Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1708

The latest chapter of Library of Heaven's Path, the first thousand seven hundred and eighty chapters of true incense, floating astronomy

    The beech green eyeballs are about to landland, and the other three Saint Beast also look at each other in shock, see a ghost.

    They are the blood of the ancient divine beast, with dignity, arrogance, responsibility, and responsibility…How long did it take to surrender a human…

    Is there a mistake !

    "The face is lost…"

    "gēgē!"Loud, 穹木青蛟almost going to explode with rage.

    Jungle The five kings, it is headed.

    The indigenous thought, subordinate, surrendered to human beings, it was enough to lose the beast, and no one could think of it. The Yunhu, who is also the king, also rebelled so quickly.

    In this way, does it mean that it also beats its face?

    The other party took out six pieces of great saints, and five heads of Saint Beast, originally wanted to intervene, who could not think of it, did not insist on considering it, and surrendered…

    No festival āoAh!

    "Get up, swallow this medicine pill…"

    Flicking the fingers, Zhang Xuan threw a 9th grade healing medicine pill and took it to Jin Lingyun, which was relieved.

    The purpose of the One on One fight was just to take the opportunity to tame this big guy.

    Sure enough, with voice transmission pointing defects and intimidation…Let it be successful accept owner.

    With it protected, even if the remaining four Saint Beast turned their faces, it would not be too embarrassing.

    "I am more than finished…"

    Palm grabbed, and many Saint Beast took back the folding space. Several weapons were also taken into the ring. Zhang Xuan looked at the beasts such as the coffin.

    "Kid, what method did you use? So, for such a short time, let Jin Lingyun Tiger listen to your orders and recognize you as the master?"The face is ugly, murderous aura turmoil in the eyes of the elm.

    "Do you hear the truth, or is it a lie?"Hesitated for a while , Zhang Xuan looked over.

    "Of course the truth!"穹木青蛟 gnawed his teeth.

    "The truth is…I am actually the master of your previous life. When Jin Lingyun and I fought, I recognized my identity. This is = surrender, no hesitation! ”

    Nodded, Zhang Xuan sounded far away with the disposition of Expert.

    "The owner of previous life? ‘Bullshit!’I was almost fainted by the sputum.

    Tell a lie, can you find a basis?

    Also the owner of previous life, don't you say that you are a Master Kong tire?

    My mother is still your previous life, two uncles!

    "Do not believe?"

    Frowning, Zhang Xuan.

    "Trust your sister!"穹木青蛟 are all going to explode with rage.

    Take advantage of it, not the case.

    "Do you believe it?"Regardless of the green cockroaches that are about to blow up, Zhang Xuan looks at the remaining three Saint Beast.

    "It’s useless to delay the time, we won’t fight you with One on One, but kill you!”The secluded tortoise.

    "Don't talk to him rubbish, this guy is weird, make a move together, kill it and say it!"The sky is flaming.

    "Yes, you don't make a move, I just make a move…"After the soil unicorn is also a step forward.

    Seeing this guy is so strange, a make a move tamed Jin Lingyun, they feel pressure.

    As a king, no one wants to surrender.

    "It seems that I don't believe it…"

    Zhang Xuan shook his head, once more looked at the four Saint Beast: "Don't dare to bet with me!"


    "Yes, I bet, just say a word, indicating the identity of ownself, 穹木青蛟 will immediately surrender, recognize me to be the master!"Holding hands behind his back , Zhang Xuan indifferently said.

    "What do you mean, say a word to me, I will surrender?"

    The coffin has almost not laughed and sighed: "You are certain, your brain is not sick?"

    With Dragon Race blood, arrogant and unparalleled, it is a scorpion, and today it is starved to death, frozen to death, killed and stewed, and it is impossible to surrender!

    Also say a word, even if you kneel on the ground to say 10,000 sentences, it is useless!

    "Just say you dare to gamble!"

    Without answering his words, Zhang Xuan looked over: "The bet is very simple. If I can make you surrender in one sentence, you must inherit the identity of recognizes me and let the other three Saint Beasts surrender to me! Can't do it…Will immediately lift the contract to Jinling Yunhu, and commit suicide on the spot! ”

    "Let them surrender to you?"I didn't expect his gambling agreement to be this.

    "Yes, dare you? The top five kings, shouldn't you be so confident in ownself? ”Zhang Xuan smiled a little.

    "You don't need to be excited, if you are the boss, you can surrender to you, we will surrender to you, nothing! However, if you can't do it, will you practice the gambling agreement just now? ”After the soil unicorn said with a snort.

    They have been with the youth for many years and have long been familiar with nature and temper.

    Ning folds not bent!

    In that year, he surrendered to Master Kong…A youth, let them surrender…

    What a joke ?

    "Yes, if the old minister of the Qing Dynasty is with you, we can surrender!"

    "What are you afraid of? We believe in asking the boss and will never surrender to humans…"

    The remaining two Saint Beasts are also unable to help shouts out.

    “Famed Master says, it’s hard to chase!”Zhang Xuan indifferently said.

    "That's good, we promise…"

    The three major Saint Beast nodded at the same time.


    The other party was so fearless, and so quickly let Jin Lingyun Hu tame, let it feel a little uneasy.

    "Boss, you have always been unhappy with human beings. We know that it is better to promise this guy and save the cloud tiger!"

    After the soil unicorn voice transmission came over.

    The temperament of the 穹木青蛟, they know very clearly, surrender to humans, is simply a dream.

    That being the case, their gambling agreement, 100% win, what a terrible!


    Stopped for a while, Suzuki’s nodded nodded: “Good!”

    Other Saint Beast, who dare not pack tickets, is still confident in ownself.

    Death will not agree.

    "Let's get started!"

    Seeing his agreement, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: "You are ready, I don't want to leak it to other people, only voice transmission…Also hope to concentrate and listen carefully! ”

    "voice transmission is no problem, no matter what you say, I will not surrender, advise you to die this heart!"

    穹木青蛟coldly smiled.

    No matter what the other person said, I will ignore it!

    What is your identity, even if Master Kong is resurrected, I will not recognize it, can you give me how is it?

    Make a decision in your heart, raise your ears, and listen to what the other person is saying.

    It is ready here, and the beasts such as Tian Cang Huo Feng and Hou Tu Qi Lin are also in the voice transmission exchange.

    "Do not worry, I am very familiar with the boss, I will certainly not shake…"

    "This guy is estimated to be deliberately delaying the time, there may be helpers, everyone is careful!"

    The beasts talked, the voice did not fall, and you saw the opposite taken a deep breath, suddenly the voice transmission went, the mouth opened, and said a few syllables.

    Pa ta !

    Immediately, the suspended air in the air, a confident cicada, immediately fell to the ground, shivering, and more than looking at the front of you, all in the end, the voice is excited.

    "穹木青蛟,greetings, Master !"

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