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The Eighth Route Army was opened before the door of the Limitless Foreworld Invasion Fire World.

There are still four levels of the Quasi-Saint hierarchy in the world of fire, and after the army has killed 90%, the remaining world of fire is born.

These people did not block the Eighth Route Army, but were entangled under the Limitless Foreworld sage.

Under the door of the saints, the power of the sage is too thin, and it is impossible to sweep across the side as the eight forces. It is only in front of this gate that the world of fire extinguishing is condensed.

There are five Quasi-Saints under the sage, such as Pharmacist, Guangchengzi, Duobao and Xuandu. There are also disciples of the Great Principle Golden Immortal and even Supreme Unity Golden Immortal.

They are doing their best to kill the remaining world of fire.

Limitless Foreworld doesn’t have the kindness to say that there is a level that is too early to be owned.

The kindness of others will only be the same as that of Hongyun, and Hongyun will end up in a dead end.

What’s more, just say the saints, they do this in order to alleviate the teacher’s sin and cause and effect. Only by desperately trying to save the teacher as soon as possible, they have no other way.

Even if it is bigger, if the Limitless Foreworld can’t be eternal, the small world that is attached can’t be spared. It’s better to complete the Limitless Foreworld with its incompetent Measuring Tribulation.


The last Quasi-Saint in the world of fire was shot by Guang Chengzi. The injury was very heavy and it was impossible to live.

This Quasi-Saint master, desperate eyes have seen the battlefield, everywhere is broken and broken, everywhere is a dead body.

Limitless Foreworld There are not many dead bodies, and some have been converged by their own people, and ninety-nine are the bodies of the living world of the fire.

The world of fire, Limitless Foreworld, in front of the portal of the spiritual attack, is a mess, but fortunately there is no beautiful environment in the world of fire.

“Can I tell me before I die, are you the creatures there?” The last Quasi-Saint was seriously injured by Guangchengzi, and he was not willing to ask when he was about to die.

“With more nonsense, … I wait, Limitless Foreworld is alive.” Guang Chengzi finally reached his wish before he died.

“Limitless Foreworld, Limitless Foreworld, there is such a powerful world…!”

This creature is self-destructive, not self-destructive, and the only one in the world of fire, Quasi-Saint, who is not self-destructing, because it is useless.

“Kill!” Guang Chengzi issued an extermination order.

The interpretations carried by Guang Chengzi are very strong. Although there are many people in the West and the interceptors, they can never be compared to the 12 Golden Immortal.

“Boom -“

The world of fire, Quasi-Saint, died, and the remaining Da Luotai, Golden Immortal and other creatures were quickly killed.

In front of the portal of Limitless Foreworld invading the world of fire, after the sanctuary was cleaned up, it stopped.

“Hey!” The sigh of the Madonna of the Turtles, the interpretation of the real people of Yuding, and the Maitre of the Western teachings.

Although they experienced the cruelty of the teacher after being suppressed, they could not go through the big disasters. They saw the world of fire that was killed and they sighed.

Of course, just sigh and remember, if they encounter such a situation, they will still not keep their hands.

Since this situation is inevitable, Guangcheng Zidao said: “You, we are not as good as the other eight forces, we can’t cross the side, but for the sake of merit, we can’t stop for the teacher. We think that we can separate and go deep into the world of fire?”

The world of fire was solved before the portal, and there is still a broader world of fire, although the eight forces have swept all the way.

But it is impossible to take care of them all. They intend to separate them. There is no Quasi-Saint in the world of fire. Each team has a master of Quasi-Saint, which can sweep a party.

“Good, the teacher of Guangchengzi said right, can’t let the eight forces focus on the former, we also need to make more contributions, so that teachers can come out as soon as possible.” Xuan said.


All the five holy doors are in favor, and they are separated.

They went along the dead corners left by the eight forces, trying to kill the souls as much as possible and reduce the air transport in the world of fire.

Strictly speaking, the world of fire is innocent.

If the original consciousness of the world of fire did not find that it was too early, it would avoid such a heavy loss.

The bad is bad when ‘He’ is sensed, so it condenses the 70% of the world of fire.

This is the battle before.

If the heaven and earth consciousness of the world of fire is not aware of the beginning, they will definitely be like this at the beginning.

Instead, do your best to break through the barriers of the heavens and the earth, and then let Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao swallow.

In that way, it only devours the consciousness of the heavens and the earth, and will not destroy so many creatures.

After all, as long as Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao controls the original consciousness of the small world,

Will transform the laws of the world of fire, transforming the souls of the world of fire into rules like the Limitless Foreworld,

At that time, these worlds of fire will become part of Limitless Foreworld.

Therefore, the bad is bad here, the source guides the world of fire, the crisis of life and death comes, and they die without fighting. They are suffering from the heaven and earth consciousness of the world of fire.

And the other side…

“Brother, this is the side of the heavens, we?” Turtle couldn’t help but ask.

Under the other saints, they are going to find the dead corners left by the eight forces, but they can lead them and follow the southwest side of heaven.

“The younger brothers and sisters, the heavenly court is the weakest party, and even worse than us, Jade Emperor has held up most of the heavens, otherwise it is not as good as our saints.”

Duobao Dao said: “As for why the dumb brother chooses this party, it is because the dumb brother is sure that this southwest road is definitely the slowest progress, because there are few masters in the heavens, and even the heaven side may have difficulty hindering progress, … We catch up, that is, to grab the merits of heaven, how can they dare to turn our faces with us?”

Duobao’s smile.

The whole eight forces are very strong, and the Terran need not say that it is now the bottom of the eight forces.

But the main reason is that they do not have saints,

And Zu Long, Zu Lin, Emperor Jun and other five people are self-sacrificing, and all of them are later in the saints and even after the completion.

The previous advantage of the Terran was gone. After all, a saint in the late saints could kill all the high-level people except Xuanyuan, Fu Xi, and Shennong. The three Shennongs would not be killed or killed.

This is a powerful place where the power has a saint.

However, except for the saints, the others are the strongest. Although the first forces have become the seventh because of the saints, they are still not to be underestimated.

As for the sixth to second forces, it is difficult to divide them. The dragons, the Qilins, the phoenixes, the Yaozus, and the witches all have saints. It is difficult to divide them specifically, so these five forces are inseparable.

As for the first force of this time, it is naturally impossible.

No one dares not to admit that there is a beginning, even if the meteorite, ethereal, Yunni, Yunshang, and Ziyu are just the late Quasi-Saint, it is still the first force of this time.

In this way, the first is the limitless door, and the second to sixth are the five forces of dragon, phoenix, unicorn, witch and demon.

The seventh is the human race.

And the eighth is heaven.

Although the heavenly court is the eighth, this eighth is a bit of awkward, even the name is not true, all rely on Jade Emperor.

Duobao’s idea is like this. There are other seven forces there, and they absolutely cannot benefit. Only Tian Ting can count it.

For example, at the moment!

“We brothers understand, just? I am afraid of the Jade Emperor in heaven.”

“Oh, evil is evil. As long as the teacher returns, we don’t care. Don’t forget, the teacher is the lightest punishment of the Tao, and the sin has the least cause and effect. We must return the teacher first…. Moreover, people. Teaching only Xuan Duan a facade, not worth mentioning. There are twelve Golden Immortal and burning lights in the teaching, but they are not harmonious inside, nor can they become a climate. Our opponents are Western teaching, … The saints are the most punished by Dao, they want to make up for the cause and effect of the two saints, much more than us, so… in general we must first repay the cause and effect and let the teacher come out.”

“This -?” After listening to the doorkeeper, the first time I found out that the change of the master is great.

Wanting to be suppressed by the teacher, he took up the responsibility of the entire education, and changed because of the pressure.

“I am waiting to listen to my brother.”

With regard to this benefit, the teachers and brothers are very harmonious and united.

In addition to the merits of the Master of Heaven, more is the merit of the master of Duobao.

Duobao is much stronger than Guangchengzi.

as expected……

Soon after, he intercepted a group of people and quickly caught up with Tianting.

Jade Emperor personally participated this time, but in the end, except for his master, the rest is not enough.

Fortunately, it was too white, and after the cultivation of Jade Emperor Queen Mother, plus Huang Zhongli and Jin Dan, which were given at the beginning, I entered the Quasi-Saint level.

However, this is the culmination, and it is difficult to survive in this life.

Taibaijinxing is more of a management talent, and with the cultivation of the magical medicine, he is not good at fighting.

Jade Emperor, who led to the Lord of Heaven, became the first hitter, not to mention Jade Emperor’s grievances.

In addition to the previous five sacred outs, as well as the division of the previous major forces, the life ignored his heaven, and the benefits of heaven were not obtained. It is not to say that the seven powerful saints ignored him.

All in all, although Limitless Foreworld has changed a path of evolution, Jade Emperor is as grievous and depressed at the moment.

There is Jade Emperor’s title, but there is no Jade Emperor’s real power. The dark side of him has reached the limit of tolerance. He wants to go to the Purple Palace to complain and sue those who do not respect him.

Fortunately, this attack on the small world eased, or Jade Emperor will follow the original track to sue the Purple Palace, and then open the gods.

However, the relief was alleviated, but at this moment, Jade Emperor couldn’t help but see the interception of the interception and completely ignoring his own merits. Jade Emperor couldn’t help it.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, No, No!” Taibai Jinxing broke his heart, how could he not understand the discomfort of Jade Emperor.

“The deceit is too much, the deception is too great, and dare to rob the Emperor of the merits.” Jade Emperor was stopped by too white, but if it was too white to give an explanation, he would also question the interception and even turn his face.

Taibai knows the discomfort of Jade Emperor. He said: “Your Majesty, our party is too weak. The old minister is sure that if other forces swept over one side and found that we have not completed the sweep, they will definitely come to ‘help us’ sweep ,…Your Majesty, instead of letting it go, let us, we…” We are too weak to say this, too white to say a second time.

The meaning of too white is actually very clear, but it is very sloppy.

There are too many of them. For example, if you are not happy with Jade Emperor, can you do it with a face?

For example: If we don’t hurry to earn credit, then after other forces swept through one side, they would definitely come and snatch us.

For example: we have lost a lot of money, and many people have already died. Although the tops of the world of fire are all killed, it is a small world after all, and we cannot continue to lose. The cooperation between us and our cooperation is not bad.

such as:……

In short, it contains a lot of meanings, and each meaning is endless helplessness and they are too weak.

As a dark face of Jade Emperor, don’t expect him to admit that he is lacking and open-minded.

After the Taibai Venus is finished, Jade Emperor is more grievous and uncomfortable.

As for the lack of recognition, it does not exist.

“I forced me, I looked down on me. Ok, you are very good…”

Jade Emperor burned in anger, but silently, and recorded it in the small book of hatred, waiting for one day to sue all these bastards and sued in front of the lord.


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