Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1728

The latest chapter of Library of Heaven's Path, the first seven hundred and twenty-eighth chapter of the blood of Old Sage, floating astronomy

    "But you are numb!"

    Under the ownership of weapons, many Foreign Spirit Race people are all face-driven mad, tears.

    These weapons, we are not going to give you, you are not "but", is hard to grab, okay?

    A fair duel means that everyone fights with True Qi…What Ah, what are you playing?

    Fair your sister Ah!

    It's better to get the beast pet out and kill us, and it won't be wronged.

    "You…You seeking death! ”

    Under the control of Zhang Xuan's, the Foreign Spirit Race people fell down, the thirty more people, in the blink of an eye, and even half of them were left, called the old ghost Sage, completely angry.

    The purpose of the challenge is to get the place to enter the great accomplishment hall. Now people are dead, and the number of places is…Have a fart?


    A huge palm, abrupt appearance, great accomplishment, the space in front of the temple, was imprisoned in an instant, and a strong strength was crushed, like Zhang Xuan, made into a meatloaf.


    Zhang Xuan In the body, True Qi is running fast, wanting to escape, but finds that the whole person is imprisoned, and can't move.

    Old Sage, the present era is the strongest, a make a move, and the powerful space will be destroyed. Simply is not his strength, can compete.

    Hū lā!

    Just in the case of unable to hold on any further, it will be crushed immediately, at any time when the body bursts, a word glow abrupt appearance.

    Like the timing, and seek like to find the exact location of the old ghost, the sword glow did not fight against the palm of the air, nor did it help Zhang Xuan to relieve the pressure, but the straight to the point of the void.


    Sword qi into the sound of the sound, then the void, there is blood.


    The sound of the old ghosts sounded, the handprint of the sky, shaking a bit, disappeared.

    Hū hū !

    The space is awkward, the hidden ghosts hidden in the void, knowing that they will continue to stay, may be in jeopardy, disappear in the blink of an eye, and disappear.

    "Haha, refreshing!"

    Zhang Family Old Ancestor The sound of laughter came.

    Cultivation base to reach Old Sage, want to kill, it is already very difficult, the two fights for many years, has always been difficult to distinguish, now directly stabbed, although not fatal, it is estimated that he is enough, cultivate for a period of time, can not make waves .

    Can do this, all because, ownself, this younger generation, attracted the other party's heart.

    Raised the head Looking into the field, I saw the thirty more Foreign Spirit Race people who had been jealous before. At this moment, they all lay on the ground and became corpses, and none of them remained.

    A large number of weapons, all in the hands of landed Zhang Xuan, joyful, like a pet.

    "It’s so young and capable, it’s good…"

    A tribute, then, a strength slowly gathered to the empty space, a few drops of blood scattered on the ground, swept by the strength, gathered together, put into a jade bottle.

    "You have killed so many Foreign Spirit Race people, and it has given me a chance to seriously hurt my old ghosts. As a predecessor, I can’t turn a blind eye…These five drops of Old Sage blood, accept it! ”

    "many thanks senior!"

    After taking over the jade bottle, Zhang Xuan looked respectful.

    Although I don't know the blood of Old Sage, what is the use, but can make so many Foreign Spirit Race people, do not want to be excited, certainly worth a lot.

    "The blood of the Foreign Spirit Race Old Sage, with a strong killing power, is of little use to your cultivation…Besides, this is just your spoils, not the reward of that I, as a predecessor, how can it not be too shabby! In this jade bottle, there are also five drops of blood, which is my blood. Now I will give it to you, use it well, and strive to reach a higher realm as soon as possible, lead Zhang Family, progress even further! ”

    Hū lā!

    At the end of the voice, there is more than a jade bottle in front of you. Zhang Xuan feels the blood of the turmoil, and seems to be burning soon.

    The body of Zhang Family in his body, the reason has been stripped, but the blood of the Human Race Old Sage in the jade bottle is definitely more useful to him than the Foreign Spirit Race Old Sage.

    "Hanging, don't thank Old Ancestor soon!"

    Happy Sword Saint is excited about voice transmission.

    "many thanks Old Ancestor ……"

    Zhang Xuan is all over.

    "no need to be polite ! You've earned it.

    After that, the sound disappeared, and then the breath of Old Sage disappeared. Seem like never appeared.

    Knowing this ancestor, certainly more hidden, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief.

    The Temple of Master Kong is open, the Old Sage, more than one person, for them, there are also opportunities for ownself, naturally the more hidden the better.

    Otherwise, it was discovered that the joint siege and death did not know how to die.

    "What is the use of Old Sage blood?"

    Very doubt, look at my father Happy Sword Saint, Zhang Xuan voice transmission.

    "Old Sage blood, every drop, contains huge energy, and contain old Sage's understanding of cultivation, can refining, a drop, is enough to make people make rapid progress! Raise the cultivation base to the incredible realm! ”

    The eyes are shining, Happy Sword Saint explains.


    "Yes, if, a normal cultivator, can have access to the blood of Old Sage, and can refining without exploding and dying…Can be promoted directly from Martial Artist realm to Big Saint Rank! ”

    Happy Sword Saint Road.

    "This…"Zhang Xuan's pupils shrink.

    He has advanced from Martial Artist to Dasheng, and he has spent countless efforts and efforts, and has spent a lot of resources…A drop of blood can do this…

    It’s terrible!

    Of course, I also know that the other party is just a metaphor. Ordinary people, first of all, can't bear the strength of Old Sage's blood, even if they can withstand such a breakthrough, True Qi will be vain, and the battle strength will not be too strong.

    “However, it’s just a matter of strength, and the understanding of cultivation is not enough for countless people to crave…AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…This drop of blood contains the strength of Old Sage rebirth from a drop of blood. If you are in danger, as long as you don’t have a soul flies away, spirit dispersed, you can completely recover it. Even if your head is gone, you can renew it. Up, not to die…"

    Happy Sword Saint Road.


    Zhang Xuan has a stiff body.

    The shock in my heart is not enough to say.

    His current strength is very strong, but once he is smashed his head, there is only one way to death…

    With these blood, one drop is equal to one life…

    No wonder it can make countless Foreign Spirit Race people turmoil, more precious, it is invaluable!

    "Father, mother, I can't use five drops, you each drop…"

    After the shock, pull open the stopper, Zhang Xuan flicking the fingers.

    Two drops of blood, send out a strong strength, flew over to the two in front of them.

    Five drops of blood, for him, really can not be used, in this case, it is better to give parents, so that they also have self-protection ability.

    Temple of Master Kong has an unpredictable danger. With this, ownself can be assured.


    Unexpectedly, such a precious thing, the son, did not hesitate, gave them, Xing, Dream Sword Saint looked at him and pinched his fist.

    There are sons, why do you want to ask for it!

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