Like the Maple Wolf King, it is the Saint Beast of the Saint Domain Fifth Layer. The blood eyes are red, with a demon color, a flat hair, hard as iron, hanging on the body, like a middle grade Saint Artifact, ordinary attack, Don’t say killing, even the defense can’t be broken.

“It’s bloody vulture!”

“This time is over…”

I did not expect to escape from the containment of the Wolf King, I met this, Wu Hao and the rest in the absence of hard work Zhang Xuan, Yi Chen, all face pale.

Bloody vultures, bigger than the name of the Maple Wolf King, is not stronger, but when killing, not directly killing, but kill.

In other words, it is obvious that you can kill it at the same time, but you have to get one spot to be injured, and eventually lose too much blood, abnormal savage.

Because of this, coupled with the ability to fly, come and go like the wind, everyone would rather meet the ten wolf kings, and would never want to meet such a guy.

Under the containment of the Wolf King, luck is good, maybe you can escape, and in front of this guy, don’t say escape, it is difficult to leave one step!

“Try to die!”

Clenching fists, Wu Hao gritted his teeth.

It’s really bad for the teacher. When others come in, they are all shocked and full of rewards. They can’t think of dreams. They only came in less than an hour, and they have already encountered two powerful Saint Beasts.


Everyone has more than one brush to remove weapons, each of them will be waiting.

The bloody vulture seems to see the tension of the crowd. In the bright red eyes, there is a hint of ridicule. The huge wings are slamming, and the ground seems to immediately wind up the wind. Countless stones are immediately swept up, and the shells are generally shot. Come over.

Dīng dīng dīng dīng !

Under the impact of the stone, everyone felt that the tiger’s mouth was numb, and the sword in his hand, at any time, flew away.

Continuous retreat a few steps, very despair in the eyes.

Just fanning your wings, it’s such a big power that makes it hard to compete. It’s really rushing over. They are definitely not opponents, they must die.

“It seems that it is really hard to escape…”

Wu Hao is very stunned.

The previous time, the predecessors saved their lives. This time, certainly not so good luck, the other party can not be idle, always behind the own and the rest.

“The big self-destruct can’t make the other party insult…”

Knowing the bloody vultures, like to let people suffer and die, take a deep breath, Wu Hao is planning to self-destruct, retain dignity, and then see the two guys who have been working hard before, and walked out of the crowd.

Savage’s vulture, seeing two people, looking angry, wanting to start, you go out, shaken, came to the front, a foot on his face.


The vulture head was planted on the ground, and a deep gully was drawn on the ground.

Pī li pā lā !

Fitted, youth punched and kicked.

After a while, the vultures climbed up, and the bloody eyes were no longer fierce, but warm.

When dealing with the Maple Wolf King, the cultivation base was restored to the Saint Domain Third Layer. It may not be an opponent. It can only be scared away by the Spirit Soul Force, and this a little while kung fu has been restored to the Saint Domain Fourth Layer, and then make a move has become very easy.


With a sigh, no more to say, youth and the sick boy fell on the back of the beast at the same time. Then they turned and looked at everyone: “We still have something to say, let us say goodbye, goodbye!”

At the end of the voice, the bloody vulture wings danced and slowly flew up. In the blink of an eye disappeared into the sky and lost its trace.


“He is so strong?”

“I just wanted to chase him away…”

Everyone has a dry throat and all eyes are very sluggish.

I have always thought that these two people are obstructed, never dreamed of it, actually have such a strong strength!

Saint Beast of the Saint Domain Fifth Layer was smashed and tamed directly… this ability is simply shocking.

“Just to drive away the wolf king… it should be them!”

Wu Hao suddenly spoke.

Everyone can’t speak.

In fact, you have a make a move, they want to understand.

Who else besides him?

Saved their life, even unable to distinguish good from bad, but also to leave the family to leave … simply ungrateful.

For a split second ,very regret.


“You command direction, I continue to practice…”

Without regard to the thoughts in the hearts of the people, Zhang Xuan sat on the back of the beast and asked a word.

As a matter of urgency, it is natural to restore strength.

The courtier nodded and drove the vulture to look at the direction and fly quickly.

Ten days later.

The vultures were cumbersome on the ground, and Zhang Xuan tamed a Saint Beast of Saint Domain Ninth Layer and moved on.

After another five days, he tamed a Saint Beast at the Second Layer level.

“Finally recovered completely…”

Five days later, Zhang Xuan was relieved to feel the strength of the body.

At this time, the distance has been in the Famed Master Hall, it has been a month, after the maintenance of countless treasures and Heaven’s Path Cleaning Technique, finally more than return to peak, even strength is faint, more powerful.

“The library is still not open, what happened exactly?”

When the spirit moved, Divine Sense came to the library and found that the portal was still closed, and the brow could not help wrinkle.

The library has also been upgraded before, but it lasted for three days. This time, one month, it still can’t be opened, which makes people wonder.

“No matter what, just the library is closed, it is better to take the opportunity to hit the Holy Layer, whim!”

I studied a little while, do not understand what is going on, Zhang Xuan is not thinking, but quick glance.

It’s enough to accumulate before, but the library is a natural way. It is not allowed to shock the realm. Now the portal is closed, just try it.

Close your eyes, wrist turn, take a drop of Blood from Old Sage.

His current accumulation is really too thick, and the effect of ordinary drugs on improving strength is not obvious, and only this thing can make it rapid progress.

This time, only the Old Sage First Layer blood flow continues the blood of realm. A little finger, blood gas flows into the body along the body acupoint, transforms into a pure strength, takes a deep breath, no hesitation.


The strength of the Great Perfection of the Golden Body, immediately turmoil up, the sturdy True Qi, hit the higher realm.

Big Sacred Grade Although there is no corresponding method, but after going through Shushan, Xuehai, and understanding of cultivation, it has already penetrated into the bone marrow, and the realm of the whim, has pushed many times, and it is not familiar with it.

Everything is in the water. In less than ten minutes, I feel that the dantian is like an explosion. Once more expansion, it has already broken through the golden body and reached the realm of whim.

Entering this realm seems to be more sensitive to the surroundings, as well as to the heavenly secrets of within darkness.

Knowing the careful understanding of the heavenly secrets will cause the library’s backlash, Zhang Xuan dare not try too much, once more take a drop of Old Sage blood and continue to swallow.

The first stage of the whim!

Wandering intermediate stage!

An advancing stage!


After two hours, I reached the heart of the Great Perfection!

“Adjust it, it’s best to be as soon as possible, impact the Holy St. Fourth Layer immortality!”

Zhang Xuan’s eyes are shining, I want to continue to take out the blood of Old Sage, continue to practice, and suddenly feel a sway in my mind, the library that was closed before, slowly appear a gap.

Closed the library of one month, after his breakthrough Dao Heart bloody Great Perfection, the upgrade is complete!

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