Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 436


After a thrilling night, the black hair boy and the blond girl passed through their own difficulties and defeated their destined enemies. When they returned to the wood house once again, the two facing each other There is a lot of emotion in my heart.

Looking at the young man who had gone through a battle in front of him, Noelle’s eyes flashed suddenly, and after a while he asked a little surprised.

“Are you promoted to source level 3?”

“Well, thanks to this, I can defeat the enemy.”

“That’s it… I thought I could suppress you with the long-lost strength, but is it a starting line again?”

Her Highness the Princess puffed her cheeks slightly, seemingly unwilling to suppress the black hair of the teenager, but then remembered Roel’s words, and relaxed again.

“But… it’s better to be safe than anything, congratulations on your promotion.”

“I should say this. Although Source Level 3 is indeed a bottleneck that is difficult to break through, it is insignificant compared to the gold bloodline, and you still have a double breakthrough.”

The boy with black hair said so and shook his head helplessly. This incident can be said to give him a new understanding of the so-called Heaven’s Chosen Son. After experiencing the bloodline and source-level double breakthroughs, Noelle’s battle strength is simply present. The exponential skyrocket, in fact, even Roel can’t say that he can win against the girl now.

The powerful corrosive power and collapse attributes belonging to the King of Angels, these are not even the ancient gods who follow Roel can get rid of them, it can be said to be a kind of insoluble power, and after mastering this trump card, any defense in the angel In front of Young Lady, almost nothing is in existence.

After recognizing Noelle’s power again, the boy with black hair felt more at ease, but a question also flashed through his mind. Roel vaguely remembered Noelle’s bloodline in “Eyes of the Chronicler” It seems not at all so powerful.

Although the situation of Noelle’s bloodline is covered in the game, there is almost no description, but there is still a clear gap with the current plug-in situation. The most direct evidence is that the weapon used by the girl after the bloodline promotion is a sword. But for Noelle now, weapons are a bit redundant.

Her Highness the Princess is stronger than expected, which is undoubtedly a good thing, but the reason for all this has left the young man clueless. As for the question of what variables affect Noelle, the biggest thing seems to be Roel himself , But the teenager really did not do anything in this regard.

shook the head left this question behind. Roel and Noelle gradually noticed all around. The house has become messy because of the burst of curse power when the girl was promoted, but this is not the point. The point is the house. Outside.

Feeling the intensive response of the curse, Roel and Noelle walked out of the room after tidying up their clothes. When they stepped out of the door, the blonde Her Highness the Princess appeared in front of the crowd with cheers. Uncontrolled from the crowd.

In this brief moment, whether it is a cultist who has never seen Noelle or a Magistrate who prays for a girl, all smiles. Noelle’s successful promotion is not only related to her personal safety, but also to the entire Saint. Mesit Theocracy and the Holy See, even the human world, and her safety, also represents the complete success of this operation.

After the Princess is safe, Saint Mesit Theocracy will be stable, and the Holy See will once again play its due role. The warriors who died in battle will be able to rest in peace, and all their efforts will be rewarded.

Looking at the cheering crowd, Noelle waved in greeting, and Earl Hanks stepped forward to report the situation as a representative.

Prior to this, there was a fierce battle between Roel’s team and the evil cultist of the tasting meeting. Many soldiers died in this battle. Noelle had a heavy face when he heard the news, but Hank, the head of the referee Si was very calm, and Roel’s expression was normal, because in their eyes, who had seen the enemy’s strength, the current casualties were the best result.

Although the villains of the tasting gathering are mobs, everyone who is scattered is powerful and extremely evil. Among them are notorious advanced Transcenders. The overall strength is even above the pagan Legion and the court. Jianhui, a cult organization, is profound and powerful.

However, these are finally over. With the death of Bu Laien this time and the demise of his party members, the tasting meeting has been devastated. Without the cover of Eric’s house, such a large cult organization in Theocracy is also impossible. Hide it again.

Thinking of the black hair boy here, he remembered something. After Hanks’ report, Roel brought Noelle to Bu Laien’s body and told the girl about his last conversations with Bu Laien.

Roel said that this was not out of pity, nor did he have any sympathy. In fact, Eric’s family really won’t change because of Bu Laien’s words at the end of his life, but the teenager felt that as Vader’s descendant, Noai You have the right to know the end of this man who had followed her ancestors, even when he died.

Listening to the boy’s description of the blond man’s behavior and language, Noelle looked at the broken body in silence for a long time, but there was not at all any emotional fluctuations on his face. Roel couldn’t help but feel strange.

“You don’t seem to sympathize with him?”

“Sympathy? No, the moment I learned that he shot you, I won’t have any sympathy for him, I just have some emotion… Two hundred years of time?”

The blond girl sighed and lifts the head, and looked to the side. The boy asked:

“Do you remember me for so long?”


Faced with Noelle’s sudden question, Roel couldn’t help being silent. After thinking for a moment, the boy shook the head, and faintly answered the answer in the girl’s surprised eyes.

“Because of separation, it is necessary to remember, but I will not, I will always be by your side.”


Hearing the boy’s calm answer, the blond girl opened her eyes slightly, her cheeks flushed and her lips trembled.

I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what to say. Restless Noelle felt quite complicated for a while. She hurriedly turned her head to look around and was slightly relieved after finding that there were not at all others nearby.

At the next moment, the chains of Saint White suddenly appeared in the hands of the girl again. The angel Young Lady slightly red drew the boy in front of her face, staring at him with some fly into a rage out of humiliation:

“…There are some things that you can’t regret after you have said them.”

“I don’t mean to regret at all, but… why is there a chain?”

Looking at the holy white curse in front of him, a strange expression appeared on Roel’s face. According to Altasia at the time, after the strength of Angel within the body was taken out by Noel, this was based on the same power of both parties. The curse for the bond should disappear, but now let alone disappear, Roel feels that the curse is much more refined.

The boy with black hair looked at the exquisite golden pattern on his wrists and looked confused, but the girl with blond hair on the other side was as it should be by rights.

“I said, you have used a curse to invade my heart without authorization. Now you are wearing a sinful body. It is normal for a sinner to be locked? This chain is an important evidence.”

“No, so this is not all to save you… Forget it, it will be relieved after going back and accepting the punishment?”

“En? How is it possible?”


The black hair teenager who was planning to give up struggling hearing this surprised stared wide-eyed, Noelle smiled brightly, she stroked the curse on her wrist and smiled:

“Did you forget? This chain is my birthday gift, and it’s the only gift this year. I really like it. As a Noble with basic common sense, does Mr. Roel still want to take back the gift he gave?”


Hearing Noelle’s words, the black hair boy who had no intention of thinking about these things was stunned, recalling what he had done, the boy found that he seemed to have no room for rebuttal.

“Although, although the gift is indeed this, it is not at all to lock me? As a weapon…”

“What are you talking about? Isn’t you the one who forcibly clasped it on my wrist? Take that time point as a gift, and the person on the other side is also part of the gift, right?”


Facing the girl’s series of well-founded words, Roel was speechless for a while, while on the other side, the blond girl cyan’s eyes were squinted happily, stroking the boy’s cheek and curling her mouth.

“Really, with this expression again, are you deliberately seducing me?”

“I did nothing!”

Pinching his eyebrows to clarify speechlessly, the boy with black hair let out a helpless sigh, while Noelle’s eyes on the other side are like carnivores staring at their prey. Seeing this kind of begin to stir like a girl who wants to hunt, Roel can’t Don’t extend the hand and hold her shoulder.

“I said, many people watched it.”


Hearing what the young man said, Her Highness the Princess was reminded for a moment. He straightened up and watched all around. Sure enough, many soldiers in the distance began to peek at this side. Her Highness the Princess’s face couldn’t help it. Slightly red.

“Ah! Then, regarding the situation of former Frontier Uncle Bu Laien, let’s discuss it later, let’s talk about the previous war situation first.”


It’s pretty similar.

Looking at a young girl who had been doing business because of her shyness, Roel felt like this in her heart. For a while, she didn’t know whether Noelle was bold or timid, but he could only cooperate with this situation. , But when talking about the details of the previous battle with Bu Laien, Roel hesitated.

The thrill of fighting Bu Laien was something Roel had never encountered before, but it was not Bu Laien who really threatened him, but the man behind him with a vague face and an unknown identity, interfering with the bloodline and the origin. Roel had never seen such an almost impossible situation, and more importantly, the dark space.

The place where Roel was promoted, the space with the candlelight, is called the sanctuary according to the system’s name. It doesn’t look like a place that anyone can enter, combined with Bu Laien’s words before his death…

“Roel? That Bu Laien’s helper is very difficult to deal with, then what?”

“…It seems that because that medium can only be used once, it doesn’t appear again after one shot.”

“That’s it.”

In the face of the golden haired girl’s concern, Roel casually took the thrilling battle through one stroke. The vague guess about the enemy’s identity made him not want to mention it too much. On the other hand, Roel didn’t want the girl because He blamed himself for the danger he suffered, but even so, Noelle seemed to find something in Roel’s expression.

“Is that person very strong? I caught a lot of evil cultists this time, have you found out his identity?”

“The specific case is not clear, but his magic is very weird. According to the confession of the prisoner, he seems to be the president of the tasting meeting, but he usually does not handle affairs personally. Most of them are handed over to Bu Laien who is the Vice President , The code name is [collector], and no one knows his real name and appearance.”

“… [Collector], um, I know.”

While reciting the name silently, Noelle’s eyes flashed with fierce murderous intention, and the villain who harmed his loved one was marked on the Must Kill List in his heart. On the other hand, Roel was still thinking about men. identity of.

However, what the boy didn’t know was that while he was thinking about [collector], in the dark room, the man with a vague face was also thinking about what happened before.


The name Roel Ascart would not have appeared in the hearts of [collectors], at least, it should not be in this form.

In the dark space, watching his crushed arm, the man with a fuzzy face thought so.

For a man who has observed many Ascart House characters in the long years, the birth of this teenager at first not at all caught his attention. The innate talent was mediocre. Even Ascart House, which is famous for its genius, belongs to aptitude. Kind of.

[Collector] The first time I noticed this child was because of the prophecy of the year, but it was not a good thing, but an unexpected disaster. According to the prophecy, Roel Ascart will bring destruction to this ancient family, spanning thousands In a century, the difficult and long journey of Ascart House will come to an end.

Regarding this prediction, the [collector] was dubious. After all, he had seen too many genius defying heaven changing fate of this tribe in his long life, but later observations slowly provided evidence for this prediction, stubborn and tyrannical. Sex, the heirs of this generation Ascart House did not perform as expected when they were young, but strangely, everything suddenly changed.

The prophecy suddenly began to fail, and the boy who had almost no future at all exploded with great potential, followed by the rapid growth that was rarely seen in the long history of Ascart House, and even the death that was specially prepared for him this time. All were broken through, and Bu Laien also died.

The awakened growth of that clan can be said to be silent and silent. Due to the choice of the blood of the king, they may suddenly enter the historical world at any time, so that they can get the help of the ancient gods and make a leap in strength. This [collector] naturally knows. , But like Roel, there are not many people who have soared in strength and low-key to the extreme.

Just as Knight Kingdom can’t know the details of the boy, [collectors] it’s hard to believe that a boy who is constantly leaping in strength will hide his body to such an extent that he neither promotes nor does it. In fact, various organizations have a strong opinion of Roel. Understand, basically it is in the Challenger Cup, even in the last game.

Within a few years, the situation has taken a turn for the worse. Even collectors who have become accustomed to what this group of awakened do are shocked by the teenager’s ability to break fate, and now he has to admit that things have become a little troublesome.

Promoting to Source Level 3 is actually a qualitative change for the awakened of that clan. [Collector] The purpose of this time is to kill Roel Ascart before he is promoted. However, the development of things once again exceeded his expectations. This almost mortal crisis not only did not end his life, but instead became the Catalyst that pushed him to leap again.

The crushed hand bones gradually recovered over time, and the vaguely-faced man looked at the media in front of him silently. After being promoted, Roel could already take the initiative to alienate, and he could no longer control at will in the temple. The idea of ​​using this to eliminate it also officially went bankrupt, and in the process of promotion, the teenager seemed to have some troublesome ability.

“Oh, really didn’t expect that such a troublesome guy will appear, just like four hundred years ago.”

Recalling the last man who gave him such a headache, the [collector] couldn’t help but chuckle and sigh fate. After a long time, history is more like a cycle in his eyes, and now, a new round of changes is also already started.

It’s just that [collectors] unexpectedly, the Ascart House awakened of this generation is a bit different from the troublesome guy hundreds of years ago. His connection with the outside world is too close, which makes him puzzled and increases the amount of work he can Difficulty, but fortunately some changes have already happened ahead of time.

“It’s really exciting times, but before you can enjoy yourself, you must first solve the disturbing factors. Do you think so?”

[Collector] Checking his wrist and saying so, and with his pleasant rhetoric, the darkness in the room gradually dissipated. Behind the man, Bu Laien had never seen the depths, one by one silhouette gradually Emerges, silent and silent.

Looking at the silhouettes that appeared one by one, the man chuckled and stood up and stepped forward, while behind him, the space began to collapse silently.

The old world is passing away quickly, and a new era is coming.

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