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“you are a teacher?”


This voice, too familiar, day and night are in the dream appear, know who it is!


This one Foreign Spirit Race person, although the camouflage is very good, the body killing spirit seems to be very orthodox, in fact, concealing his Eye of Insight, at a glance, it is the Azure Origin Empire, not Tell other students, Liu Yang!


“Do you know?”


“No, just think that you are a student, talented, so quietly asked some questions about cultivation…” Zhang Xuan smiled softly.


The biggest concern now is this.


“Linghuang and Xinghuang returned to the city a month ago and declared that you have been killed by Human Race. They have also been injured. Now…His Majesty’s army is under his control, and many of the powerful officers are being After the replacement is completed, even if I go back, I am afraid I can’t move it and listen to the order!”


Liu Yangdao.


Unexpectedly, these two emperors, and indeed guessed the same, cut off all the way back, and the courtiers looked blue.


“Where are the replaced officers, where are the people?”


These people are all strong men who are loyal to him. If they can find them, there may be opportunities for reversal.


“After they were transferred from the army, they were poisoned within a month, all… no longer!”


Liu Yangdao.


“Is it poisoned?”


I knew this emperor very ruthless, I didn’t expect it!


It’s really a waste of roots, and no chance is left to ownself.


“How are the physical conditions of the two of them now?” The anger of the chest was calmed down, and the courtier continued to ask.


As long as there are injuries, there is a chance.


To put it bluntly, to achieve their realm, their own strength is the most critical, the so-called army, political power, all it’s not a big deal.


“The specific situation, I can’t hear, their physical condition, now is the highest secret…” Liu Yang shook his head.


Continue to look at it and say: “There are probably about how old Old Sage they are, so you should know!”


“According to the information I inquired, eight Royal Highness, including Wang, Wang, and Wang, were recruited and completely included in their camp, obeying the command…”


Liu Yang continued.


“Wang Wang, Yu Wang, Yu Wang? Hey!”


Ten old Sage, if it is the full age of Chen Yonghuang, perhaps not dare to do, and now… really want to rush over, the death must be the latter.


“I know!” Yuchen’s brow wrinkled into a skull.


“I am going to a mountain of Yuanxiao!”


Silence for a moment, Yu Chendao.


“Yuanzhang Mountain?” Liu Yang was puzzled.


I have come here, not find means to seize power, why go to this place?


“Yes, Yuanxiaoshan is dangerous, but it is also the location of Old Sage cultivation. Now, I can only see if he will make a move to help me… his strength is better than my full season. Not much weak, if you make a move, you have the hope of winning!”


Liu Yang was shocked.


“He didn’t fall, but he entered the depths of Yuanxiao Mountain. He hasn’t come out! The strength of the original is similar to me. Now how strong it is, no one knows… Perhaps, it has exceeded rebirth from a drop. Of blood !”


The courtier nodded.


“Since he doesn’t want to come out, let him make a move to help… it should be hard!”


“It’s difficult, please come out, otherwise… we will die, even you, you can’t keep it!”


Yuchen shook his head.


He really wants to die, and all the tribes of the entire Chen Yonghuang will be slaughtered. This is beyond doubt, so he has not hesitated.


“Yu Chen said it is good. Where is Yuanxiao Mountain? What method can I use to get it out?”


Wanting the Human Race to be long-lasting, and to find Luo Ruoxi, Chen Linghuang and Chen Xinghuang must die. Since they came here after the other side, it shows that there is no way out.


I was embarrassed and embarrassed.