Library of Heaven’s Path 2257

In anger, youth hands rise, with a long wave of space fluctuations, and the remaining half of the future will be able to reach refining’s stars, while being transformed in the direction of gravity and struggling towards Zhang Xuan.

A stronger pressure to keep Zhang Xuan in the body’s blood as solidified.

Even if mortal body reached a royal peak, the soul Nine Heavens, at such a rapid rate, he would certainly not be able to resist the flames with the meteorological stars that had just been reintroduced, and it was extremely likely that all previous efforts would be committed to the flames.

“Just look at the gravity of your control, can you stop me all the time?”

take a deep breath, raises the eyebrows, and once more appear to be in charge.

Soul, mortal body, True Qi, after all breakthrough Titled, he hasn’t used this sword, unleash’s strongest battle strength, and it’s time to try it now!

in dantian, True Qi was a vivid sword intent, surrounded by a sword, like the biggest breeding, a vibration, like Dragons Roar.

Heavenly Dragons Octave

The seal outside the lake, listening to this voice, unable to restrain emotions’ legs weaken, very sweating in the head.

Dragons Roar’s ringing, Zhang Xuan’s entire cells are blown up if they’re activated.


One scream, the sword was removed, and the “wind” technique that had previously been learned was more than sword technique, and the brake ripped the pressure into two and a half of the gravity space, like a piece of the screen.

Together with unyielding, unsatisfactory, caring, and unyielding sword intent, the great weight of the moment has been shattered, with this power coming from the meteor, which was similarly split up and flew out with Zhang Xuan.

sword qi has not stopped and continues to move forward, and soon appear in front of God.

girl shrink, the youth face becomes deathly White, hiding from the side, but sword qi is like a bone poison, and in any case jumping, it can’t escape.

The trees desire more than the wind, and the sons desire not to be loved. It itself has the smell of being forced to flee and, in any event, cannot break away as long as locked.

This is fate and karma. It is impossible to refuse and to escape.


teeth clenching, arms up and up to sword qi.


Flash sea shakes, dark space cracks, on the spot tears up a giant hole, youth shakes, retreat takes dozens of steps, stops and breathes.

“The arm is gone?”

Bite your tongue.

God’s fantastic young man, when his face turned pale, his arms were wiped out by a sword!


medicine pill of the Emperor powerhouse, not only defeated by a sword, but also wiped off his arm… The two were thought to have been confronted, and the latter must have lost, dreaming, so reversed.

This Nine Heavens King, too terrifying!

Luo Qiqi also relaxed, once more looked towards Zhang Xuan, the rays of light that are well worshipped in both.


In the blink of an eye and renew appear to be two new arms.

He itself is the medicine pill characterization, the so-called arm, legs, but the medicine that’s all, despite the loss, does not have much impact.

“As long as the medicine is exhausted, don’t say you cut my arms off, even if I cut all my limbs and my head off, I can also be fantasized!”

youth returned and smiled: “I can support it on dozens of occasions, and you can do so much of sword qi, the great power of formidable power, a few more times.”

When the sound is still unbroken, Zhang Xuan palm across the side was cut off, the two arms fell, flew over the past, fell in control, the fingers were lighter and turned into a pill of the size of the chili particle and swallowed it.

“What?” Young eyes stare.

You’re better… fighting with you when I eat my arm… too much!

Even though it’s just an arm, after all, it’s made up of the Pharmaceutical Phapill at the Emperor’s level, it’s pure, and the powerhouse swallowed, and it takes some time to melt, and when you fight, swallow it… and you don’t fear to survive?

The face is blue, the anger is burning, and another slap goes on.


A sword glow fired, and once more was cut down, and, like just now, no matter how to hide.


In an effort to illusion new arms, Zhang Xuan, opposite the head, will be seen, the arm will be removed, the original medicine pill will be restored and the mouth will be swallowed.

“You…” Divine has some driven mad.

Are you sick?

I’m the medicine pill at the Emperor’s level. You think I’m in front of you, smashing my arm, and I’m patient… can you just eat what trick?

The most important thing is that the True Qi Force of the King’s primary stage, accompanied by four arms, has reached the intermediate stage, continues to eat, will definitely be higher!

I’m gonna kill you, and you treat me as a vegetable, a little cut…

“Aaaahh… don’t kill you today, I swear not to be Dan.”

A giant roar, a big, big and intense film by the Lord, palm strength just spreads, pupils shrank: “Shit…”

This arm and four limbs have been cut off by the sword qi of each other, Zhang Xuan, opposite Zhang Xuan, the pills that satisfy each other and swallowed.

hong long!

cultivation base breakthrough to an advanced stage.

“You…” The Emperor of Dennis’s face, turning pale, hair hair and weed.

it’s a drug masterpiece, together with these years in tidal sea, accumulated, capable of being wiped out in a row of four arms, two thighs, and some of them can’t hold.

Two eyes are red, the crawl jumps on the head, and once more fantasizes four limbs, the entire Dane breath is less than half before.


You know, far from being a opponent, you can’t take care of so much, lightly shaken, you can slip back into Dan’s balls, you can hit the earth, you can see the spatial appear crack, you can jump in.

“Well?” I didn’t think this guy, cannot defeat escaped, so decided, Zhang Xuan broke the past again.

hâa lā!

Spatial convergence, with a pair of arms and legs flowing from it, medicine pill disappeared without a trace.

“Let him escape…”

Zhang Xuan shakes his head.

There are some space structures, even if he comes in short notice, and, in addition, far surpass ownself, the power of each other, really wants to flee and does not stop it.

Pharmaceutical refining of arms and legs, cultivation base once more, succeeded in reaching Prince peak.


took more than half a time to reintroduce all the remaining meteors into the storage ring, Zhang Xuan, which was the only way back to the seal and Luo Qiqi.

“Senior Zhang, where are we going now?”

I thought it would be difficult to confront the tidal lake, to go through a brutal war, and I didn’t think it would be easy to scare the Emperor from exile and seal the prostrate oneself in admiration for the young man, who was admissible at this time.


Zhang Xuan was trying to speak and suddenly felt the space fluctuated, and then saw the right front, together with the glowing rays of light, shoot fiercely out of an incredible strength.

“treasure died!”

People brush the past.

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