Library of Heaven’s Path 2256

Bitch, seal a face and faint.

Aren’t these stars all over, formidable power?

Why would it look like this?

“seem like… these meteors were inspired by spirit enlightenment and tampered…” Luo Qiqi swallowed the spit.

“I know how long it is to be inspired by spirit enlightenment?”

King powerhouse, give mechanics and stuff like that, and he can do it, but how long does it take every time to spend countless heart blood and energy, at least a few months, and to spend half of his life?

Two minutes, three minutes?

So many stars are all done with spirit enlightenment, and the reinforcement has been successful?

Key, ownself also lively dragon and animated tiger, nothing…


‘s shocking, young people in the front glacier lake, figure once more rush out, and every time one spot, there’s a meteor in the back, turning around, becoming a snake, a giant meteorite, the longer it’s dragging…

“Senior Zhang… what are these meteors doing?”

Look at a little while, seeing half of the stars following the youth, the seal is getting dizzy.

big brother, didn’t you come looking for Divine?

What are you doing with these meteors?

“It should be thought… to force Divine to show up!” Stop for a while, Luo Qiqi speculated.


The seal eyes immediately shined: “Divine, turning pill success samples, spiritual qi, it’s hard for powerful people to detect, and if it’s hidden in these meteorological stars, Senior Zhang, even Prince Nine Heavens, is not that easy to fight the balance… So Senior, on the other hand, directly tap all of the stars away… if this guy is here, it’s no better way to hide.” I don’t think so! ”

Clean everything around, and naturally there’s no place to hide and no longer to be attacked.

“He is wisely wiser and has always worked behind it, giving admiration to” Luo Qiqi nodded, which is more depressed in his eyes.

“Who ruined my place, sought death…”

And just as two people were so sad, a tremendous humor came up, and then the entire meteor lake turmoil came up, and a giant face appeared in half the sky.


Luo Qiqi pupils shrank.

This giant face, he used to see Ling Ling Fairy, is the power of the Emperor.

“No, it’s the Emperor’s curse, and here spiritual qi is full, resourceful, and I didn’t think it had breakthrough! Now, maybe… it’s real emperor!”

And seal the body.

Luo Qiqi clenching fists, very incredible: “Did Emperor powerhouse not say that it is necessary to take control of one area or to be given the will of billions of people to succeed? How can a medicine pill do it?”

The real emperor powerhouse, accepted by a region, and with no effort, seems to be Master Kong, for the sake of the true emperor, then challenged the 8th emperor in order to obtain the sanctity of the gods.

A medicine pill, no experience, how could it be the Emperor?

“This is the tidal sea, not the gods!”

“Not the gods?”

dazed for a moment, Luo Qiqi followed by nodded.

Indeed, they enter here from a fragmented mythology, in other words, this tidal sea, which does not fall within the boundaries of the divine world and cannot be defined by the rules of the divine world.

“And the Emperor of Heaven is here breakthrough, turning back to the gods, finding means has been endorsed by the gods!” The seal says, “Just, I have some odd, emperor and King Grade’s other barriers, which are far apart, and the gods have been unable to succeed for many years, and it’s just a medicine pill… how exactly does he do it?”

Not only did he believe that even Zhang Xuan in the Meteorological Lake had no help.

This ability to gather a huge face in the air, even if it is him, cannot be done unless, for the whole region, and for space, pinnacle is under control.

Is it possible that the other party really breakthrough the Emperor?

Hundreds of people can’t do anything. A medicine pill did it?

“No, it’s the special environment of the Meteorological Lake…”

Spiritual Force spread out, Zhang Xuan quickly realized.

It’s not true that each other has reached the Emperor, but it’s too long to live in this meteorological lake, controlling the strength of the whole area!

The leaders of this region can easily control the spiritual qi of which, in cooperation with Mind Power, forms what they want to form.

“Finddie? Do you want to kill me or true body appear, and you don’t seem to be that strong!”

Zhang Xuan cunning a bullet.


The giant face in the air, the ice shattered.


Soon, a big face was formed, and the fury looks like Zhang Xuan broke and continued to tap the stars.

The main purpose of entry here is to find this Emperor, and find means refining, and hit the Emperor, which is already irreconcilable until death, and left nothing to be kind enough.

And even more, this medicine pill, who has stolen the King’s death for years, captured it in a small number and saved it from the danger of others.


In two successive faces, this is not blocked, the space distorted in the tidal lake, and a young silhouette finally appeared in front of it, just like a giant face.

“act recklessly, I’ve given you a chance to differentiate good from bad, dead!”

hâa lā!

palm moved forward, and Zhang Xuan immediately felt that the whole person had been held hostage, and all around had accumulated weight to control his actions.

“It’s not true emperor…”

Zhang Xuan relaxed.

Though it is guessing that there are still some concerns about his strength at this moment, God far surpass’s ordinary Titled is still at risk in the face of a true emperor.

The opposite SS is able to control the region and, in fact, remains somewhat distance from Emperor Heavens, with limited strength, even the emperor, and insufficient fear.


palm uplifted, waved.

And with the stars behind them, you become a dragon, right now, towards the young rushed over.

So many of the meteors of spirit enlightenment, at the same time, appear that the space of the storm lake was crushed by the brakes, and appear to have another black hole, the palm strength of the youth, in contact with one of them, immediately collapsed.


youth originally intended to hide in the stars, carry out theft, and not think of the one, so soon that he had tampered so much of the stars, equivalent to his old nest, a breath, and took what ownself had in control, and was going to explode.


the same time, it’s doubts…

Now, Titled, are you all so aggressive?

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