Zhī ya ah!

With the change of at any time, the gap between the cracks of the portal is getting bigger and bigger, and Zhang Xuan Mind Power rushed into it.

Maintaining an upgrade for one month, he really wants to see what changes happen!

Into the eye, there are still countless bookshelves and books, covering the sky, no end in sight.

When I first got the library, it was just some illusory books. Now, it is filled with real books, and I don’t know much.

On the journey here, more than a year, the book I read, definitely the first person in the continent, no one can give it to the right.

Especially in Shushan, although the time is not long, the books I read cover all the knowledge and changes of the past and the present, so that his whole person, regardless of Soul Depth or wisdom, has greatly improved.

“Well? There is a staircase here…”

Walking in the library, going forward, not far from the eyes, revealing doubts.

The former library, although it looks so high, has only one layer. Now, it seems to be the stairs, Is it possible that, and there?

The foot stepped on the stairs and took a step. The tough emotions of the restraint were almost awkward.

“This is fake?”

The face became ugly.

The stairs of the appear in front of me are as illusory as the previous books. Don’t say that they go up and touch them.

Not before, but now there is a row of illusory stairs, what?

“Could it be that, like the previous books, need to encounter a real staircase to complete it?”

Secretly speculated.

Just got the library, the above books are like this, you can’t see it. Later, after reading a lot of books, it will be complete. Wouldn’t this staircase be the same?

Just… He has experience in reading books, how to make up the stairs?

“do not care……”

I thought about the half day and didn’t know what to do. Zhang Xuan shook his head and continued to move forward. After a moment, once more stopped.

Not only is the appearance of a staircase, it seems that the internal structure has changed, I don’t know when, deep in the library, appear a quiet room.

From the outside, it looks like a huge book.

“Reading room?”

Once more revealing doubts.

The normal library has a place to read and read. Before it was there, I didn’t think much. Is it possible that, after this upgrade, has this location?

Will you go in to read books, will it be faster than the outside world?

Push the door and go inside.

This portal, unlike the stairs, can be easily pushed open, and once it enters, the face changes immediately.

“The time flow rate here is different from the outside world?”

With his understanding of the law of time, it can be easily realized that the time flow rate here is completely different from the outside world.

“Probably… one to ten!”

Clenching fists.

One to ten time flow rate, in other words, cultivated here for ten days, the outside world only passed one day!

“However, if you just enter consciousness here, you can sharpen the martial skill at most, and it will not help much in cultivation!”

After the excitement, also understand flaw.

The library can only enter Mind Power, which is similar to Zhang Family’s Blood Pond. The most tempered spirit, and the understanding of martial skill and practice, it does not really help the cultivation base.

Heaven’s Path Cleaning Technique, it is not complicated to cultivate, even if it increases the rate by ten times, it will not be effective for him.

Is it a big difference between one hour and one level and twelve minutes?

Looks like, really it’s not a big deal.

After all, the time of an hour is still not too wasteful.

Shaking his head, I feel that this function is very tasteless, and the spirit suddenly moves. I feel that True Qi in the body, with his Mind Power, started to work.

“not right … Here, I can mobilize the strength of the body, practice at the time and velocity here, in other words… Although the body can’t enter, it also has a cultivation speed that is ten times more…”

The eyes are shining, and Zhang Xuan is very excited.

I thought that this thing is just like a living, I did not expect it to be so powerful!

Since the restoration of the Famed Master Hall, he spent a whole month, with this thing, you can completely recover in three days!

Ordinary broken fingers, broken arms, it is estimated that one or two breaths can recover!

“In this case, not only will the speed of cultivation increase, but the speed of recovery will increase greatly, and you will not be afraid of injury…”

With Heaven’s Path Cultivation Technique, progress is certainly not slow, but once it hurts, it is too slow to recover.

On the see like this time, it took a whole month, and if someone really took the opportunity to kill it, it might not be able to compete.

And now, with this room, completely solved.

Ten times the time, it is enough to change the volume to cause a qualitative change, let him move in a higher direction.

“Not only that, in this cultivation, the thinking is clearer and gives a feeling of being in the Temple of Master Kong…”

Smile a little.

I only stayed in the room for a little while, and it felt like there were countless cultural movements, pouring into my mind, making his thinking clearer and clearer, and the whole person was refreshed and Mind Power was accessible.

In situ strengthened a little while cultivation base, feeling the bloody tide completely consolidated, at any time will break through to immortality.

It’s no wonder that this upgrade is a long time, and it’s more powerful than ever.

Regardless of the stairs or the room, it is equivalent to adding new elements to the library.

Pushing the door out of the room, Mind Power is about to return to the body, and Zhang Xuan suddenly slams on the spot.

“This is a book, you can change the time, it won’t be… Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia?”

Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia was refining by Luo Ruoxi, which he saw with his own eyes, but after the other party left, he fell into unconscious and the library began to upgrade.

Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia, with the ability to change the time, this is the Peak Famed Master of Famed Master Continent. Everyone knows that the library suddenly appears this ability, making him feel unconscious.

I hurriedly looked at the room in front of me.

Just like a book, I just didn’t pay attention to it. At this moment, I feel very close, and it is very similar to the Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia I saw.

Although the Grand Code has not been touched, it has been specially seen at the time of appear, giving him the same feeling as this room, but… the latter is like the Yangshuo version, not so strong.

“could it be that…she put Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia here, which led to the library upgrade?”

Clenching fists, Zhang Xuan’s face is incredible.

Luo Ruoxi knows that the library exists, he only knows it at the end, and it has been shocked to add, Is it possible that … can also put Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia into it, let the two completely blend together to form such a room ?

Can it be true ?

Really want to be like this, she is really who?

What is the relationship with the Library of Heaven’s Path?

For a split second, Zhang Xuan is very embarrassed in the brain, the whole person is crazy.

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