Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 1788

Everyone else shivered, all with regrets.

I have always heard that the treasures of the caves, as long as they enter, have a bad luck, can make a lot of money, get enough cultivation resources, how can they not think of it, only after less than half an hour, they have encountered so formidable wolves Even the strongest Master Wú among them was defeated.

He is not an opponent, how about ownself and the rest?

“Make a move together, otherwise, I am going to die here…”

An old man, teach clenching, takes out a spear, True Qi rushes in, and the spear tip is swallowing like a long snake.

His cultivation base is only the Saint Domain Fourth Layer Nascent Divinity Realm primary stage, but it can display the weapon, and the under normal circumstances will inevitably be exchanged for cheers. Now, in the eyes of the wolves, the children are generally funny. .

Hū lā!

A maple leaf wolf is moving, do not need the wolf king make a move, the ordinary gray wolf, the teeth bite gently, engulf the spear, while the hoof-claw smashed, blood squirting, the old man’s chest is appear A huge mouth.

“Luo Gong…”

Seeing that he was injured, a middle-aged man next to him couldn’t stand it, and he went out to the weapons and rushed over. Others also understand the dangers of life and death, and they all dared to sneak up, all of them brushed up, and they showed the strongest tricks.


The sound of the broken sack sounded, and everyone in the rush over flew out at a faster speed. All fell to the ground, dusted, and the corners of the mouth overflowed with blood.

The strength gap is too big, and it is not familiar with the environment under the bloody moon. It only begins and it is over.

Seeing the person led by ownself, so unable to withstand a single blow, Wu Hao revealed the despair.

I knew that I had come over alone, at least with a small target, and I was able to adapt to it and leave.

Now, I am afraid I will fall here and there is no possibility of escape.

I was thinking about how these wolves should deal with own, with a glimpse of their eyes, and then they saw two people who were unwilling to take them. They still sat on the spot and did not move.

Seem like did not find the wolves coming over.


Just want to get angry, then sighed: “Forget it, this strength, it is useless to rush…”

A sick one, even Saint Domain may not have reached… He is a 7-Star peak Famed Master, who can’t stand the Maple Wolf group, even if they do it, what is the use?

“Human Famed Master, the strength of the body is pure, eat the great supplement, this is left to me, the other you handle…”

Seeing that everyone has no power to resist, the wolf king is coldly snorted, and walks toward Wu Hao in front of him.

Whether it is for the Foreign Spirit Race or the Saint Beast where it lives, the pure True Qi in the Famed Master is a great supplement.

“I didn’t expect my Wu Hao to die here…”

Seeing that the wolf king is getting closer and closer, knowing that it is difficult to escape, Wu Hao’s eyes show a trace of sorrow.

I thought that entering the cave, with 7-Star peak Famed Master’s identity, can make a big difference, I can’t think of dreams, and I haven’t had time to make a move, it has completely ended.

Thinking in my heart, there is more strength in the body, and I want to go with the wolf king in front of me. Suddenly, the ground is shaking, and a dull voice is emitted from the underground. I don’t know where it sounds, shaking everyone’s soul.



The voice with gloomy and cold, it seems that the hurricane swept, the Maple Wolf King and other wolves, at the same time felt that the hair was blown up, the irretreat of the restraint emotions was dozens of steps, the huge body kept shaking, and all the corners of the mouth overflowed with blood.

a low bark, even let them hurt at the same time!

With fear in his eyes, the Wolf King hurriedly looked around.

Under the cover of blood, the surrounding area is empty, there is no semi-personal shadow, the breeze blows, and the body rises with a chill.

The voice just now, although gloomy, gave it a feeling of piercing the soul. It seems that it is really dare to kill these human beings and will be directly killed. The gods are difficult to save.


Know this expert, I do not know when will make a move, the wolf king does not stop, and finally did not dare to start with Wu Hao and the rest, a tail clip, turned and fled.

A few human Famed Masters, even if the meat is delicious, it is not as valuable as the ownself.

“many thanks the great help of the predecessors…”

Seeing the wolves leave, Wu Hao and everyone exchange glances, each revealing the expression of the rest of his life from the face, brushing up, kneels down on the ground.

Although I don’t know where this predecessor is, I can use the ground voice transmission to see their movements and hear their gratitude.

I am grateful to half day, I have not found someone appear, just like the predecessor, simply does not exist.

“Master Wú, what now?”

See no one responded, the former “Luo Gong”, looked toward this side.

“Senior acting, not that we can try to figure out, since we don’t want to see us, let’s just leave…”

After a moment of contemplation, Wu Haodao.

He is particularly grateful that the other party has no appear, indicating that he is not willing to show up, and that there is no use for it.


With the wolves, everyone knows the danger here, dare not to continue to wait, and brush forward.

After walking for half an hour, I saw no danger, and I was relieved.

“I know that one spot has herb, let’s hurry up, get it back, otherwise, it’s really a white one!” After a moment of contemplation, Master Wú said.

They have already come here, and they can’t retreat because of fear.

I really want to leave, not only can’t get anything, just like the soldiers who flee without fighting, it will have a great influence on Soul Depth and later cultivation.

The people nodded.

“Before set out, I want to say a few words!”

A middle-aged man came out.

Everyone brushed it.

“Just dangerous, these two motionless, no contribution at all, go to herb, I suggest, don’t bring them!”

The middle-aged man is coldly snorted, pointing to Zhang Xuan and Yichen.

When the two guys came, they sat on the ground and put on death. There wasn’t a little battle strength… Now I have to look for herb, but I still follow it. The skin is really not thick!

“Yes, can’t take them!”

“Nothing is used, it is also cumbersome!”

Several more people nodded at the same time.

They are adventurous, the stronger the team, the better, these two people, you can’t do it, you have to follow it, can it be that you really have to wait for the herb, give them a part?

When I heard everyone’s words, Wu’s brow wrinkled and looked at the two: “Do you have something to say?”

I didn’t want to bring it, but the performance of the two men when they first encountered the wolves, really bad.

“I have nothing to say……”

Yichen just wanted to say the opening, and Zhang Xuan waved his hand.

“That’s not going to roll!”

The middle-aged man just drank cold.

“Everyone take care…”

Seeing that everyone likes it, Zhang Xuan shook his head and hugged hands clasped together politely. Just wanted to leave, he felt a strong breath in the sky slamming into the air, followed by a huge vulture in the air, slowly falling.

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