Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1689

The latest chapter of the Library of Heaven's Path, the first chapter of the six hundred and eighty-nine chapters of Ren Qingyuan and the rest [third, Alliance Chief eyelids plus more], floating astronomy

    Ren Qingyuan was surprised.

    "According to the news I got, the other party assembled the hunting thousand soldiers. Once the agreement is completed, at any time will attack…The news is good, it is the cave in Famed Master Hall! ”

    Jiang Fangyou has a look.

    "Famed Master Hall Supreme Elder of the Sacred Peak class, almost went to the Temple of Master Kong, the ordinary Famed Master, scattered guarding the caves, even if the call, their cultivation base, can not withstand the pressure of the Teleportation Array, fly back Time can't keep up…"

    Ren Qingyuan frowning.

    If the news is true, this crisis is really too big.

    For a time, even him, there is no good way.

    "I know that this involves Human Race, so I brought the top expert in the family, and let Brother Luo bring their family's experts together to help the Famed Master Hall headquarters, guard the cave!"

    Jiang Fang travels.

    "To trouble, Jiang brother is bothered, so if this is the case, it is not too late, detailed operational plan, wait until you enter the grotto, otherwise, I am afraid, we have not discussed anything, the other party has begun attack…"

    Don't hesitate, Ren Qingyuan and the rest, not in talk rubbish, hurried to the cave.

    Like the Zhang Family's Dragon and Tiger Mountain Caves, there is also a huge city behind the seal to suppress the exit.

    Foreign Spirit Race People who want to enter the Famed Master Continent must pass through here.

    “How is the opposite?”

    Standing on the observatory, Ren Qingyuan looked at a 9-Star Famed Master not far away.

    "There has been no movement. I just received a message from the scouts. All the soldiers of the other side have retreated to the seal. It seems to be plotting something, because the killing of the ancient battlefield can affect the mind. Therefore, there is not much in-depth, specific circumstances. Still not aware!"

    The 9-Star Famed Master.


    Ren Qingyuan replied with a sound.

    Foreign Spirit Race The ancient battlefield of the human location, the bloody moon is empty, the killing spirit is rich, the ordinary Famed Master enters it, and it will take a long time to be infected with the breath and become a machine that only knows to kill.

    For this reason, Human Race and the Force Spirit Race are basically fighting defense, not active attack.

    Otherwise, tens of thousands of years, the Famed Master Hall expert is countless, and it is impossible to allow, the Foreign Spirit Race people become so powerful.

    "It’s not a way to wait here all the time. Since there are not many guardians at the seal, I want to explore it in person, and everyone can prepare in advance!"

    After a meditation, Jiang Fang traveled.

    "Jiang Xiong, I am with you, I have a new understanding of the space recently, hidden aspects, as long as the strength is not over me, it is difficult to find!"

    Luo Ganqi took a step forward.


    Ren Qingyuan hesitated for a while, turned to instruction: "Arrange all the Famed Masters, make preparations for at any time, I will go back with Jiang Brother and Brother Luo to explore!"

    The scouts could not go deep into the ancient battlefield, and the information on the investigation was limited. In this case, it is not as good as he personally.

    "Acting-Hallmaster ……"

    Many 9-Star Famed Master discouraged.

    "No problem, just to probe the news, there are Brother Luo and Jiang brother, there will be no big problem!"Ren Qingyuan made a resolution to interrupt the words of everyone.

    Seeing his attitude, everyone knows that there is no change, no more.

    The matter was urgent and there was no delay. The three men concealed the figure and hurried forward.

    Soon came to the seal.

    As the other person said, the Foreign Spirit Race people did not have much protection, and the soldiers who stayed behind were not strong enough, and simply could not find their whereabouts.

    Entering the ancient battlefield, the murderous anger comes in, knowing that it has been persisting for a long time, and they will be invaded by this breath, and it will be difficult to get rid of it. Several people will speed up.

    "The spiritual qi over there is very volatile, look at the past…"

    Not far from flying, I immediately felt one spot spiritual qi chaos, like a storm, everyone exchange glances, swiftly swept away.

    Before they came to the front, the three people hid the figure, for fear of arousing energy fluctuations and being discovered by the other party.

    It’s hard to come to the front and look through the mountain to the recess. At first glance, Ren Qingyuan’s body shaken and almost fell.

    "What happened?"

    Seeing his expression, Jiang Fangyou can't help but look at it.

    "You ownself see…"Ren Qingyuan Lips licking.

    Luo Ganyi and Jiang Fangyou were very confused. They stood up and took a quick look. They also had wide eyes.

    Those people…Are you dead? ”

    I saw the valley in front of me, densely packed with the body of the Foreign Spirit Race, I don’t know much.

    They are very worried, spending countless efforts…As a result, this group of Foreign Spirit Race people have not come out, they are all dead… what happened exactly?

    "Looking at the past!"

    People are dead, and then left nothing to be fearful, everyone quickly flew past.

    I came to the sky and flew in a row.

    "The Hundred Emperor and the Emperor's hundred soldiers, should be here, seem like is…Fight each other and die! ”Jiang Fang swims his lips and looks at the face of a pair of ghosts.

    The Soul Shaman Master, who was hidden among the people of the Foreign Spirit Race, whispered the message and said that the two emperors would join forces. Once the attack is inevitable, the Human Race must be prepared in advance…

    I know this news, I am worried, I am afraid I can’t resist it…As a result, people are still dead, they are all dead…This Nima, what is the situation?

    Can anyone explain one sentence?

    "Is it possible that, the two great emperors, the alliance has not been negotiated, here has fought one around ……Ultimately completely annihilated? ”Luo Ganyu can not help.

    Although it sounds very much, but he really can't think of it, how to explain it.

    "If it is the two emperors, they will not give each other, and eventually lead to fighting. Even if there are damages, it is impossible to be completely annihilated…Certainly someone is here, killing the rest! You see, thousands of Foreign Spirit Race people there, the law of death is very similar, more than a thousand people, being smashed into a patties by a strange force, more than a thousand people, being pierced by The Heart, and the other part is being shackled Lost my head…"

    Shake his head, Ren Qingyuan said.

    As a 9-Star Famed Master, he observed carefully, two experts, killing each other, maybe both fall, the army of the hundred people…No external interference, no matter how to fight, not to die, all dead, one is not left?

    "Hallmaster Ren said that it is not bad. Not only that, but the equipment of the hunting thousand army is gone, and the storage ring on them does not see one…It must have been accepted! ”Jiang Fang travels.

    Luo Ganqi hurriedly looked at it. The countless Foreign Spirit Race people who saw the dead and wounded were all bare and had no ring in their hands. At the tent, there were traces of fire, but there was no shadow in the arm.

    It is impossible for such a large army to have no material resources.

    There is nothing now, only one explanation…That is, some people have come, and this war is most likely to come from their hands.

    Just that…

    In the end, who has this ability to let the hundred thousand Foreign Spirit Race people, in less than a day, completely annihilated?


    At this moment, a breath of smoke swept away, and a figure suddenly appeared on the sky above the valley.

    (Additional for the Alliance Chief [eyes]. As for the monthly pass, everyone has a vote to vote, double is a cloud. )

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