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I was always thinking about it. If I fight, I will definitely be calm. On the list, you will live and die, eat a barbecue in private, and drink some beer.


Before, I thought, I can’t compete, I’m just a salted fish and a street, I’m not alone, I’m a slap in the face, anyway, habit…but I’ve seen everyone in the group Everyone wants Tiandao to really rush up and fight for an honor that belongs to its ownself. Old Ya knows that he can no longer ignore it.


Wu Ge, love, angel, little devil, 懿D, Lu Qingshu, Zhao Dan 1234, … and countless readers who have been supporting (and a lot of silent pay, no name left, not enumerated Already.).


They are crowdfunding, they send bags, they are always looking at the list… even at three or four in the morning…


At this time, I only understand, I am not alone.


There are more than two years behind, and readers who like to watch “Tiandao” have friends who came with Zhang Xuan!


You are here, I can’t retreat, I can’t salt fish, and there is no way out.


“Tiandao” last time contends for the list. This month, Old Ya will try his best and the update will never slack off.


Thank you!