Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 476

Lilian knows these things herself, how could Roel, who turned his head quickly, couldn’t think of it? So why did he say that, inducing the girl to adopt defensive tactics?

I am afraid there is only one answer.

“Is it just not defeated? I really can do it. After all, the performance of [Ten Cities] is very good in terms of defense, but… let the one you love fight, but you are in a safe place. I can’t do it.”

“Senior Sister, what are you talking about…”

“What am I talking about should you know the best?”

Looking at the teenager on the side, the black hair girl with purple pupils said so calmly. Her amethyst eyes stared at Roel’s cheeks, as if she had determined how the teenager would act, and under Lilian’s eyes, Roel’s eyes couldn’t help but shake slightly.

“Let me live a safe life under the protection of heavy soldiers, but solve the source of the problem by myself. That’s what you think? Tell me about it because you are worried about my carelessness, otherwise you may go without saying a word. Go after that man.”


Under Lilian’s almost complete questioning, Roel, who understood that he had been seen through, turned her eyes unnaturally. Seeing this, the girl with black hair and purple pupils was slightly sighed, and her face showed a slight loss.

“Originally after this incident, I thought you could rely on me more. I didn’t expect to put me aside when faced with such a serious matter. Am I so unreliable in your eyes? Or said… In your heart, I am actually a cumbersome?”

“No, Senior Sister, I didn’t think that way!”

Seeing Lilian’s sad face, the boy with black hair resolutely denied it immediately. After thinking for a while, Roel explained seriously:

“I just think this thing is too dangerous. Even if it is as strong as the Alder clan, it has not been able to defeat the fallen. I will not talk about my own safety for the time being. If there is any danger to Senior Sister, I will regret it for life.” /p>

“And from a standpoint, this matter should also be handled by me who is directly under the Alder clan. Although Senior Sister also has the blood of choosing the king, after all, he is not a person from Ascart House and should not be involved in this matter. Come in.”

The black-hair teenager gave her reason after pondering for a moment. The sad expression on Lilian’s hearing this face slowly receded. She thought for a while, and stepped forward and hugged the teenager’s body.

“Senior Sister?”

“You can stand in my perspective for my sake. I’m very happy about that, but as you said, this matter is very dangerous. If you have any accident, I will also regret it for life.”


“If something really goes wrong with you, I’m afraid I will not forgive myself for the rest of my life, and I can only live in sorrow and regret every day. What is the point of being alive when life is worse than death? And…even if I am not a member of Ascart House , This matter also has a lot to do with me.”


The black hair girl with purple pupils said so seriously, causing Roel’s face to be puzzled for a while, and her mouth could not help but leak the question. Seeing this, Lilian’s face turned red and whispered:

“Fool, I really am not a member of Ascart House, but my child is.”


At the moment when he heard Lilian’s words like this, Roel’s body was stiff, her golden pupils couldn’t help but shrank, and the girl with black hair and purple pupils blushed and continued:

“Although it is impossible in recent years, but a small, little baby will be there sooner or later, I am a child’s mother, how can I let others watch his life?”

When Lilian said so, her voice gradually strengthened, and her attitude became extremely determined, which was very different from the usual indifferent appearance, which made the black hair boy startled, and in fact, Lilian was also a little surprised at this time. .

If it’s about herself, then even if the other party has a killing intent, Lilian will not have any feelings, and will only plainly wipe the other party. But this time, when it comes to the love crystallization with Roel that she may have in the future, she is stared at, girl Rarely, there were mood swings in his heart, and even a slight anger.

Perhaps it was the life and death encounter between the ancestor Veronica and the child a thousand years ago that touched the girl. When she thought that she and Roel’s child might be stared at for life and heartbroken, the murderous aura in Lilian’s heart could not be restrained. Emerging outward, the purple pupils also sharpened.


Looking at the sudden emergence of motherhood and the murderous aura girl in his eyes, Roel was silent for a moment and did not say anything. After thinking about it carefully, Roel had to admit that Lilian’s words also made sense. It should not be excluded.

But the child?

Thinking of Lilian’s future, Roel couldn’t help but feel a little moved, but remembered the situation of the two and shook the head again.

Although it is a beautiful dream, but… I am afraid it will be a long time later.

The young man who thought this way sighed slightly for the distant future, and reached out and hugged the girl in his arms. However, Roel did not know at this time that everything had already settled.

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