Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1706

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, Chapter 1 706 chapter fight a duel Jin Ling Yun Hu, floating astronomy
    I was found

    Zhang Xuan's face changed.

    He banned the hidden method of space, and he was not found in the military squad of the Foreign Spirit Race. I didn't expect it to be found here!

    Is it possible that, the other's nose, is it so easy to use?

    Has doubts, guessing whether it will be bluffing ownself, just see the Jin Lingyun tiger sneer: "If you don't come out, then don't blame me impolite!"

    Shouting, tall tiger body, step forward, a sword qi, broke through the air.

    This sword qi, with the intention of the metal attribute, has not yet come to the front, it will tear the space around.

    Zhang Xuan although clogging the surrounding space, but not jumping out of space, break away Five Elements, sword qi, you know that the ownself is not others.

    Helpless break away the banned state, a light stroke at the foot.


    Time seems to accelerate the general, dangerous and dangerous to escape the sword qi, stop on the spot, scratch the head, look at the beasts: "This…If I say…Just passing by, watching the scene as a bystander, and they are not all the way…Do you believe? ”

    It’s really not the same as the other party…However, the purpose is also to arrest the Jinling Yunhu, not passing by.

    Only at this time, can't say this, the five-headed Great Perfection level of Saint Beast, even if the recent strength is greatly increased, how far can run.

    " Passing by? Let's stay together! ”

    Hūa lā !

    Encircled by humans, he was almost caught, and Jin Lingyun Tiger was angered. At that moment, he could listen to his talk rubbish, shouts out, and took it.

    Sword qi vertical and horizontal, forming a sword qi long dragon like a river.

    "I don't want to stay, I can only be embarrassed…"

    Seeing the other side really do not believe, Zhang Xuan knows that talk rubbish is useless, can only rely on strength, immediately took a deep breath, wrists shake, keel guns appear in the palm.

    Break ”

    The eyebrows must be raised and the long spear shakes.

    Hūa lā !

    Soul Force, True Qi, mortgage body…All strength, poured into the long spear, in an instant, the gun body is like a dragon, vertical and horizontal, and the sword qi touch, space appear cracks, turbulence, numerous trees break, rock broken.

    A pair of touches, before the thick forest, actually directly appear a circular open space of several hundred meters in diameter.

    HeReally just a golden body? ”

    The trapped Wu Changping and the rest were all shocked.

    This guy they have seen, just mixed up behind, was taken away…originally thought is just a little figure of golden body, never dreamed or expected, so powerful!

    I knew this strength and got in, I am afraid that the remaining four Saint Beast have not reacted yet, and I will take the Jin Lingyun Tiger and escape.

    "I thought it was not good enough. I didn't expect it to be an expert of cream of the crop…"

    Shaking his head with a smile, Wu Changping knows that regret is already late.

    I just discussed it, want or do not want to kill him, but fortunately did not start, otherwise…Without these Saint Beast moves, it has been completely annihilated.

    "Good, a little strength!"

    Obviously, I did not expect that this golden body boy hidden on one side will have such a battle strength, the scorpion scorpion dazed for a moment, hoof-claw squatting with the dragon, can help.


    Just caught, and suddenly emerged, and tied with it, Jinling Yunhu almost went to explode with rage, eyes round, front paws grip, the whole body is a "bow" word, the body of golden hair keeps shaking .

    “Go to hell!”


    The bowstring jerked open, and the tail was accelerated in the strength and pulled down.

    The tearing of the space, like the stick shadow of the expert, is somewhat invisible to the naked eye.

    "So fast……"

    When the pupil shrinks, Zhang Xuan knows that with his current strength, the firm resistance is definitely unable to hold on any further, and immediately the spirit moves, the body's Zhang Family blood essence is activated immediately.

    Hūa lā !

    The speed of the other party immediately slowed down in front of the eyes, gently swaying, and broke away from the scope of the opponent's attack.


    The ground appear a big pit.

    Knowing to continue, fraught with grim possibilities, Zhang Xuan wiped the cold sweat, looks around.

    "Don't be busy with attack…"

    "What, I want to beg, I am late now!"

    Seeing that he easily escaped the strongest attack and talked with ease, Jin Lingyun Tiger, although angry, stopped and wanted to see what the guy was relying on.

    Anyway, the five great Saint Beast is surrounded here, and all the ground and air are blocked, and certainly cannot escape.

    "It’s all killed anyway. I want to have a fair duel. I don’t know if it is okay?”

    Raises the eyebrows, Zhang Xuan hands clasped together politely.

    "A fair duel?"

    The five great Saint Beast are looking forward to it, I don't know what he means.

    "Yes, I am just a cultivation base of the Golden Body. I want to work with Jin Lingyun Tiger One on One fight. I also hope that everyone should not intervene, lose, be killed, win, and look at a few, let me go!"Zhang Xuan said.

    “Hehhuh”Everyone is realized.

    This guy is afraid of their siege.

    "Human, you are too small for our five kings! Let's not say that the strength is beyond you, even if you are at the same level, you don't bother to besiege! ”

    See this guy, the strength of the gold body, dare to challenge Jin Lingyun Tiger, Zhang Muqing indifferently said.

    The body has the blood of the ancient divine beast, and is also the leader of the numerous Saint Beast, the forest king, they naturally have the pride of ownself.

    Not to mention that the siege is lower than the strength of ownself, even if it is the same level, it does not bother to make a move together.

    "I won't let them intervene!"

    Jin Lingyun Tiger bites his teeth.

    Just caught by a group of people, now this guy is looking for it fight a duel ……I have lost such a big tiger, and I can't deal with a strength that is two levels lower than her. What are the faces in the future, and other Saint Beast?

    "That's good……"

    Originally just tempted, if not, then find means run, did not expect to succeed, Zhang Xuan cannot help relieved, the head raised, looked toward this side: "Right, I am a cultivator, using ownself refining weapons, Not considered as fouls!"

    "There are weapons to use!"Jin Lingyun Tiger coldly snorted.

    A golden body boy, a long spear is very powerful, and has little effect on the battle.

    This…I am still a Beast Tamer, fighting with beast pet, and also considered as fair…"

    Zhang Xuan went on.

    "beast pet ……Oh, if anything, use it…"Jin Lingyun Tiger Road.

    Beast Tamer uses beast pet, and nothing.

    "Then rest assured…"

    With a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan nodded with satisfaction, and the keel in front of his hand: "Get started!"


    Narrow the eyes, Jin Lingyun tiger roared, rushing forward.

    However, I just took a step and suddenly felt that the soul was as painful as acupuncture, and a powerful soul pressure swept through.

    "Soul Attack, it's bad…"

    The pupil is shrinking, the golden Lingyun tiger is stopped for a while, and the huge body is immediately body stiffened.

    Saint Beast, powerful is the mortal body, defense and strength, the weakest is the soul…This guy showed Soul Attack on a make a move, and it was so powerful and unprepared that it was a trick.

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