Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1787

“you guys?”

Wu Hao wrinkled frown.

Although the current caves, without the Army of the Force Spirit Race, there are still many Force Spirit Race people to survive. Since it is called adventure, it will definitely be dangerous, teammates are too weak, and it has a great influence on the overall strength.

In front of these two, the boy does not need to say, the face is pale, at first glance, I know that I was seriously injured, and you are also sick, look at the strength, even the Saint Domain did not reach, these two people bring, absolutely cumbersome.

“I don’t know why you are going to the cave. But I still advise you, it is best not to make fun of your life!”

Stopped for a while, Wu Hao discouraged.

“Master Wú’s kindness is the heart, but I have the purpose of going to the cave. We can only go in behind you. As for danger, ownself will bear, never hurt everyone!”

A bitter smile, Zhang Xuan said.

The Human Race Number One Genius, the Golden Perfection, is despised by a guy from the Saint Domain Fourth Layer… I feel sad when I think about it.

“That’s good!”

Wu Hao does not speak anymore.

Life and death have an ownself decision, the words are said, the other side must insist, really have to be dangerous, can not blame ownself and the rest stand by.

After all, no one has the obligation to save people.

“act recklessly……”

“There is definitely no loss, I don’t know what is dangerous!”

Others, seeing these two will go through, all showing disdain.

The strength is not even in Saint Domain, the flight can’t be done, it is really dangerous, there is no ability to escape, not what is seeking death?

No more to say, everyone walked out of the dilapidated clock tower and walked to the building in front, only to take a few steps, several Battle Master appear, blocking the way.

“7-Star Famed Master, Wu Hao, this is my pass!” Wu Hao came to the front.

A Battle Master took the pass and checked it carefully. Then he nodded. “Go in, only three days, three days must come back!”

“rest assured!”

Laughing, Wu Hao took everyone and walked in.

Although the caves are open and the ordinary Famed Master and cultivator enter, it is necessary to prepare the pass letters in advance. Otherwise, the cultivation base will not be reached even if Saint Domain has not reached it, and it will be difficult to control.

The entrance to the cave was sealed in the building, and everyone walked behind while while entering smoothly.

As before, the bloody month is high, and the whole world is full of killing.

“everyone enters here for the first time and needs to adjust for a while. Otherwise, it is easy to be invaded by the killing spirit and form a heart’s devil!”

When I came to one spot, Wu Hao did not move on, but gave it to me.

The killing power is terrible, and the cultivator that Soul Depth is not enough is easily attacked, causing irreparable psychological trauma.

These people come in for the first time, even if the cultivation base is not weak, it needs to be adjusted for a while to continue.


Seeing everyone want to rest in place, the courtiers look over.

Although they were injured and injured, the cultivation base did not recover, did not recover, but this level of killing, simply it’s not a big deal, there is no need to accompany everyone here delay time.

“Don’t worry, you and my current state, even if you are anxious to go back, there is no way, it is better to go back and restore strength, at least it is safe!” Zhang Xuan said.

This Chen Yonghuang survived in the bloody moon environment since he was a child, and it is much faster to recover here than the Famed Master Continent.

The courtier nodded.

This state, anxious rush over, if you are not good, you will fall into the trap of the other party, simply ask the other party to be clear, he is in the dark, it is better to take a step.

Everyone has nothing to say, each adaptive killing, Zhang Xuan spirit enters the folding space, the treasure spiritual qi stored therein, retrieved, quietly poured into the acupoint, drilled into the body, tempered into the heavenly road True Qi.

Rebirth from a drop of blood, can guarantee that people will not die, but killing once, it will consume a lot of life, because of this, Zhang Hongtian’s strength is extremely strong, also before other people fall.

Zhang Xuan is self-existing in the Famed Master Hall. He has an account of the Human Race. Secondly, he can enter the Foreign Spirit Race without knowing it. It will not be discovered and will be cheaper.


Spiritual qi rushed into the body, and True Qi became more and more powerful, and its strength recovered quickly.

Soon arrived at Saint Domain realm, then First Layer, Second Layer…

In less than half an hour, it was restored to the Third Layer.


Efforts are being made to recover, and a series of sounds are heard in the ears. Zhang Xuan then opened his eyes and looked into the distance.

Yichen also frowned.

“What is it?”

For the environment of the Foreign Spirit Race, Zhang Xuan didn’t know much about it, so he had to ask for a voice transmission.

“It’s the Maple Wolf, which is stronger by relying on the strength of the bloody moon. The Wolf King has the strength of Saint Domain Fifth Layer Leaving Aperture Realm, very savage!”

Yuchen Road.

“Maple Wolf?”

Zhang Xuan nodded.

The ancient battlefield location of the Foreign Spirit Race location, although the environment is harsh, but also has countless spirit beast and plants, this so-called Maple Wolf, never heard of, but can make the ceremonial savage, it should not be simple.

“Everyone is careful, seem like something is coming…”

Here voice transmission, Wu Hao over there, seems to have found it, an exclamation, hurriedly stood up.

Hūa lā !

Just after the voice was over, I saw the seven or eight wolves, which had been blocked and surrounded the crowd.

These wolves, all gray, have only a white hair on the forehead, like a maple leaf.

The number is small, but all with a ferocious atmosphere, so that everyone is scared to turn pale.

“Without resistance, obediently do our food… can give you a good time!”

Barked coldly, immediately behind the wolves, a white wolf king came out and his eyes were red.

“The strength of Leaving Aperture Realm?”

Pupils shrink, Wu Hao body stiff.

Others also all face turning pale.

I didn’t expect luck to be so back.

Original thought, enter here, find the right herb treasure, turn around and make a big profit, never dreamed or expected, just came in, even the killing gas did not adapt, you met such a powerful Saint Beast!

The maple leaf wolf under the murderous temperament is more savage than the same level of the Famed Master, and now appear the wolf king…

Could it be that, just arrived, will fall here?

“Get ready for the war…”

Take a deep breath, his eyes are lifted, Wu Hao wrist turn, a long sword appear in the palm of his hand, suddenly raised, when the first to the wolf king stab.

The only chance to survive now is the kill means to kill it. When this guy dies, other Maple Wolfs are not afraid.

“嗷Wū! ”

See this man, a make a move on the own, the wolf king sneer, the eyes reveal a thick scorn, hoof-claw raised forward hit.

Hūa lā !

The murderous anger was raging, and a ferocious bloody suffocating swept. Wu Hao had not reacted yet, and he flew out and fell heavily on the ground.

7-Star peak Famed Master, it is not an enemy!

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