Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1714

The latest chapter of Library of Heaven's Path, the tree that will kill people in the 1st 714th chapter [Second], floating astronomy
    Water enters the body, and with the effect of quenching thirst, standing quietly on the spot, Zhang Xuan is highly concentrated. Once the body appears flame, it will immediately handle.

    However, after waiting for a while, there was no change, and it seemed to have no effect on him.

    Once more, I stood up and my eyebrows wrinkled.

    Appearing the flame, it is possible to find the root cause, solve it completely, and there is nothing, but it makes him feel overwhelmed.

    Is it possible that, like the white spring water of White Brooks Mountain, is poisonous to others, for him, it's not a big deal ?

    "Predecessors, are you okay?"

    Seeing him get up, no smoke, no appear screaming, everyone at the same time relieved, whim expert, can not help look over.

    "I'm fine."Zhang Xuan nodded.

    "It’s okay, just saw with your own eyes that a living person turns directly into sand and everyone is afraid…If it wasn’t with him on the journey here, I thought it was the sand giant disguise! ”

    Wandering expert, can not help feeling.

    "The sand giant giant disguise? People burned and turned into sand…"

    When the pupils shrank, what Zhang Xuan remembered, hurriedly looked over: "Are you talking about it before, when it took nearly two hours, I discovered the sand giant, instead of coming, I met?"


    Wandering expert nodded.

    They left from Qufu, and when they woke up, they arrived here. Before that, there was no danger. It was not until two hours later that they saw the sand giant. These just met and said, not considered as a secret.

    "Two hours, I met the sand giant, will it…This giant is actually a cultivator that has been burned to death? ”

    Zhang Xuan's eyes flashed.

    The ruins were opened, and it was only two hours before the appear. Is it possible? There is an expert. It took two hours to find it. It became the first victim and then turned into a sand giant.

    "burned cultivator?"

    Everyone is dumbfounded.

    This is really possible.

    After the death of the companion, the sand that turned into it was almost exactly the same as the sand giant.

    "Yes and no, try to know!"Narrow the eyes,Zhang Xuan once more Come to the person who was just burned to death, with a finger, in contact with the sand on the ground.

    Hū lā!

    In an instant, the entire person's Mind Power entered the night.

    As expected…

    With a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan’s eyes glowed.

    He used the spirit enlightenment secret technique, which appears dark night, indicating the sand and the possibility of a spirit enlightenment.

    The spirit is concentrated, a flame, in the other side, burning up and breaking through the night.

    Hūa lā !

    The yellow sand on the ground slowly stood up and turned into a huge sand giant, but only the strength of the gold body.

    "No wonder… the sand of the spirit enlightenment can have an imperfect battle strength!"

    Zhang Xuan realized.

    Before I wondered why the sand of the spirit enlightenment had such a strong battle strength, it seems that these giants seem to be sand, in fact, they are the bodies of living people.

    In other words, the giants who fought with him, in fact, are here, the expert who was burned into sand!

    HeHas been fighting the dead!

    "If this is the case…Where is the Spirit Enlightenment Master? ”

    Understand what is going on, Zhang Xuan looks around.

    According to the previous prediction, this Spirit Enlightenment Master is bound to be above the oasis. Here, there is only one pond, countless green grasses and a big tree. Where is it hidden?

    "I have to touch the sand to be able to spirit enlightenment…How do he achieve it, tens of kilometers, or even hundreds of kilometers, can let the sand live and attack people? ”

    Emei heart.

    Although I found clues and knew a lot of things, the situation in front of me is still the same as the mystery.

    Without the Spirit Enlightenment Master, you can't solve the mystery and find the exit of this desert world.

    When I turned, I looked carefully, the water in the pond, and there was no passage.

    In other words, no exits were found here.

    "The man just drank water, was burned into sand, I drink water, but no problem…Burning sand can spiral enlightenment…The problem is bound to be above these waters! ”

    I can't think of what is going on, once more focus on the water.

    Only drink water, it will be burned into sand, in order to be controlled by the spirit enlightenment…The root is water. As long as you figure out what it is, how can you make it gray? You should know where the Spirit Enlightenment Master is.

    Once more, I took the water, looked for a while, still didn't find anything, just wanted to give up, I felt a gust of wind blowing, not far from the big tree, the branches and leaves huā lā lā.


    The tree is full of very fluffy silk, the breeze blows, falls into the pond, floats on the surface of the water, not long, like a liquid, melts and disappears.

    “could it be that is this thing?”

    Eyes sparkle, rushed to the big tree, the palm stretched out, and picked up a piece of fluff.

    Zi zi zi !

    I felt the palm of my hand immediately, and there seemed to be a flame that was beating, as I saw when I rescued the three.

    As expected…

    Coldly snorted, Zhang Xuan finally understood.

    No wonder, the people who used to drink water will burn to ashes, but ownself will be fine.

    The main reason is on these fluff.

    As long as you drink water with fluff, it will be burned into sand, controlled, and turned into a sand giant.

    When he investigate the water, the fluff has melted and naturally nothing can be found.

    The reason is found, then…Where is the Spirit Enlightenment Master?

    Come to the big tree, look around, empty, half-personal.

    Extend palm, gently stroking over the trunk, Zhang Xuan smiled a moment later.

    "If you didn't guess wrong, it's you!"

    Looking at the big tree, Zhang Xuan's mouth rises.

    Huā lā lā !

    The trees swayed under the wind and seemed to…I don’t understand what it means.

    "If you don't admit it…"

    Zhang Xuan wrist turn, the demon-like knives appear in the palm of his hand, the cold mang flashes, straighte smashes the big tree in front of him.

    Since you don't admit it, then you will tell me.

    Hū lā!

    The knives had not yet touched the big tree, and felt a rush of wind strighing, raising the head to look, a branch, falling against his head.

    The speed of the branches is extremely fast, and it is suddenly pulled out. It is difficult to compete with the Great Perfection expert. Zhang Xuan body shaken and hides.


    It seems that he has not let go of his meaning. There are dozens of branches in the big tree. At the same time, they are stabbed. The strips are like long dragons. When they don’t come to the front, they leave a dark crack in the space.


    When the pupils shrink, Zhang Xuan has no joke on his face. The finger is a little bit, the space around him is like being banned, and the knives in his hand are raised. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of knives are drawn.

    The strength of the other side is comparable to the Great Perfection. Even if he is, be careful. Otherwise, it is very likely to be killed on the spot.

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