Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1713

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, the first seven hundred and thirteenth chapter of the weird pool [first], floating astronomy
    The oasis is small, only a few tens of acres, a crystal-like pond, embed, like a gem on the crown, dazzling, a large tree rooted at the water, dense foliage, covering a cool.

    “There is an oasis!”

    "There is water, I want to drink water…"

    Everyone can no longer resist, and rushed over.

    "Don't worry…"

    Frowning, Zhang Xuan hurried out.

    However, at this time everyone still took care of his words, all eyes turning red, straight came to the pond, and took the pool to drink.

    "Predecessors, what is wrong?"

    The previous whim was expertly questioned.

    Although this one, in order to attract the sand giant, has not given them a Spiritual liquid, but they did find them an oasis, plus their own strength, perhaps see what, to stop everyone.

    Nothing Just feel a little weird! ”

    Zhang Xuan shook his head and explained: "We can find this place, others can certainly…There are obviously footprints, but there are no human traces. Where did they go? ”

    He has been in the jungle delay for several hours, so that you can find an oasis, and others will be fine.

    After all, the ability to enter the Temple of Master Kong is a big one, and you can find the speciality of the sand giant to find it.

    However,What about these people?

    "There are really footprints…"

    I was eager to see, and I saw some shallow footprints in the yellow sand in front of the oasis. However, it was already unclear by the sand.

    "Great, this water is useful, not thirsty after drinking…"

    Several people rushing into the oasis, tasted the pool water, shouted excitedly.

    The water they brought, the more thirsty they drink, the less useful they are, the more thirsty they are, the more they are burning.

    "Let me try……"

    See you can quench your thirst, the rest of the people, very excited, and hurried to come to the front, holding up the pool water, just want to drink, you will see the middle-aged people who just finished drinking water, the blood flowing out of their eyes, constantly shaking, constantly White smoke is emerging.


    A scream, like being caught in the neck by something, kept rolling on the ground.

    However, the more you roll, the more smoke you smoke, and it seems that at any time will burn.

    "I …

    Not only did this person fall to the ground, but the three people who had just rushed over to drink the water also fell to the ground. Like the other party, the body kept smoking, just like suffering from inhuman suffering.


    As his face sank, Zhang Xuan hurried to the front, with a finger, a pure True Qi shot, trying to stop the burning in front of him, but not in contact with the other's body, the constant rolling figure in front of him, "hūa lā !"A shattered, turned into a beach of yellow sand.


    Everyone was scared and retreat a few steps, all face turn white.

    If the person in front of you, after burning, becomes ash, or cheekbones, it is acceptable.

    When you come to the Temple of Master Kong, you will have a mental preparation for death…Can be directly turned into yellow sand, what is going on?

    After death, it turns into sand…Is it possible that Is such a large desert surrounded by dead bones?

    I feel frightening when I think about it, I feel fear from deep in one's heart.

    "Predecessors, save me, save me…"

    The first one turned into yellow sand, and the last three showed a deep fear.

    The thought of the thought, entering the Temple of Master Kong ruins, can get the benefits, breakthrough 桎梏, never dreamed or expected, death is so close.

    Zhang Xuan also looked shocked, but at this time, when he didn't think about it, he rushed to the three people and pointed his finger. True Qi poured into the three people along the meridians.

    Hūa lā !

    As soon as True Qi entered, he immediately felt a hot flame in his body, and he kept beating and seemed to burn it to ashes.


    Raises the eyebrows, True Qi rushed over the flame.

    Zi zi zi !

    When it hit the flame, Zhang Xuan immediately felt a strong strength, and seem like to burn True Qi.

    Break ”

    Strength Crazy, Zhang Xuan The whole person is golden, like a moving golden statue, Heaven's Path True Qi, sweeping down.

    His True Qi, the mortal body, the soul, and even the Supreme skyfire can withstand the flames in the other's body, which are odd and strange, but still not hurt.


    Under the rush of True Qi, the flames were wiped out, and the three life and death took a trip, all face turn white, turned over and fell to the ground, very grateful in the eyes: "many thanks the great help of the predecessors!"

    "no need to be polite !"

    Putting his hand, Zhang Xuan looked around and looked at everyone: "This place is weird. Don't stay in the pool again, first exit the oasis!"

    Without him, everyone is afraid.

    Dead, don't feel anything, but burned into yellow sand…There are no bones left, and anyone will be frightened and unclear.

    I did not exit the oasis like everyone else. Zhang Xuan came to the guy who had just been burned to ashes. He picked up the sand on the ground and looked at it carefully.

    This person was burned clean, and there was nothing left in the clothes. It was not seen by the eyes. I could not believe that people could disappear so thoroughly.

    "Predecessors, what now?"

    The wandering expert came to the front and also studied a little while, nothing was seen, so I just looked over.

    "Bring these Spiritual liquids to everyone!"

    Zhang Xuan shook his wrist and threw a few water hyacinths.

    This is what he used to drink in the jungle, the Spiritual liquid, which can play a role in quenching thirst.

    I didn’t give it to everyone, I wanted to attract the sand giant and look for it. Since I got to the place, it’s not necessary, I’m still hiding.

    "many thanks senior!"

    After taking the Spiritual liquid, everyone drank it, and sure enough, before it was so dry, all looked over and was grateful.

    Ignore everyone, Zhang Xuan finished watching the sand and slowly circling along the pool.

    The pond in front of you, with the coldness, standing on the side, did not feel the heat, the water was also very clear, and the flame that just burned people into ashes did not seem to have a relationship.

    Turn one round, did not find anything special, no other animals, Zhang Xuan came to the front, palm extended, like everyone else, holding the water in the palm.

    "Predecessors are careful…"

    Seeing him touching the water, everyone was shocked.


    Zhang Xuan smiled a little.

    His mortal body Supreme can't hurt, even if the flame is appear, it should be useless.

    Water in the palm, looked for a while, Eye of Insight and Divine Sense swept a circle, no problems found, frowning, Zhang Xuan raised palm, like those just now, drank in.


    "Predecessors are careful…"

    Face turn white, everyone was shocked at the same time.

    Before that person died after drinking water…If the predecessor had something wrong, what should they do?

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