Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1707

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, the 1970th chapter, Yunhu surrender, floating astronomy
    "Soul Attack?"

    I did not expect that this only the golden body of the youth, there will be this ability, a slap in the wood.

    "What about Soul Attack? Yunhu has been subjected to killing in these years, specializing in cultivation through Soul Force, and at most not prepared for it. When he is ready, he will be killed! Besides, Soul Attack is extremely damaging to the soul. His golden body attacks the immortal soul. It is the limit once, the second time…No way

    The quiet voice of the mysterious turtle is sounding.

    This guy not only walks slowly, but also speaks fast.

    穹木青蛟 nodded.

    They have five heads and have the blood of the ancient divine beast. Even if the soul is weak, it is not something that can be broken.

    What's more, Soul Attack, a thousand injured, self-destruction of eight hundred, even if you attack, can you perform several times?

    When the voice just fell, Jin Lingyun Tiger recovered, and the screaming of the air, a roar, rushed to the front of you.

    It is really angry.

    The king of the king, being slaughtered by a little guy with a golden body, Soul Attack…Fortunately, the other party did not take the opportunity to attack, otherwise…Really want to be defeated, what face, go see a lot of subordinate?

    "The big deal is to die together!"

    Seeing it recover so quickly, opposite Zhang Xuan, seem like can't believe, face turning white, a bite, seems to be burning life, cast an attack.

    "I still want to attack, dream…"Jin Lingyun Tiger bites his teeth.

    It’s a sneak attack. Is it possible that I really thought that after it was prepared, could it use Soul Attack?

    A slap in the head, all concentrated, want to resist the other's Soul Attack, just prepared, I heard the sky overhead, a sudden choked.

    There seems to be something heavy and it is coming.

    "Well, fall into a trap…"

    Feeling the pressure, immediately understand, the other party just said "continue" is clearly a lie, the real killer is hidden in the sky.

    Hurry to raise the head, want to see, the sneak attack is 啥, once more feel a sturdy Spiritual Force crushed, a stun in the brain.

    "This guy face turning white is fake…"

    The brain is empty, the golden spirit cloud tiger understood.

    Can continue to display such a powerful Soul Attack, and how is this possible face turn white?

    Obviously it is deliberately disguise weak, let it take it lightly.


    Just understand what is going on, I feel a huge strength, already on my head, let it shake involuntarily.

    Although do not understand what weapons, but can be smashed into such a way, at least also reached the big Saint Rank!

    This is……Big Saint Rank's brick? ”

    穹木青蛟 looked dazed.

    “seem like used a few tons of gold stone!”The secluded tortoise also has a corner of mouth twitching, and at the same time, some of the brains can't turn around: "This thing, the whole continent is not much, use this stuff…Casting bricks…"

    That is the golden stone spirit stone, Peerless Grade Saint Artifact added a little, you can turn into a super ore of the big Saint Rank…So precious, make a few tons, and make bricks…

    Big Brother, can you tell me which prodigal stuff is this thing?

    The two Saint Beasts are shaking, and they hear the bricks exclaimed with excitement: "Haha, hurry and surrender, otherwise, believe it or not, Gold Source Cauldron will turn you into cinders in minutes…"

    "Gold Source Cauldron? Could it be that ……This thing is a furniture cauldron? ”The eucalyptus eucalyptus suddenly felt the teeth sour.

    Who came over and told me that this is the sky…Where is it like Ding?

    Is there a half-dollar relationship with Ding?

    Are you ownself long, and there is no point in your heart? Also Gold Source Cauldron…Also refined into cinders…Even if Jin Lingyun Tiger Station on the spot lets you refine, what kind of refining are you looking for?

    Not only the expression of Saint Beast, but also the trapped Wu Changping is also confused.

    The world of local tyrants is really difficult to understand…

    For a Saint Beast, he can be born and died, but people use such a precious gold dollar spiral stone to make a glimpse…

    Amount of

    Don't worry about the shock around, Zhang Xuan once more.

    Hūa lā !

    The enchanting knives, the ebony gold knives, and the long spear of the cockroach, with the keel guns, fluttered in the past.

    Five great treasures, together with the attack, during the period, there is also a downfall, from time to time rushed over and squatted.

    "This Nima is…One on One fight ? ”

    All the beasts such as 穹木青蛟, 后土麒麟, all blacking out.

    Just now this guy, righteously said, to One on One fight, and Jin Lingyun Tiger to a fair duel, I thought that I really want to do this… never dreamed or expected, too out out so many weapons.

    Others, the treasure of the great Saint Rank, took out a handle, and Amitabha, he took six pieces…

    You are the illegitimate son of Refining Masters Guild guildmaster!

    However, there is not so much weapon in the constelled as illegitimate child.

    The key is……So many weapons, while make a move, plus you…Equivalent to six immortal expert attack siege, which is the fight a duel?

    "want or do not want to stop?"

    Seeing a friend who hits a cat quickly, Tian Cang Huo Feng can no longer look down.

    "He just asked, the weapons of ownself refining, can not be used, we are all promise…"穹木青蛟尴尬.

    Just asked, they think, the other gentleman, want to use the handle long spear ……

    I only know now.

    Ghost special gentleman!

    Simply shameless to the limit.

    With so many weapons coming out, the immortal peak can't resist Ah!

    "What do you think he is doing?"

    Just when a group of Saint Beast was depressed, I don’t know what to do, I saw the opposite side of the palm.

    Hū lā!

    Around the Golden Lingyun Tiger, there are six more Saint Beasts in the heart more, and the minimum has reached the heart of the Great Perfection, which has reached the immortality…

    An appear will bite away to Yunhu.

    "This is his beast pet?"

    The remaining four Saint Beast, once more, look forward to: "These…seem like is Saint Beast here!"


    "In other words, just started this time, tamed six Saint Beast, used for ownself?"

    穹木青蛟气不不: "When did our Saint Beast, it became so unfashionable and arrogant?"

    As a Saint Beast who can speak human language, I know a lot about Beast Taming profession.

    The forest in front of us, from human beings to the present, is full of calculations, but only a few hours…The other party tamed six Saint Beast, too fast!

    "Returning this thing is over, we must rectify it. We Saint Beast can't easily surrender!"

    穹木青蛟 gnawed his teeth: "Especially on the side of the cloud tiger, it is so proud, subordinate is not, what is the system…"

    Jin Lingyun Tiger, for the face, a tiger fights with each other, how great, subordinate is like this…

    However, the voice did not fall, suddenly saw the Jinling Yunhu, who was still fighting, suddenly fell to the ground, and the five bodies cast.

    A drop of blood essence, flew to the front of you.

    "Golden Lingyun, greetings, Master!"

    Huge tiger, kneeling on the ground, motionless.

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