In Zhang Xuan’s imagination, the gods should be powerful, crawling with experts, and the spiritual qi everywhere, which is very plentiful, can make people breakthrough, and the branches picked up are stronger than the Peerless Grade, even more than Pseudo Divine Artifact ;

The weeds everywhere are healing and breaking through the fairy medicine, more than Peerless Grade Yuan Lidan…

Everywhere is treasure, wealth is everywhere…

Listening to each other’s words, spiritual qi decline, everything declines, feels like ruins…

Just like this Lingji Mountain, there are some plants in the ground, which can not absorb the spiritual qi at any time. Just like no sunshine, it eventually becomes withered and slowly dies.

For this reason, every time Zhang Xuan searches for wild vegetables, he almost goes to the big half day, and even one day, the number is very limited.

This… is it really a god?

When I got here, I couldn’t eat even the root grass? How do you feel similar to the ancient battlefield of the Foreign Spirit Race?

Decline, decline, like a ruin.

“There are a lot of wild vegetables and fruits in the mountains, contain spiritual qi, this decline… It should last for a while and soon!” Cannot help asked.

If it has been a long time, there has been no spiritual qi. I am afraid that it has already become an empty mountain. No vegetation will exist. At this time, we can find trees and wild vegetables, even fruits, divine beast… Explain, the time of decay, no It will be too long.

Seeing him ask, Mo Yun teacher looked more confused: “You should not come to the realm of the gods?”

“Of course not… We lived in a small mountain village, isolated from the world, and we didn’t know much about the outside world… Later, a plague, only those of us, were saved by the teacher, so… many things I don’t know!”

Zhang Xuan 尴尬said with a smile.

I don’t know what the gods’ way of handling things about the ascendant, but I have to be careful, otherwise I don’t know if I am betrayed.

“Well!” Seeing his insincere, may not want to say, Mo Yun teacher is no longer pursued, said: “This kind of spiritual qi collapse, the first appearance, probably forty years, not over fifty years! At that time, the sky collapsed, and the whole day seemed to collapse halfway. The flood spread to the earth. The legendary emperor who guarded the east, south, west, and north for four days personally made a move and left the four legs of Heaven and Earth turtle. As the pillar of Optimus, this will stabilize the world.”

Speaking of this, Mo Yun teacher smiled and said: “Of course, this is just a legend, it can’t be done! Some people say that the emperor in the central free sky, refining a special strength, will make up the collapsed sky… In short, all kinds of sayings are there, but since then, the spiritual qi of various places has quickly collapsed. Apart from the towns, it is basically the same as here, it is difficult to live in life!”

“This…” Zhang Xuan violently shakes his heart.

Forty years ago, nearly fifty years… The time to change to God was more than 4,000 years ago, and the time of Famed Master Continent was…forty thousand years ago!

It was the Master Kong that turned out to be the time when the six sects of the heavens were established.

Gods appear bad luck, Heaven and Earth collapse, Master Kong controls Heavenly Dao orderly…Is it possible that, what special contact between the two?

If there is a contact, then … the library of ownself, Heavenly Dao is missing, will it also be related to it?

After all, Heavenly Dao, it’s impossible to use appear, his library, can be used in the realm of the gods, indicating the level of Heavenly Dao, no less than the godly Heavenly Dao…

People have to have this suspicion in their hearts.

“Spiritual qi is declining, so it’s not as easy to breakthrough God as it used to be! And the more breakthroughs, the more resources are consumed, the more likely it is, the bigger the change, so Nine Heavens, Only control the number of God, make a move in person, build nine mountains. If you want to breakthrough to God, you must go to the mountain, look for God’s gas, the success of the breakthrough, unsuccessful, you can only obediently confess.”

Teacher Mo Yun continued.

Zhang Xuan suddenly realized.

This situation is similar to the Famed Master Continent Kuny Void Realm. The resources are certain. Without innate talent, if you are not qualified, you will completely lose the qualification for promotion.

It is cruel to cultivator although, but it can make a world, more sustainable development, and not collapse.

“Master Yang has sharpened you like this. It is obvious that when you are in the false gods, the battle strength is stronger, and the trials in the barren mountains are more suitable for the environment of God Mountain, and the gas of God is found, so that the breakthrough is smooth!”

Teacher Mo Yun said: “It’s a good thing for Famed Master Hall’s people! It’s no wonder that even if they enroll students, innate talent, the final achievement is not lower than those geniuses… Oh, sorry, I am not saying you innate Talent is low and there is no contempt for it…”

Zhang Xuan blinked and didn’t know how to answer.

Zhao Ya and the rest almost laughed.

Dare to say that their teacher innate talent is low… This person, the courage is really big enough.

The teacher has been practicing in the Famed Master Continent for less than two years. In less than two months, it was converted into the time of the gods…

Famed Master Continent is 0.73 days, God is 0.6 days, a total of 1.33 days…almost, the time of the gods is 16 hours. for you. The sleep of the kung fu, the teacher from ordinary people, promoted into God realm, all the way cheat, size realm, dozens of … you dare to say that his innate talent is poor?

What a joke !

“Cough cough, I don’t mind…” Zhang Xuan shook his head.

I also asked about some things. The Mo Yun teacher knew all the words. Soon, Zhang Xuan had an intuitive understanding of the real world.

It’s the most peak of Heavens, it’s really strong, but it’s powerful and powerful. That’s… no Famed Master Continent, pay particular attention to rules and regulations.

The real strength is respect, the strong can travel across the world, travel around the four sides; the weak can only stay in the city and dare not go out, otherwise encounter robbers, it is very likely that people and money are both empty, and guests die.

Of course, this is outside the city, and the words in the city must obey the rules and regulations in the city. The City Lord of every city has absolute rights and strength.

For example, the location of the night city, City Lord Wu Fangqing is a strong man of the gods, copper arm, impervious to sword or spear, had a pair of flesh and blood wash eighteen cottages, the ghosts are unstoppable.

The city must abide by the rules and regulations he has set, otherwise it will be subject to absolute sanctions.

The strong made rules and regulations, and the weaker obeyed.

Otherwise, it may be killed, was hit to take God’s gas…

This is the gods, the naked rules of the jungle.

“Mu Yun teacher, can you tell me the story of the great man?” Wang Ying seems to be aware of the wrong, curiously asked.

“The Heavenly Emperor is the super strong who suddenly emerged in recent decades. His fame is more than 40 years ago. He is a high grade God. He is alone against the eight low grade gods. He succeeded in killing him. The potential list is the first!”

In the eyes of the teacher, Mo Yun showed his admiration. Apparently, he was impressed by the deep in one’s heart.

“God’s potential list?”

“Nine Heavens’ nine forces, each spot, will be selected as the own god’s potential list, can enter the top 10 of the list, almost without exception, can advance to high grade God! Even Top 3, have the opportunity to achieve the king of God For this reason, this list is the target of countless cultivators. As long as it can enter, it is equal to the door of countless resources supply, and the future is boundless!”

Mo Yun teacher is very envious in the eyes.

The resources of the gods plan, without absolute innate talent, it is impossible to get a better opportunity to cultivate, so … will appear various lists, let the cultivator to compete.

Get a better ranking, have enough resources to qualify for training, and advance to a higher cultivation base.

This is almost the same as Kunse Void Realm.

“After getting this first, it was out of control. In less than a year, it successfully broke through to reach the realm of the gods, and then in the tide of the spiritual qi, one person took the lead and was given the honor of the Titled god by the seven emperors.”

“After less than a year, I started to challenge Nine Heavens. At the beginning, everyone felt that this person was crazy. Who knows, the first game won… The next few decades, the nine The emperor, one by one, I heard that there is only one emperor in the central free day. Nothing has been tried. Others have already recognized his identity… Although the result is unknown, since it is recognized, it is very likely that the other eight emperors …all lost!”

Teacher Mo Yun lowered his voice.

Nine Heavens is involved in the Nine Emperors. Although the outside world’s news is rumored, it is better not to make known to others.

“Continuously challenge the eight emperors…”

Zhang Xuan listened to the blood turmoil.

It is Master Co., no matter in which world, it is the super character who finally stands at the peak.

“I don’t know the emperor who is in the sky… What is it? Why don’t you compare with him?” Very curious, Zhang Xuan asked.

To challenge the emperor, in the end, it is a win or lose. The ordinary people don’t know, but the superpowers who are the emperors must know.

Will this imperial emperor know that everyone else has lost, and dare not compare it with it?

“I don’t know this! I talked about the emperor in the sky, the central government of the gods, the respect of the nine emperors, the most powerful emperor in the realm of the gods, and the most mysterious one…the outside world, there is nothing about him. Rumors, specifically male or female, are always young, are not clear, even the name does not know! But the central free position, no one dares to move, the gods stand for a long time, no one dares to play here abacus ……”

Speaking of this, Professor Mo Yun suddenly shocked, and said that he said too much, he smiled: “Well, today I will not say more, we are just small people, Nine Heavens, the things of the Nine Emperors, regardless of our affairs, also participate No, no groundless fears…”


Knowing that there is nothing to ask, Zhang Xuan no longer said that everyone is tired for a day, very tired, many students of Mo Yun teacher, leaning their fists on the rock wall, sleeping deeply.

Even the teacher closed his eyes and didn’t know if he fell asleep.

Only Zhang Xuan and many students sat on the floor with their knees closed and closed their eyes to practice.

Although the spiritual qi here is very thin, it is difficult to make ends meet, and the cultivation is very difficult, but they still dare not delay a minute.

“Hmmm?” After the cultivation to the middle of the night, Zhang Xuan was planning to rest and suddenly stopped, like what telepathy had, looked forward in one direction, and the eyebrows could not help but wrinkle.

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