Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1715

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, the 1st, 175th chapter, the tree surrender [the third], floating astronomy
    The black knife is unparalleled and will soon cut off the branches that have been pulled. However, the powerful strength makes his arm numb, and can not help retreat.

    Zhang Xuan's current strength can compete with the Immortal Great Perfection. It relies on many Magical Treasures. If it is simply strength, it is still a lot worse.


    Broken a branch, the big tree does not seem to be painful. Soon, more branches are coming, like octopus, each with the strength of the Great Holy Layer, the surrounding space, being squeezed. The pressure of wū wū sounds, it seems to be unbearable.


    Unexpectedly, the predecessor checked and checked, and hit a tree. Everyone was very anxious and would come over to help.

    "do not come!"

    Zhang Xuan's sounds up.

    He can't stand it, these people rushed over and only got killed.

    Hū lā!

    The voice did not fall, under the sand, countless roots, drilled out, swept across the crowd.

    "The root must…I am understand, no accident, your roots must spread across the desert, you are using roots, in the spirit enlightenment! ”

    Seeing this thing, Zhang Xuan realized.

    In front of this tree, it doesn't look tall, but it can have the strength of the Great Layer Great Perfection. The roots must spread very far. The spirit enlightenment of tens of kilometers and hundreds of kilometers is very likely to be this thing. for.

    Otherwise, he can't do it, how is the other party done?

    "You have a lot of roots, and I have a lot of means…"

    Unravel what is going on, Zhang Xuan is too lazy to continue the ink, wrist turn.

    Hū lā!

    The five-headed king, appear in front of the eyes, all send out a strong breath, after getting the order, at the same time rushed over to the big tree in front of you.


    “There are so many Saint Beasts in the predecessors?”

    “seem like, every one is immortal Great Perfection…”

    "Just one, we are not opponents…"


    Everyone who is fighting, seeing you let out so many beast pets, all swallowed and his lips trembled.

    The general cultivator, there is a beast pet is not bad, so much, and all powerful…originally feel that the younger predecessor has been overestimated, I did not expect it, or underestimate!

    Give the visual impact force, really big.

    "Master no need to worry, I am coming to handle…"

    The five kings appear, the big tree really did not have the prestige before, the strength was completely suppressed, the battle for a moment, the sky screams and screams, the sound of Nine Heavens.

    Hū lā!

    The flame spouted from its mouth, and the half of the sky was reflected in red. When the tree met the flame, it shivered immediately, without the power of the previous one.

    Although this guy can release the fluff that burns the sand into the sand, it is a tree, and it is equally afraid of the open flame.

    Xióng xióng xióng !

    Ignore its fear, the sky and the phoenix continue to spurt the flame, and soon, the trees begin to dry, the green leaves become yellow, and then the previous strength.

    "I know that you are conscious, surrender to me, you can spare you not to die, otherwise, today is in danger!"

    Holding hands behind his back , Zhang Xuan indifferently said.

    Tamed the five beast pets, under the Old Sage, he did not make a move, all insignificant.

    In front of this big tree, you can design to kill the cultivator, and give the sand spirit enlightenment, you can know by this point, there must be wisdom belonging to ownself.

    In this case, nature is for its own use.

    "Let me surrender, dream!"

    The voice just fell, a Mind Power transmitted over.

    "Then burn it…"

    Zhang Xuan arm swinged.


    The sky and the phoenix turned into a flaming color, and flew over to the big tree in front of them.

    The flames are all over the sky, the heat of the barbecue is extremely hot, and the trees gradually dry up and burn completely.

    Soon, it becomes ashes.


    Seeing complete burning, no surrender, Zhang Xuan frowning, looking to the ground, the mouth is raised: "After the soil unicorn, the roots of the underground are all rolled up by me, the fire and the phoenix match, I don't believe it will not die!"

    After the soil unicorn body shaken, into the desert, then everyone saw a huge tree root, was turned up.

    Tian Cang Huo Feng continued to rushed over.

    The flames are pervasive, and the appear is a large piece of fire.

    The flame of the sky out of the sky is not as good as the skyfire, but it is no worse than the Earth Fire.

    If you burn blood, the flame will be even hotter, and the Great Holy Soldier will melt!

    "I won't give in to humans, I have less dreams…"

    The roots were burned, the big trees still did not yield, the weak Mind Power came from, and the reluctance.

    "Do you not accept this?"

    Zhang Xuan stunned.

    Just a tree, want or do not want to be so sturdy?

    The trunk is gone, the roots are there, and the tree can be resurrected, but the roots are gone, and it is sure to die…

    "No, you must burn the roots and you can't kill them. Otherwise, you can't be so tenacious!"

    Quick glance.

    Just a tree, even with Spirit Wisdom, it is impossible to follow rules and regulations like Famed Master.

    The reason why this should be there is something to snuggle and trump card, know, just burn it, it is impossible to kill it.


    Look down at the pool water not far away.

    The flame of the phoenix is so hot, the water in the pond has not lost much.

    "The secluded turtle, you have the strength of the Water attribute, and give me the water in the pond. I have to see how long this guy can last!"

    Don't give a crap, Zhang Xuan once more.


    The mysterious turtle walked slowly, and it was a piece of one piece.

    Hū lā!

    The pond immediately became a water dragon and poured it into its mouth.

    Soon, it was swallowed clean, revealing a small tree root inside, turning the whole body, giving a feeling of warmth and jade.

    When the volley caught it, he took it, and the jade-like roots came to his palm. The sky was burning and the trees were burning, like losing the foundation, shaking it, in the blink of an eye, It turned into yellow sand.

    "Sure enough, it is the body…"

    Seeing this scene, Zhang Xuan still does not understand.

    Before the big tree, the root of the tree, all are fake, only this is the ontology, no wonder not to surrender…As long as you can't find this, it won't die.

    "Fire phoenix, burn this tree root to me…Gold Source Cauldron, if it doesn't burn, help me to make cinder! ”

    Palm shook and threw the roots out, Gold Source Cauldron, Tian Cang Huo Feng and many other Saint Beast, weapons all flew over.

    "Do not kill me……"

    Seeing so many expert aggressive, the roots kept shaking and moved: "I surrender, I am willing to surrender…"

    Not caught, that's ok, as long as the body is in, the trees and roots can be renewed, but now they are caught in the hands, they will not talk to rubbish.

    “This is more like it !”

    Seeing that this guy was caught in the body, and before the hardship, Zhang Xuan nodded.

    The contract was signed soon.

    Let the entire desert all the experts, the culprit of the horror, the next moment, became his beast pet.

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