Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1718

The latest chapter of Library of Heaven's Path, Chapter 1 718 Zhang Xuan was arrested, floating astronomy

    Zhang Xuan disguise's appearance, his face changed, his sword slammed in his hand and hurried retreat.

    He now only uses the strength of the gold body peak, the other party is not jealous, it will not start to everyone.

    "Can you escape?"

    See this guy so decisive, a blow does not set to escape, black armor coldly snorted, palm strength, violent waves, giving a sense of crushing.

    Break ”

    Zhang Xuan, a little finger.


    The long sword of Peerless Grade Saint Artifact immediately blasted in the air, like a strength produced by a Saint Domain Ninth Layer expert self-destruct, blocking the attack of the black armor.

    After doing this, stepping on the air, the figure turns into a long dragon and rushes out into the distance.


    Huā lā lā !

    See his movements, surrounded by the Foreign Spirit Race people, one after another to take out the weapon, you must make a move.

    "You don't have to do it, this guy is interesting, leave it to me!"

    Sneer, the black armor moves forward and volleys.

    Peerless Grade Saint Artifact The power of the explosion, the aspect is not weak, but for the immortal expert, it's not a big deal.

    Hū lā!

    Immediately in the air, there was a huge palm, wrapped in Zhang Xuan.Inside, all around are banned.

    "dammit ……"

    A look of sorrow, Zhang Xuan blood spurted out, like the use of some kind of blood strength, the breath immediately increased, and the space of the ban was hit.

    "You are not weak in the golden body, but it is not too bad, it is still too much…Give me down! ”

    Hūa lā !

    The black armor has a pair of hands, and the air emits a series of sounds. Zhang Xuan's strength is not broken through, and is trapped in the middle. Like a crab tied up by a rope, no matter how you struggle, you can't escape.

    Man up.

    Once more, Zhang Xuan was controlled to fly to the front, unable to help himself.

    At the moment, face turn white, seem like is the blood after burning, no resistance.

    "If you want to kill, you will kill, my mystery will never wrinkle my brow!"Knowing that he couldn’t escape, he took a bite and Zhang Xuan screamed.

    "kill you? Rest assured, you can live longer. The more powerful Famed Master, the more pure True Qi, the stronger the strength of the altar…originally, not afraid of power, you appear, enough…"

    With a smile, the black man flicked the fingers, Zhang Xuan immediately flew to Hu Yaoyao and the rest: "Lock him, sacrifice together!"


    The two Foreign Spirit Race people grabbed it gently, and Zhang Xuan immediately felt a thin line locking the veins of ownself. The whole strength was banned and could not be displayed anymore.

    After doing this, ignore him and continue to arrange the altar.

    "You shouldn't come out, it's a sacrifice…"

    Seeing that, like the guess, Zhang Xuan was relieved and was about to study what the thin line was. He heard a sigh in his ear.

    Talking to an old man not far away, see God is not bad realm.

    "This predecessor knows that they got this altar, for what?"

    Seeing this person in front of me, I am so awake, not as wilting as other people, Zhang Xuan can help.

    “They want to pass through the sacrifices, break the space, build the bridge, and enter the Temple of Master Kong!”The old man lowered his voice.

    The cultivation base is blocked and cannot be voice transmitted.

    "Breaking the space? Go to Temple of Master Kong? ”Zhang Xuan dazed for a moment: "Is this ice and snow world not exported? As long as you find the exit, you can not enter the Temple of Master Kong smoothly. Is it so troublesome? ”

    exportThe old man smiled bitterly: "There is an export, but this exit cannot enter the Temple of Master Kong!"

    "Can not enter?"Zhang Xuan looked over doubts.

    He went from the jungle world to the desert world, and then to this snow world…In the dark, predict, should be the same as the pavilion, as long as you walk through the corresponding number of layers, you can certainly reach the position of Temple of Master Kong.

    “Temple of Master Kong has a total of six Hall-branch and one main hall. Each Hall-branch corresponds to a different world. These worlds have exits and entrances connected. Just follow this and go back and forth. These six worlds shuttle and never find a specific location!"

    The old man said: "In this ice and snow world, for example, according to the exit and the entrance, if you pass through the five worlds, you will be more than this."

    "Uh… Here's how it works.Zhang Xuan stunned.

    The original thought, as long as the speed is fast, after walking all the world, you will definitely find the scope of the Temple of Master Kong, never dreamed or expected, even connected.

    In this way, does it mean that it is not the same as the original circle?

    "This should be a secret, Famed Master Hall headquarters, don't know, how do you know?"

    Doubtful towards this side.

    He is the Three Great Clans patriarch, 9-Star Famed Master, Saint Child Hall Hallmaster…I don't know these messages, Famed Master Hall Hallmaster Ren, if you know, you must have said it in advance…How old is this old man, how to know so detailed?

    "It was the person who just said the Foreign Spirit Race…If you want to enter the Temple of Master Kong and follow the exit, it's impossible to do it. The only way is to pass through the sacrifice and break the space so that you can go directly to the Hall-branch! ”

    The old man said.

    "Entering Hall-branch? Not to say that there is no Heirloom Heavenly Talisman, can't I enter? ”

    If everyone can break open and enter the Temple of Master Kong Hall-branch, the so-called Heirloom Heavenly Talisman, what's the point?

    Not to let countless people compete for it.

    "Without Heirloom Heavenly Talisman, of course, I can't get into Hall-branch, but I can still do it outside of Hall-branch. This is the real periphery of Temple of Master Kong. The spiritual qi is more intense, and cultivation is more effective!Moreover, entering the Hall-branch and grabbing the treasure means that this thing is yours? Not enough strength, just left Hall-branch, will be snatched away…Therefore, many experts are kept on the periphery, it is said that…And Old Sage! ”

    The old man was scared in his eyes.

    "Old Sage? Are they on the periphery? ”

    Zhang Xuan pupil contraction.

    "Yeah, they are restricted and can't get into the Temple of Master Kong, but they can wait for the rabbit Ah! If you can get in, you will come out sooner or later. Once you leave, you are very likely to be ambushed…To be honest, that is the real danger. We are all ordinary cultivators. It’s okay here. That place, I’m going to die, and the death will only be faster! ”

    The old man was full of smiles: "Forget it, a little while is treated as a sacrifice. It is useless to say more, or save some effort!"


    Zhang Xuan nodded and was very shocked.

    I thought that the Old Sage expert was even improved here. I didn't expect to be able to go to the outside of the Temple of Master Kong…It’s true that it’s really dangerous.

    “Foreign Spirit Race people know this, will they have already explored six worlds, or…Already have an expert, to the periphery of the Hall-branch? ”

    An idea pop up.

    I have walked three worlds in a row, I have not met Zhao Ya, Wei Ruyan, and I have not encountered hundreds of people, even Luo Ruoxi and the rest. Where did they go?

    Will it be on the periphery of many Hall-branch?

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