“God, God, King of God, Tittled God, Emperor…”

Zhang Xuan secretly remembered and wondered: “Luo Ruoxi… What level?”

Can easily go from the heavens, do not pass through the temple, directly smash the void into the realm of the gods, and forcibly break the space barrier, but only suffered a little damage… certainly not the Spirit rank can be completed, even the gods may not be able to do it .

Is it possible that …… she is the king of God?

As for the emperor, I really can’t think of it. Nine Heavens is only nine, and each one really stands on the top of the universe. This super strong, how to look at the next little person!

Even if ownself owns the Library of Heaven’s Path, this Heaven Defying-class Divine Artifact.

Think of this in my heart, or can not help open the mouth, said: “Mu Yun teacher knows … the title or name of the nine emperors?”

See him inquire, Mo Yun teacher’s expression in the eyes of doubt, but still nodded, said: “Nine Heavens nine emperors, how honorable, their respect, what is my small and small people can talk about? I only know our ghost days The emperor is the emperor of Qiankun, also known as the Qiankun emperor, guarding the southeast of the gods, controlling the square and eight holes, and the six-body reincarnation. The opposite southeast of Liyangtian, the master of the burning of the sun, the management of the sky, the growth of everything, Heaven and Earth Lun Chang. Southwest Linglong, exquisite fairy, beautiful unparalleled… As for the rest, there is not much to know.”

Zhang Xuan nodded.

Nine Heavens is the same as the previous Thearch, but not everyone can talk about it. The other party is just an academy’s teacher. It is not easy to know the three, and to say the title.

“If Brother Zhang really wants to know, I can ask your teacher, Senior. For Nine Heavens, you should know more than me!” said Mo Yun.

Nine Heavens Nine Heavens ordinary people are afraid to discuss, but they still know a lot. After all, they are not allowed to discuss, and they may not know, who is it to Thearch! Deliberately questioning this way is actually a suspicion in the heart.

“We are just ordinary people who have been saved by the teacher. We can only accept students as students without any dependence. It is difficult to meet them at ordinary times. How can we talk to us more than these things? If this is not the case, then you will not have to worry about Mo Yun teacher. We brought out this mountain range…”

Knowing each other’s thoughts, Zhang Xuan smiled.

“This…” Mo Yun teacher dazed for a moment, has doubts dissipated.

There is such a situation in the realm of the gods. Some teachers of the painstaking cultivation are very strict with the students. Every time they meet, they are all assigned tasks, and there is not much talk rubbish.

Nine Heavens This kind of thing is not normal.

“Not only that, you see us, basically did not reach God, how to breakthrough, the teacher does not say, only said that the timing is not mature, you need to work hard to cultivate, only accumulated and honest, after breakthrough, can unleash stronger battle strength … can be here The spiritual qi is also really too thin, cultivation… too hard!” Zhang Xuan shook his head.

“Yang Xuan teacher, really a strict teacher! I have been able to catch up with the Famed Master of Appear for the past two years. It can be called Master Yang.” Mo Yun teacher said.

“Master Yang ?Famed Master ?” Zhang Xuan was shocked.

This profession, created for Master Kong, is only available in the Famed Master Continent. The gods are not heard of. I didn’t expect to hear the name here.

“It has been a sudden increase in the realm of the gods in these decades. I claim to be the Famed Master, and I have established the Famed Master Hall, which is responsible for evangelism and teaching. There are special methods and systems for students. The effect is excellent, but the students must More hard work than ordinary people!” See him, I don’t know, Mr. Mo Yun said.

Zhang Xuan was shocked.

There are Famed Master and Famed Master Hall, definitely related to Master Kong.

It seems that the one that God was suppressed by ownself is indeed Doppelgänger, and the deity has come here just like ownself.

Famed Master Continent, after tens of thousands of years, the time flow of the god is one tenth, after thousands of years, and here… although his strength is too low, telepathy does not have a specific time flow, no accidents and temples, should be almost the same .

In other words, 1% of the gods, 0,1% of the Famed Master Continent.

Famed Master Continent has been going through tens of thousands of years, but it has been here for decades.

It’s not easy to ask directly. Zhang Xuan intentionally or unintentionally knocked on the side: “Suddenly establishing the Famed Master Hall will affect the rule of the Nine Heavens, and the ordinary academy should also be affected. You can it be that?”

Famed Master Continent, the reason why the Famed Master Hall stands out is that it has formed a special system. Countless people, even Kingdom and Empire, are proud of the Famed Master. Here, Nine Heavens is the respected, each one. The forces, all respected emperors, are the same as the six sects of God.

For example, if you go to the Rising Clouds sword pavilion to promote the cultivation technique of the 7-Star building, teaching students is not the same as winning the excellent passer of the sword pavilion.

More importantly… How can these ordinary academys tolerate each other doing this?

Famed Master’s is powerful. He has personally experienced it. The teaching is more powerful than the average teacher. Once opened, these ordinary academys… can also recruit students?

“These people advocate that there is no class, the students of the instruction are all our academy, and the selection is left, there is basically no innate talent…” When this teacher said: “Brother Zhang, I am not saying you, don’t See you…”

Just said that the teacher Yang, there is Famed Master Hall’s style, in a blink of an eye, they only enrolled the academy to choose the remaining waste… obviously suspicion of mulberry.

“Nothing!” Zhang Xuan waved: “Our innate talent is really bad, and we can’t keep up with everyone. Otherwise, it’s impossible for God realm to breakthrough!”

Mo Yun teacher does not continue to entangle this issue, said: “God’s God’s gas is limited. Every year when enrolling students, academy will give priority to recruiting disciples. All the innate talents will be gathered together, and they will recruit the rest, so It doesn’t affect us much! But…”

Stopped for a while, Mo Yun teacher said: “I have to say that this group of Famed Master’s does have some skills. Those who, in our opinion, cannot break through, have even taken the last step under their instruction, even Some students, faster than our disciplines! In this situation, we have to work hard, otherwise, I can’t possibly bring a group of children who are only 17 – 18 years old to run here to try. !”

They are all forced by Famed Master Hall. Otherwise, it is better to teach well in class. When they are in their teens, they will go to the barren hills to try them… Otherwise they will catch up with those people. Although they are helpless, they have to say that they also have a lot of motivation.

“As for Nine Heavens, the Nine Emperor naturally does not allow him to do this, so… the Heavenly Emperor only challenged many emperors. Ten years ago, compared with the Qiankun Monarch, the results were not known, but we don’t know, but … We are ghost days, but we no longer oppose Famed Master Hall, exile free!”

Teacher Mo Yun shook his head.

Although I don’t know the result of the battle competition, I have seen this situation, but I already know that it must have been lost.

Otherwise, this is impossible.

“Daily Emperor? The new promotion emperor you said?” Zhang Xuan asked.

“It’s him!” Mo Yun teacher nodded.

“No wonder…” Zhang Xuan realized.

Just listening to the other side said Nine Heavens, the nine emperors, the ancient existence, it is strange, why is there a sudden emergence of a person, can compete with the existence of it, it seems that it should be Master Kong.

For decades, the Famed Master Continent has been tens of thousands of years, and the time is also corresponding… The most important thing is that Master Kong is also known as the Great Sage in the Famed Master Continent!

Here is the best of the day or the Emperor of Heaven.

In just a few decades, the continuation of the continuation, the creation of the Famed Master Hall, fight a duel eight days and eight emperors, forcing them to recognize their identity, and agreed to open the Famed Master Hall…

It’s not Master Co., even in the myriad of gods in the strong, the same Heaven Defying to the despair!

Of course, whether it is Master Coin or not, he wants to visit.

After experiencing the fake Master Kong event, before rushing to find the other person without self-protection ability, if you want to snatch the own library of the Library of Heaven’s Path, you may be killed.

It is not a suspicion of Master Kong’s character, but a guilty guilty of a crime. It is better to have less contact before it is equal to the strength of the other party.

Although the fake Master Kong is evil, at least one thing he said is very much in agreement with him… That is, both ownself and Master Kong control a part of Heavenly Dao, and the combination of the two will inevitably make one of them more powerful, even… To the point where it is impossible to estimate.

This kind of interest, the saints may not be able to resist living.

Suppressing the shock in my heart, Zhang Xuan continued to ask: “Mr. Mo Yun just said… God’s God’s God is limited, what does it mean?”

Just now the other party said that God’s God’s temperament made him very confused.

“It seems that Master Yang hasn’t told you about it… Yeah, you haven’t honed to the limit yet, don’t know it’s normal!” Seeing him puzzled, Mo Yun did not answer directly, but looked at this side. Asked: “Brother Zhang, from your point of view, what is the concentration of spiritual qi on this Lingji Mountain?”

“Lingji Mountain?” Zhang Xuan finally knows the name of the mountain, remembering it in his mind, but his face is not showing up. Cannot help shake his head: “This mountain has almost no spiritual qi, and people can’t practice it properly!”

As soon as he came to the realm, he discovered that the wind was raging that’s ok. The most important thing is that the spiritual qi is almost equal to no, simply cannot be extracted, and transformed into the strength of the body. Otherwise, everyone will not rely on eating wild vegetables. For life.

Fortunately, these wild vegetables, there are some spiritual qi, otherwise, dignified Master of All Generations, the first person in the world, came to the realm of the gods… starved to death, the teeth can be laughed off.

“Yeah, not only here, the whole god world as long as there is no place in the city, it is the same as here, the spiritual qi is declining! Even a lot of locations are already deserted!”

Teacher Mo Yun shook his head.

“Spiritual qi decline? Uninhabited?” 愣on the spot, Zhang Xuan Some can’t believe it.

This is the most peak of Heavens and the world… except for the city, the spiritual qi decline… It’s hard to imagine.

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