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Zu Long and Emperor Jun are very uncomfortable, and the two sages in front of them are not dead, which is not fun.

If they can kill, they will have been killed for a long time, but they are also a saint. They naturally understand the hardships of saints. Unless there is such a kind of ability, they are impossible.

When they think of the fallen eyes of the three before they go, they are wronged.

They can look at the first and second saints who are full of blood and resurrection, and they are killed by the unwillingness. The two are irritated.

I don’t know how Tao Zun went with three bastards?


The land of the world of fire, Zulong and Emperor Jun remembered the beginning of the hang and the ‘three bastards’, looking at the origin of one world.

“Dao Zun, here is the origin of the world of fire?” asked Zulin.

“Well, as long as you break through here and solve the last struggle of the heavens and the earth, you can communicate with Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao. The rest is Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao. We have successfully completed the task of annexation.” Said at the beginning.

After the talk, the three did not understand.

“Don’t you say that the sum of the world’s origins can only condense two saints and twelve Quasi-Saints? Twelve Quasi-Saints are killed, and the younger generation feels the suppression of suppression. It is hard to be the source of this source. There are still masters?” asked Zu Feng.

“You will know when you break the barriers in this place.” I didn’t explain it at the beginning, but broke the barrier first.

For breaking barriers, it is experienced at the beginning.

The previous experience is to break through the barriers of the boundless world.

At that time, the boundless world was that the consciousness of heaven and earth was not born for a long time, and it was very simple.

Unlike at this moment, the world of heaven in this fire world is very mature and can even invade other small worlds.

And the sum of the origins of this world is the promise of Primordial.

Before breaking through the boundless world, the original consciousness of the boundless world was only the completion of the Primordial Great Principle Golden Immortal.

See the gap!

“After you step back, wait for the deity to break this barrier. Then, with the deity, drag on the last resort of the small world, let Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao solve it?”

“Dao Zun, I will understand, just, just…” Zu Lin burst into a cold sweat.

“Do not worry, the deity will release the early purple lotus, protect you, you do not have to worry about attack.” Too early.

“Yes, Dao Zun.” The three people sighed.

In any case, the consciousness of the heavens and the earth is the level of Primordial, they are just saints, and they dare not bear the Primordial promise of the heavens and the earth.

It may be that this source of heaven and earth can kill them.

Fortunately, the beginning of the early release of the purple lotus shelter.

After that, the three left the beginning.

I saw that the momentum of the beginning began to condense.

“Boom -“


The whole source of the small world began to tremble and seemed to feel dangerous.

Also because of the fortification of the beginning, the surrounding area of ​​the source, can not withstand the pressure of the beginning of the broken.

The loss is the source of the source. If the power is released in the early days of the world of fire, there may be no other things that Limitless Foreworld is alive.


In the beginning of the hand, the time and space stick appeared. A great power of the beginning was like a water drop. It looked like the power was amazing. Because the Grand Dao was simple, there was no means of all kinds. Only one law condensed the light to the barrier of the source.

Not far from the three ancestors, since the beginning of the release of the pressure, they are a little trembling, because the goal of the prevailing pressure is not them, they are only affected by the reasons, the three barely withstood.

But after the beginning of this move, they were shocked. This is a combination of high-level Primordial Promise rules, not the control of their sage rules.

The three did not dare to continue. Kirin, Phoenix, and Tullow appeared, and they guarded their respective Primordial Spirit.

Otherwise, they are really worried about being hurt and even the source.

“Too terrible!” Even though Zu Lin had a unicorn seal to suppress the Primordial Spirit, it was still agitated.

After stepping into the sage level, or after the sage is completed, he recalls the situation of the five holy things such as Three Pure Ones.

Even simulated: – If you were the original five saints, what would you do?

I can’t think of it before I think about it. I remember that when I remembered a ‘definite’ word, I settled the five saints, and then I saw a pair of eyes and disintegrated everything.

This is his incomprehensible move.

However, he believes that he should be much stronger than the Five Holy.

But at this moment, he suddenly discovered that the pressure of the Taoist sect was not against his own pressure, so he let himself make a solution.

Then if Tao Zun is against himself, he can’t escape the Three Holy Ones and other five saints. One word is fixed and one eye is solved.

Candle Jiyin and Zufeng are also the same thoughts. As a saint later and complete, they will compare the situation of the three Pure Ones.

The idea of ​​being similar to Zu Lin, at this moment, they also began to collapse.

They are too powerful at first, and they have no idea what is powerful.

At the same time, it is a sympathy for Three Pure Ones. If Three Pure Ones, they also have their own feelings at the moment, may they borrow a courage, and dare not resist Dao Zun?

Fortunately, I have met the best of times, ambition can be released in the small world, and Limitless Foreworld is no longer the only place where ambition is to be exhibited.

the other side……


It was really degraded, and neither the source nor the Primordial Spirit remained.

“This?” Zu Long and Emperor Jun stunned.

“It is Dao Zun.” Meng, the two have the same voice.

Immediately no nonsense, pursue the footprints of the early days, and come to the source of the source.

This is the original consciousness of the world of fire. In order to resist the means of the beginning, we began to recover all the sources and used it to defend.

The first and second saints are the origins of the world of fire, so they are swearing, and they are the roots of the world of fire.

As for the rest of the world of fire, there is no change. Other creatures are self-cultivating, not the law of birth.

The world of self-cultivation of fire is born, and the origin of heaven and earth cannot easily recover their origins.

Therefore, the eight forces did not feel, still moving forward, sweeping… moving forward, then sweeping…



It is like a silent attack. Because the sound of the world is trembled, all the creatures are shaken to lose their sense, so they become silent attacks.

The combination of the rules of the beginning of the law hits the source barrier of the world of fire.


Zu Lin, the candle nine yin, and the three ancestors were shocked and fell to the ground. The three people smiled bitterly and were shocked by Yu Bo. It is doubtful that they are saints? Not like it!


When the three think that this power will inevitably break the barrier of the source,

They were surprised to find that

The source barrier was first like a spider web, covered with cracks, especially in the central area, and it was broken.

Once again, the cracks like spiderwebs are instantly made up.

“This is impossible, a strong defense?”

“Not even broken?”

The three men were shocked.

At first glance, this strong attack has not broken?

It seems that we can only use the magical power of “The Immaculate”, otherwise there is no way,

I have already used the biggest law in addition to the “Infinite”.

“Hey!” At the beginning, it was a little angry. The trick of the law’s greatest power was not broken. Then he did not keep it.


“Time and space is broken!”

The supernatural power of “The Promise of the Immaculate” has been said before, including everything, not a single supernatural power, which covers almost all the laws and even sentiments that can be applied in the early days.

This ‘time and space is broken’ is one of the strongest supernatural powers that can be displayed in the beginning of the “Infinite Proverbs”.

‘Time-space fragmentation’ includes: — ‘space stillness’, ‘time stillness’ and fused “time-space quiescence”, and ‘all fragmentation in time and space quiescence’.

On the top is the ultimate taboo of “The Immaculate”: ‘No Measuring Tribulation’.

As for the taboo of ‘No Measuring Tribulation’: it is a supernatural power that is covered by time and space, causality, reincarnation, five elements, and so on.

Because it is too ridiculous, it is also taboo, and the current can not be used at the beginning.

Want to trigger the taboo of ‘No Measuring Tribulation’, at least until the Heavenly Dao level.

Of course, the beginning is not a pedantic person, he does not display this taboo supernatural power for the time being: no Measuring Tribulation.

But at the beginning, it was through time and space to add cause and effect, and created one: ‘the knife of the years’;

And the creation of time and space: ‘made a finger’;

In addition, there is a fusion of infinite and destiny that has sentiment, but has not been created: ‘dream is empty’.

This “knife of the years”, “making a finger”, and “dreaming into the air” are all Qiping and even stronger than the ‘time and space broken’.

Just under the ultimate taboo magical ‘no Measuring Tribulation’.

However, at the beginning, it is certain that ‘time-space fragmentation’ can break this barrier, and ‘time-space fragmentation’ is also the most suitable for breaking barriers.

Each supernatural power has its own strengths, unless the ultimate taboo of ‘No Measuring Tribulation’ is all-encompassing.

So each has its own magic, ‘time and space broken’ is suitable for use here.

as expected!

The power of the power of the law of the beginning is not as good as the one in the magical power of the Immortal.

After the strongest mana in the beginning of the ‘the time and space’ break, the original barrier of the ‘哗啦’ broke open.

Then, I saw that the beginning of the beginning did not hesitate to release the beginning of the purple lotus.

The next thing to face in the early days is the attack of the origin of the world of fire. There is no defense of the early purple lotus. It is not easy to face it at the beginning. He is not as arrogant as it was when he swallowed a small world.

That time, he had suffered a lot and was long remembered.


Purple lotus opened, greeted at the beginning, Zu Lin, Zu Feng, candle nine Yin and so on did not hesitate to enter the defense of purple lotus.

At this time, the original consciousness of the world of fire was broken by the barriers, and only a golden light hit.

It’s terrible, it’s been experienced at the beginning, it’s the same as the original small world.

At the beginning, I didn’t want to experience another confrontation.

So he immediately hid in the purple lotus, and quickly released the traction of Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao.

The original attack of this fire world was defended by the early purple lotus, and the first three and Zu Lin and Zu Feng candle nine Yin sent a breath.

Fortunately, there is a purple lotus defense, it is not too early to have a defensive defense, as for the other three ancestors, may be erased.

And the other side…

I saw a chaotic color of light, originating from the origin of Limitless Foreworld, and the end is endless chaos.

Crossing the chaos, instantly entering the fetal film of the world of fire, and then the light of chaotic color from the barriers of the beginning of the break into the realm of the world of fire.

Yes, Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao is like a tentacles, this tentacles through chaos, invading the world of fire, and realizing the root of the world of this fire.

When I saw the arrival of the chaotic color, I was relieved at the beginning.

‘Heavenly Dao’s source consciousness’ is a monster.

They are the synthesis of the will of the world, the Heavenly Dao of the world.

This kind of ‘monster’ is good at this kind of mutual origin attack and annexation, so that it is too difficult for a single creature to confront it. The beginning is the best example.

After Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao came, he was relieved at the beginning, and his mission was completed. Just guard this ‘the tentacles’, don’t let the law saints in the world of fire break off.

As for who wins and who loses?

At first, I felt that there should be no accident. Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao was appointed as the winner and the length of time.


It was just at the beginning of the first time.

I saw the land of the world of fire, and instantly condensed two rules of saints, who were controlled by the natural consciousness of the world of fire.

I want to break the chaotic color of the ‘toucher’ gas column, and it is good to save the world consciousness of the fire.

“I waited to stop them.” At the beginning of the moment, he ordered the ancestors Zu Lin, Zu Feng, and the candle.

As long as the last struggle of the world of fire is stopped, the dawn of victory will come.

“Yes!” The three people knew that the opportunity for performance came.

Despite the shock of the emergence of Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao, it is full of doubts.

But don’t ask, don’t ask, just complete the order of the Tao.

The trio immediately took out the method of housekeeping and stopped the undead saints of the two laws.

the other side,

The mutual merging of two conscious sources, the Limitless Foreworld Heavenly Dao side has an absolute upper hand, and the original consciousness of the world of fire has been eroded a little.

I saw this at the beginning and nodded, not unexpected!


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