Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1731

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, Chapter 1, 731, great accomplishment, floating astronomy
    Let’s get in.

    All Saint Beast, all accept owner, Zhang Xuan nodded with satisfaction, and filled many Saint Beast into the folding space, and once more rushed inside.

    However, this time it was different, and it was blocked from one and was blocked.

    “what is going on ?”

    Corner of mouth twitching.

    It won't be, it will delay this time, and then go in not going?

    I really want to be like this, I can only cry.

    "Master, you have too many Saint Beast…"

    The sound of the small character sounds: "The normal Heirloom Heavenly Talisman is able to bring ten people. I can use it as a mother symbol. I can bring up to fifteen. You just tame, more than twenty…"

    Zhang Xuan was relieved to hear that he was not inaccessible. Cannot help asked: "Is it not in the folding space?"

    “No! If this is the case, just now, Dream Sword Saint can also take everyone away! ”

    The small character is explained.

    "Right!"Zhang Xuan realized.

    What can Master King's personally stay?

    Say the restrictions, there are restrictions, otherwise, everyone is taking advantage of the loopholes, not big?

    The Saint Beast, renew, which has a low cultivation base, is released. The number of controls is about fourteen, and the enemy is drilled in, and it passes smoothly.

    "No, they are also in the folding space. How do you add up to fifteen?"

    Entering the light film, just not far away, Zhang Xuan said.

    The fourteen heads he left are just tamed, not counting the beasts of the poor woods, the golden spirits, the tigers, and so on. Even the red tigers that were previously conquered are among them, and the actual number has already exceeded two. Ten major customs.

    “They are the lives of the Temple of Master Kong, and they can enter at will, without quota!”The small character is a sign.

    "Is there still such a statement?"

    Unexpectedly, Saint Beast in the ruins of Temple of Master Kong, with this kind of treatment, Zhang Xuan smiled a bit, not saying more, speeding up, flying to the seal.

    Everyone has been in for more than a minute, and he has to hurry.

    After the wide gate, it is a huge hall with two rows of statues on both sides, some contemplative, some look, some reading, some cultivation… vivid and lifelike, like at any time will come alive, form Different, different attitudes.

    This is……Seventy-two holy? ”

    Soon, Zhang Xuan recognized these statues, nothing else, it was Kong's Gate 72.

    Kong Junior Apprentice Brother three thousand, direct disciple seventy-two, known as seventy-two holy, as for the Old Sage, Old Sage Bu Shang, is the more powerful ten sage.

    Seventy-two direct disciples, each with a biography, all have amazing past, and thus were remembered by Famed Master Hall, countless people, Zhang Xuan has seen some, now see the statue, immediately recognized.

    Old Sage, Old Sage, Old Sage, Old Sage…

    All familiar names come to mind and blend in with many of the statues in front of you, as if you were in the battlefield and fought with the Foreign Spirit Race.

    It can be said that without them, Master Kong alone, it is impossible to calm the People of the Peace Spirit Race!

    On the monument of human progress, the names of each of them are engraved, brilliant, eternal glory.

    Expression is solemn, Zhang Xuan has performed the most noble etiquette.

    Seventy-two holy, send out a faint pressure, walking in the meantime, great improvement and understanding of Soul Depth and spirit.

    After a few more steps, I saw a few Famed Masters sitting cross-legged on the ground and unable to move on.

    Their Soul Depth is not enough. To move on, it is very harmful to the body. It is better to use this kind of oppression to improve quickly.

    It is Zhang Family's Supreme Elder, Zhang Xuan did not say much, continue to move forward.

    Zhao Ya is a group of people, who is not clear, but, through the passage of the seventy-two holy statues, Soul Depth is probably not much worse than him.

    With such a Soul Depth, the cultivation base is estimated to have reached the immortal Great Perfection realm, which is a great threat to parents and the rest.

    Pass through the statue passage of the 72nd sage to another hall.

    Parents and the rest, they are not far away, and they are opposite, they are eight guests, each of them has a breath out of the proud atmosphere. As with the guess, it is the ultimate in the great perfection of Great Perfection. character.

    Seeing the parents and the rest, Zhang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the other people.

    A girl, standing in the crowd, her eyes closed, and the body's cold and cold strength, kept out, seems to want to activate a seal on the wall.

    "Zhao Ya!"

    Frowning, hurriedly came over.

    "Hanging, she seem like can't hear shouts!"

    Haven't come to the front, Xing, Dream Sword Saint two people moved forward to meet, quiet voice transmission.

    "Can't hear the sound?"

    Zhang Xuan.

    "Well, we just shouted, but there was no reaction, even the head did not turn, seem like can't hear shouting…"

    Happy Sword Saint Road.

    "She should be concentrating on cracking the picture on the wall. What is the purpose of doing this, we don't know…"

    Dream Sword Saint is also quietly pointing.

    ImageZhang Xuan, this is the front wall, and I saw the huge Danqing, vivid and lifelike, seem like a world, sealed.

    Zhao Ya kept sending out the cold atmosphere, and seemed to want to unblock the seal on Danqing.

    According to the normal situation, ownself entered the hall and shouted again. The other party will definitely find out that there is no reaction at this moment. I am afraid that I can't hear the sound as my parents said.

    "They are who?"

    Since I saw Zhao Ya, I was not hurt. Zhang Xuan was no longer anxious, but narrow the eyes and looked at the eight guests.

    "I just asked, they are…The expert of the philosophers! ”

    Happy Sword Saint Road.

    "Philosophers?"Zhang Xuan frown: "Are they not descendants of the seventy-two Saints? Why do you want to catch Zhao Ya? What is the seal on this painting? ”

    I always thought that the Foreign Spirit Race people took Zhao Ya and the rest.

    The other party is extremely vicious and it is very normal to make such a thing, but…The philosophers of the family, inherited from Master Kong, said in a courtesy, why did this kind of go against morality, and not directly notify others, directly arrest people's activities?

    Not in accordance with reason Ah!

    And the key point is that in the outer hall, there are seventy-two statues of Saint. As a younger generation, instead of worshipping, instead of painting a heart, it is hidden in the painting. ?

    Think of this, can not help again, look at Danqing in front of you.

    Picture Scroll is unfolding on the wall, looking far away, with weathered countless hardships penetrating history, the perfect blend of time and space, and his Eye of Insight can't be seen clearly.

    I only felt that there was a raging temperament in the picture, and it was so atmospheric that people could fall into it and could not extricate themselves.

    "You said……Will this be Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia? ”

    Suddenly, the voice of Happy Sword Saint rang in my ear.

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