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“This is Yuanxiaoshan!”


“let me try!”


Yuchen took a step forward and hovered over the abyss, taking a deep breath: “亳埙Old Sage, old friend Chen Yong came to visit!”


After three consecutive cries, there seems to be a black cloud rolling under the abyss, and then, a multicolored light, shot from below, like an aurora.


“It’s Yuan magnetic!”




This meta-magnetism can cause damage to True Qi, but the demon-like knives are only weapons, and there is no such thing as True Qi, which is not affected.


The colorful light below, once more tumbling, like a wave of water, then saw a figure wearing a black robe, standing above the light, slowly floating up.


This one is covered in a black robe, only two eyes, a red bleeding color, giving a strange feeling, the body’s breath is strong and majestic, can not see how strong, but before the I want to compare Old Sage.


Even compared to Zhang Hongtian, it is not weak.


“This old man has long since ignored the world, and it is useless to come in person!” Hands are hidden in the darkness, and Old Sage is expressionless.


“The situation now, you see, I hope that my brother can make a move to help me!” Chen Yonghuang was in the end.


“I was hurt by people, life between the day and night, only to seek a handful of enemies…” I did not expect this guy, so indifferent, Chen Yonghuang very anxious.


I want you to help make a move, who is coming to see you before dying?


Our friendship is not so deep…


“I am no longer in the right, I don’t want to mess with these…”


Just as he was about to disappear completely, Zhang Xuan wrinkled frown and pointed his finger forward.


The colorful light in the air was immediately torn in his hands. The meta-magnetism that had made True Qi difficult to run, changed direction at the moment, and the black shadows rushed over.


Squeezed by this strength, the old Sage, which just disappeared, fell out of the darkness, and the seemingly surrounded multicolored light repelled him.


“Who are you… How can you control the meta-magnetic?”


In order to comprehend the power of the abyss of the abyss, he spent more than three thousand years, so far, it is a bit of a dim, you can manipulate this strength, display the same level of Old Sage, the power of fear.


“I am not controlling, but looking for defects, letting the body True Qi, able to fuse the power of the meta-magnet, and resonate with the strength here!”


With a smile, Zhang Xuan pointed a finger, and the demon sword under his feet was immediately retracted, and he was still suspended in the air, seemingly unaffected by the magnetic force of the surrounding.


When I used it, I used the library to investigate and I was able to use it.


“Not bad!”


There are countless colorful lights in the abyss, and a large aurora, surrounded by him, is like a colorful giant.


“You really can control the meta-magnetic…”


“If you can help Chen Yonghuang, this method of controlling the magnetic force, I can teach you!”


“This…” 亳埙Old Sage paused.


For the meta-magnetism, he has stayed here for more than 3,000 years. If it can be controlled like this one, it will not be so hard.


“Who hurts you?”


Some intentions, but 亳埙 Old Sage, did not worry about making a decision, but turned to look at the eyes of Chen Yonghuang.


If there is no chance to win, it will never be in danger to get the resonance of the magnetic force.


“It’s the Emperor and the Emperor! They teamed up with Human Race to sneak attack on me!”


“It’s them?”


Hearing the two emperors, 亳埙Old Sage’s face became ugly: “I can’t help this thing, or please brilliant!”


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