely control the god’s sword intent… Xianjun peak, can also fight! Before the fairy king black robes, want to leave me, it is not so easy Up…”


Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief as he felt the changes in his body.


Although there is no search for Heaven’s Path Cleaning Technique in Xianjunjing, these twelve movements have given him a deeper understanding of God’s sword intent, and bay strength once more.


Before, the awesome white leaf elder and the rest, the real battle, may not be an opponent.


“Right, gourd, what are the long swords you swallowed? Didn’t leave me two handles?”


Recover the thoughts from the cultivation base and rush to look at the gourds in the dantian.


Ownself Let this guy, devour the opponent’s sword, solve the crisis at that time… It’s a make a move, even the enemy’s elder has not let go… Just before the scene is critical, just too late to ask, just now have time, just take a look What happened?


The gourd showed a vigilant intention: “Don’t you say, don’t let me spit it out? Could it be that I want to go back?”


“Of course not, just want to ask, swallowed so much, can’t support it…” Zhang Xuan’s face is not red.


“No support, just finished digesting…” The gourd twisted.


“Is it finished?”


With an eyebrow jump, Zhang Xuan hurriedly looked at it, and sure enough, he saw the gourd more than lazy in the dantian, and did not hold it at all.


“Forget it…”


Knowing that I was swallowed by the other party and wanting to come back is no longer possible. Zhang Xuan has a silent wrist turn and several corpses appear in front of him.


It was the Xianjun who had killed him before, and the three true fairy peaks.




The body was only an appear, a long sword straight to Zhang Xuan’s eyebrow stab.


It was the Xianjun-level weapon used by the Xianjun black robe. The master was killed by a book. If he did not respond, he was taken into the storage ring. At this moment, he saw the enemy appear, and could not bear it anymore.




Stretch make a move, gently pinch.


The long sword was immediately pinched at the fingertips.


The weapons of the Xianjun level, when there is a virtual fairyland, can’t help. Now, the true fairy peak, and the God’s sword intent is fully understood. The true Xianjun peak is not necessarily an opponent, a sword only, not to mention.


“You, you ……”


The long sword seems to be unbelievable.


In less than half an hour, this guy, how powerful is it so much?


I was too lazy to pay attention to each other, pinching the long sword, and Zhang Xuan looked at a few places and flicked.




Seeing the word intent, immediately poured into the long sword body along the blade, the long sword suddenly made a sob of crying, and then the spiritual intelligence dissipated.


The spiritual intelligence of this long sword is refining by the other party. Even if it is tamed, it may be betrayed. He does not want to belong to the ownself weapon when fighting with others, and he will kill himself.


Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, the spiritual intelligence is directly annihilated with the god’s sword intent.


“You…do this, this sword is equal to waste…”


Seeing his move, he just took out the Tongshang sword and was shocked and kept groaning.


It is almost the same as the strength of the other party. In the blink of an eye, the master will wipe out its spiritual intelligence. Doesn’t it mean that the ownself will be directly killed?




Without spiritual intelligence, the sword is equal to no soul. At most, the texture is hard. Many sword techniques can’t be displayed, and there is no power of Xianjun.


“Reassured, won’t waste…”


Gently smile, Zhang Xuan finger once more lightly on the sword, after two breaths, the sword slammed, and more than a clear sound.


This time it is like a bird singing and excited.


“Renew has spiritual intelligence?”


Kirang sword shaken, almost fell from the air.


The spiritual intelligence of a sword needs to know how many years of warm and nourish, in order to appear, the other finger 1 Mo, ruin the previous, once more 1 Mo, appear new…


Do not stop, Tong Chang Jian did not dare to say a few words.


Before, it was arrogant, because the sword, without it, is tantamount to abolishment. As long as it is a sword-maker, it is impossible to succumb to the road.


Seeing each other’s actions, only understand…


Here, you can’t measure Ah in the way of normal people!


Scratch the spiritual intelligence… The key, wipe it out, you can make one…


In other words, it is the proudest cuddling, in front of the other party, you can’t count…


It seems that in the future, you must not act cool, or you will not know how to die.


At this moment, the Tongshang sword is completely surrendered, and no longer has a special mind.


“From today, you are called … long sword!”


Easily refining the newly launched spiritual intelligence, Zhang Xuan looked at the weapon in his hand.


Like the Tongshang sword, it is also a weapon that reaches the level of Xianjun peak.


“Long sword?”


Shaking a bit, the sword almost did not fall from the air.


Want or do not want to be so casual?


Hao Hao is also a weapon of the level of Xian Jun, the entire continent, countless super strong…


Just take a name like this?


“Master, want or do not want to… change your name? this…really too casual!”


Really cannot help, long the Way of Sword.


“Are you? This…”


Zhang Xuan wrinkled frown: “Do you want to call… Xiaojianjian!”




The long sword did not stabilize, fell to the ground, and cried out.


Damn, not as good as the first name…


However, at this time also understand, the owner in front of the eyes, is a name slag, said more is useless, had to endure with tears.


“Look at the other side’s ring, what’s the good thing…”


Putting the sword into the storage ring, Zhang Xuan ignores it, but raises the head to look at the four bodies not far away.


The other party is a strong temple, and the cultivation base is so strong. Is there any treasure in the storage ring?


With a finger hook, the four rings immediately flew over and fell to his palm.


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