Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1709

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, the 1970th chapter guards the entrance, floating astronomy
    "The young boss…accept owner?"

    The surrounding is silent.

    Tian Cang Huo Feng, Hou Tu Qi Lin, Ling Yu Xuan Turtle are all just dazed, stand on the spot, motionless.

    The willpower of the youngest boss, they are very clear…The other party said a few words, and he was kneeling on the ground. There was no dignity at all, and he looked like a eager look…

    What happened ?

    Not only did they smash, but Wu Changping, who was locked, also went insane.

    In order to tame Jin Lingyun, he spent a lot of effort and promised that he did not know how many treasures, only to draw seven people, but also spent a big holy treasure, the result…I didn’t get anything, I was caught…

    This guy is better off, taming the cloud tiger in just a few minutes, and even more than one sentence makes the 穹木青蛟趴 not dare to refute on the ground…

    Is this being too exaggerated ?


    Zhang Xuan smiled a little.

    Heavenly Dragon's Octave is the strongest weapon of destruction as long as the body contains Dragon Race blood.

    This young man, even if he is of a high level, still can't escape this point. Just because he knows this, Zhang Xuan deliberately bet with it. The result is obvious and easy to hook.

    It can't be said that the other party is easy to fall into a trap, but no one can think of it. An ordinary human being will actually speak the language that True Dragon can speak.

    More unexpectedly, a guy with a golden body, so many means, even their expert, also directly overturned, unprepared.

    Although the face was helpless, the 穹木青蛟 had to offer the blood essence took out.

    Signing the contract, Zhang Xuan only looked at the remaining three Saint Beast: "Your turn, I made a slogan in a word, gambling agreement won…However, the ordinary gambling agreement, no pledge to Heaven and Earth, no special means, if you do not comply…"

    "I am waiting for the blood of the ancient divine beast to burn in my body. Can you do it without words?"

    "If you lose, you will lose, and the boss will recognize you. We recognize you as the master, and nothing…"

    "I hope you don't force us to do something that is against morality…"


    After the soil unicorn, Tian Cang Huo Feng, the secluded mysterious turtle is very helpless, but in the end still nod agree, will ownheart's blood essence took out.

    I am willing to gamble and lose, the other party can surrender to the boss in one sentence, even if they accept the owner, they are not considered as shameful.

    What's more, with the divine beast blood, and the survival of the Temple of Master Kong, you can't do anything.

    "It's easier…"

    Seeing that they abide by the agreement, and not against, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief.

    In fact, with the two big Saint Beasts of Tochigi and Jinling Yunhu, the remaining three, even if they disagree, can also surrender them, which is just a matter of excusing some troubles.

    "You surrender to me, as the master, you can't be stingy!"

    All the beasts will be conquered, Zhang Xuan looks around: "Golden Spirit Cloud Tiger, Five Elements is gold, gold advocates attack, and the defense is weak. The most important thing is that the strength of your body, although huge, is in use, I am not good at it, I am awkward. Now I am telling you a few flaws. If you correct it a little, the strength will definitely increase! ”

    After that, I explained some of the defects in the other party and the way to correct them.

    Just now this guy is fighting against it. The library has already discovered the vulnerability location. Combining his experience with Beast Taming, it is very simple to find out the change.

    According to his cultivation, Jin Lingyun Tiger really felt that the strength of the battle had increased a lot, the eyes were shining, and the heart was more than worshipped, accept willingly.

    If you said that it was beaten a bit, plus coercion and temptation, now, it is really admired, no matter what.

    I also pointed to the remaining few Saint Beast, and the beasts felt great progress, all very excited and grateful.

    To achieve immortality, Great Perfection, originally thought, except for the blood changes, otherwise, it is impossible to make progress. I did not expect that there is room for progress.

    According to the cultivation that the other party said, even the attack Old Sage, it is not known!

    For them, it is more attractive than what they are doing and leading a bunch of Saint Beast.

    "Master, what about these?"

    Wood Qingyi refers to Wu Changping and the rest.

    "They are rude to Yunhu. Although the way of handling something is not good, but they belong to Human Race, the crime is not dead, make some compensation, let go!"

    Zhang Xuan waved his hand.

    If there is no road ahead of them, and the ownself will rush over, it will certainly be besieged by the five Saint Beast, there will be no ending.

    However, the other side had murdered him, and he besieged his beast pet, and let it go directly. Jin Lingyun Tiger could not explain it here.


    See ownself, this master, not the kind of good old man, several big Saint Beast at the same time relieved.

    Apparently, following him, he will not suffer.

    Under the roof, people had to bow their heads. Wu Changping and the rest, under the pressure of the five Saint Beast, had to turn over the treasures collected during this time, as well as the 9th grade medicine pill and Magical Treasure, to get out.

    "You take it! How to allocate, you ownself to solve, and, if you perform well, the great holy treasure in my hand can also be given to you! ”

    For these treasures, Zhang Xuan didn't care, waved his hand and let Jin Lingyun own the handle, and promised them a big cake.

    Beast Taming, like leading subordinate, enviates and gives a goal.

    Point out the defects of cultivation, let them improve their strength, and then promise with Magical Treasure…This obvious advantage can make it, without giving birth to a double heart, to surrender.

    Sure enough, when I heard this, the five Saint Beasts were more excited than one, and no other thoughts.

    "You should not be scattered everywhere? How come together? ”

    Wu Changping and the rest left, Zhang Xuan asked the questions in his heart.

    According to the Red Tiger, the five kings, scattered in five regions, each guarding one side, from nowhere, how come piled up in a cave?

    "Humans enter, we gather together, come together, negotiate countermeasures, and second, guard the entrance, don't let people easily find out!"穹木青蛟道.


    Zhang Xuan eyes sparkle :"could it be that…Is the entrance to the Temple of Master Kong in this cave? ”

    Five Saint Beast, all coming out from inside, since it is guardian…It won't be called the entrance, here!

    ‘Yes!’Elm Tsingmu nodded: "Master Kong, when I grabbed it, and guarded this place, it is to guard the entrance, not to make it easy to find, and the limited as to give them a test!"

    “Master Kong will catch you?”Frowning, Zhang Xuan cannot help Look over, very confused: "Have you seen Master Kong?"

    Master Kong has disappeared from Famed Master Continent for tens of thousands of years.

    The life of Saint Beast is stronger than humans, but it is impossible to live for so long. Otherwise, it must have been a lot of antiques, and humans can't compete.

    That being the case…They said that they have seen Master Kong. What do you mean?

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