Looks like, Zhang Xuan recalls the scene that Luo Ruoxi just met.

When I saw it at a glance, I was so excited that the seem like deja vu was full of kindness, so I couldn’t get out of it.

Then in the cave, the exhibition library wants to explore it. As a result, when it is used, it is caught in the unconscious…

Later, at Hongyuan Famed Master academy, once more used the library, the same unconscious, the library also completed two promotion.

After two consecutive experiences, I know that the other party can’t use the library to probe, thinking that it is Non-existence Evolution Physique, so I no longer use it.

Before, I didn’t dare to think about it. At this moment, I suddenly felt…seem like is not that simple!

Luo Qiqi of Non-existence Evolution Physique, he explored cross examine, can view! Why is it that Luo Ruoxi can not only be seen, but also let him into unconscious, library upgrade?

There is also that kind of intimacy…

“When she left, I grabbed her palm and felt a heat flowing into the body. I didn’t care at the time, could it be that… At this time, she had put Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia into my mind. ?”

An idea pop up.

Luo Ruoxi disappeared in front of his eyes. At that time, in order to save the other, rushed over, wanted to catch, but did not do it. After the other party disappeared, he used the library and got into unconscious…

It won’t be that time, will the other party send Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia to the library?

“She is the spirit, come to Famed Master Continent, just for Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia, why would this thing be given to me?”

The identity of the other gods has been confirmed. The purpose of coming here is for the Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia Sacred Object. If so… why would it be placed in the ownbook library?

Moreover, the power of apparently, Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia seems to have been weakened… and how is it done?

Zhang Xuan is in a mess.

Before, the other party has not said identity, saying that it is for him, deep in one’s heart is still a bit resentful, but now, I feel that the other party may not have a tell a lie.

Involving the Library of Heaven’s Path, involving Spring and Autumn Great Encyclopedia … is equivalent to involving heavenly secrets, the so-called heavenly secrets can not be revealed… Maybe doing that, there is indeed the hardship of ownself.

“You must find her…”

I buried these doubts in the bottom of heart, Zhang Xuan put out a breath.

Want to know the answer, can only find each other, and now his strength, really too low.

Looking for the other side, at least to achieve the Old Sage, the ability to have a broken void, otherwise, can only stay in the Famed Master Continent, can never leave.

Mind Power returned to the mortgage body, Soul Depth was running, and Zhang Xuan gradually returned to reason.

Soul Depth reached the ancient Sacred Grade, and the news was not enough to make it move.

“Young Master, coming to the Royal City of Ling, we can’t fly directly like this, otherwise the situation is easy to find when the situation is unknown!”

Seeing that he was practicing, the courtier turned his head and looked over.

“Yeah!” Zhang Xuan replied with a sound.

They are now riding the Second Layer Saint Beast. This kind of strong, flying directly into the Royal City will inevitably attract attention, it is better to fall.

With their camouflage ability, it should not cause trouble.

After flying for a long time, I saw that Royal City stood in front of us, driving Saint Beast landed, changing the appearance, making it unable to discern, and then walking forward.

“Yu Chen, yes, you can give me a punch…”

After walking a while, suddenly remembered what, Zhang Xuan said.

“Do you punch a punch?”

Dazed for a moment, Yuchen did not hesitate, fist hit out.

He was physically injured and unable to exert his full strength. Even so, the air in front of him still sounded an explosion, appearing a dark crack.

Regardless of the spatial changes, Zhang Xuan looked up and was shocked.

Letting the other party punching routine is not a hole in the wind, but wants to check the effect of the library after the promotion, at this time, it seems that the appearance changes.

Before, I wanted to see through the defects of Old Sage. I needed to touch the blood essence of the other party. I couldn’t probe the martial skill alone. Now, under the punch of the other party, I immediately added more books to my mind. The bite of Chen Yonghuang at the moment, even… some simple flaws, there are solutions!

In the past, the library couldn’t observe Old Sage, and there was no solution… Now appear, the effect of this promotion is too good!

Old Sage can explore … in other words, after Old Sage is in front of him, it is equal to no secret, what else can be feared?

Face turning red, Zhang Xuan very excited.

I thought that there is a room ten times longer in my mind, which is enough for Heaven Defying. It has great benefits. I didn’t expect it to change!

With the solution and the means, even if the cultivation base is not as good as the Old Sage, once it is used, it can be put to death.

“Young Master…”

Seeing his expression is strange, I am very confused to see.

“It’s nothing……”

The library thing can’t be said more, Zhang Xuan shook his head and looked over: “Now the situation in the city is unknown, what should we do? Go directly to find someone to inquire, or do you have other deployments?”

This one, it seems to be a boy, in fact, it is the Chen Yonghuang of the Foreign Spirit Race, the talent is great, I have lived for a few years, dare to come back, I must have already considered it.

“Responding to the young master, I walked in the Famed Master Continent some time ago. I received a successor, my heart and talent are excellent, and I am very loyal to me. I have already contacted each other before coming. Let’s wait a moment here, he should be very soon. Come out, pass through him, you can know the situation in the city! At that time, then find means to make countermeasures.”

Yuchen Road.

“Alright!” Zhang Xuan nodded.

Since it is a descendant, you should be able to believe it.

I don’t know the situation in the city. I don’t know much about it. It is useless. Only by knowing the exact news can we make a targeted plan.

Going forward a little while, came to the agreed place, the two were not moving forward, waited for about half an hour, and saw a tall Foreign Spirit Race man coming out of the city.

The Foreign Spirit Race was dark and came to the front and immediately fell to the ground.

“I have seen His Majesty!”


The courtier nodded, and the palm gently stroked it and banned it: “No one has been detected!”

“I came quietly, no one detected…”

Foreign Spirit Race people hands clasped together politely.

“That’s good, I will tell you about this. This is my young master. In the future, if there is anything wrong with me, I must obey his instructions…”

When he heard that he was not being followed, he was relieved, one finger Zhang Xuan explained.

“Yes!” Hearing the imperial Chen Yonghuang, the first person in the Foreign Spirit Race, there is still “Young Master”, the Foreign Spirit Race person dazed for a moment, hurriedly looking at the front of you, can not help a glimpse.

Although the appearance of the other side has never been seen before, the disposition and breath of the body give him a sense of deja vu.

It’s strange that a surprised voice transmission sounded in the ear: “Liu Yang… How are you here?”

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