Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1732

Library of Heaven's Path The latest chapter, the 1763th chapter promoted the opportunity of Old Sage, floating astronomy
    "Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia ?"Zhang Xuan stunned.

    "Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia According to legend, Master Kong's strongest Magical Treasure, some say it is a book, some say it is a weapon, others say it is a space item…What is specific, no one has seen it, can't make a unified conclusion, will it be a painting? ”

    Happy Sword Saint analyzed: "Otherwise, the experts of the philosophers, why did they crack the seal when they arrived?" Moreover, knowing that Zhao Ya has this special ability, take it away in advance? ”

    Zhang Xuan is contemplative.

    He said that there is no reason.

    The news from the outside world is not necessarily correct. Seem like, holding the mother symbol, you can enter the main hall, the mother symbol is in his hand, but where is the main hall…I have not seen the trace until now.

    Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia, the legend is a book, not necessarily a painting.

    Continue to look at the Picture Scroll, the cover is hidden, but the content can not be seen clearly, but you can see that it is covered with snow, slightly desolated, a pair of cold winter transit.

    "There is a rule of time…"

    I feel it carefully. In this Picture Scroll, there is not only space strength, but also time spread. In other words, the time in the painting, and the time flow rate of the outside world are not the same.

    The outside world is only late autumn, and in the Picture Scroll, it is already cold winter.

    In Picture Scroll, there is time…Is it possible that , is Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia ?

    If you really want to grab the hand anyway, no matter whether the other party is a family or not, you will not be merciful.

    "Right, I don't know, Xiao Fufu will definitely recognize it!"

    a thought flashed through the mind.

    He didn't know much about the news of the ancient times, but the small characters are different. It is the key that Master Kong specially refines and enters the Temple of Master Kong. It is sure to recognize Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia.

    Think of this, the spirit of the voice transmission in the past.

    "Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia? Thanks to what you want, this is Master Kong's [four seasons]! ”

    The small character stretched out in the folding space, and the paper was sizzling like a maple leaf in the wind.

    "Four seasons?"

    "When you came, did you find the pavilion outside? Spring, summer, autumn and winter, representing the four seasons! ”The small character is explained.

    Zhang Xuan glanced and nodded.

    At that time, I saw the so-called Spring Warm House and Xia Wei Lou, and didn't care. At this moment, it really was.

    Moreover, the Secret Technique of Master Kong Break is based on itself as Heaven and Earth, which evolves in spring, summer, autumn and winter, all year round…Will there be a certain connection?

    "What is the role of this four seasons, so that the experts of the hundreds of families are so careful?"Understand is not Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia, the heart is slightly lost, Zhang Xuan is also curious.

    Even if it is not a grand ceremony, it is estimated that it is not a weak treasure. Otherwise, it is impossible to let so many experts, so I am so worried.

    "The four seasons picture, it looks like a picture, actually contains the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the time flow rate is faster than outside…Probably about twice, in other words, cultivation for two years, only outside the past year…For the cultivation of talent, it is definitely an excellent treasure! ”

    The small character is a sign.

    Zhang Xuan nodded and thought deeply.

    The reason why Zhang Family is the first family, long-lasting, the most important thing is to have a Blood Pond, the soul can have a longer time, cultivation technique cultivation martial skill.

    Famed Master Hall Headquarters, genius countless, 9-Star Famed Master pointing, less detours, is one aspect, more importantly, has a Spring and Autumn Hall, there is a time difference with the outside world.

    Zheng Yang's progress is so fast, he is quicker than him. The Battle Master Hall inherits, just one of them. Another reason is to enter the cultivation here.

    This four-season map, used for two years in a year, does indeed contain a weak treasure.

    ButAs far as I know, the most important thing about this picture is not the time difference, but…Master Kong is banned, part of Heaven and Earth! ”

    Stopped for a while, think of something, the small character continues.

    "Seal Heaven and Earth?"Dazed for a moment, Zhang Xuan immediately smiled: "In this painting, the power of contain space, the ban of part of Heaven and Earth, is normal!"

    The ordinary folding space is to open a side of Heaven and Earth, which can accommodate items, but can not adapt to life, such as: storage ring.

    High Level, like the greenhouse, can survive and grow plants, but after a long period of time, it will not be communicated with the outside world, and the ecological environment will be destroyed. Over time, the spiritual qi will be weak and life will be unsustainable.

    His current folding space is this level, and needs a spiritual qi supply for better benign development. Unlike Famed Master Continent, ownself can produce spiritual qi and create a new life, forming a dynamic balance.

    This painting, with its own rules of time, can evolve in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It should be the same as the previous jungle world. It can breed life and automatically create spiritual qi, which is naturally higher than his folding space.

    It’s not surprising that Master Kong made it and banned Heaven and Earth.

    "It is very normal…But you have to think about it, this is the side of the ancient era Heaven and Earth! ”The small character is a sign.

    "Ancient era of Heaven and Earth? so what? Can it be different from the current Heaven and Earth? Most of the spiritual qi is enough…"

    Zhang Xuan didn't care.

    Ancient era, can give birth to Master Kong and 72 sage so many almighty, spiritual qi is necessarily more adequate than now, but what about? The banned Heaven and Earth, after all, is Little Heaven and Earth, which is impossible compared to the vastness of the Famed Master Continent.

    "not right …"

    The voice did not fall, Zhang Xuan twitched: "What you said is, banned the party at the time Heaven and Earth? I don’t mean…Here, is there a chance to breakthrough to Old Sage? ”

    Master Yang and Happy Sword Saint have talked with him about the passing of checkpoint on Old Sage. For nearly 10,000 years, this side Heaven and Earth, seem like is what has been lost, many cultivators, obviously reached immortality Great Perfection, that is, the ultimate flaw, the achievement of Old Sage.

    Because of this, Old Sage voluntarily fell asleep and woke up in battle, only to continue life.

    Nearly 10,000 years ago, there was only something missing. If Heaven and Earth is banned in Master Kong, does it mean that there is still something that can make people break into this realm?

    "Yeah, otherwise you think, why are these people so hard?"

    The small character continues.

    "so that's how it is ……This painting involves the opportunity of breaking Through Old Sage…No wonder, it’s so desperate! ”

    Zhang Xuan suddenly realized.

    Although he is now a golden body peak, but close to Old Sage, he can't find this kind of opportunity. He has been trapped in the big holy realm, which is definitely a torture.

    Now, the opportunity is in front of you, in any case, you have to get it!

    "many thanks reminder, small character, suddenly found that you still use a little…"

    With the eyes shining, Zhang Xuan laughed.

    If it weren't for this guy, know this thing, know these secrets, and if you don't, you will miss this treasure.

“……”Small character.

    Seeing his son smirking, Happy Sword Saint dazed for a moment, confused.

    This is……Happy crazy? d.

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