Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 477


In the messy town after the war, Roel held the girl with black hair and purple pupils, thinking about the future of the two.

Although Roel upheld the dignity of a man and wanted to solve the fallen by himself, and put an end to the bloody hatred that began a thousand years ago, Lilian refuted it with good reasons, and Roel could not deny this reason.

The future child, his mother, this identity is indeed invincible. Roel has no power to resist this statement. He can only let Lilian join the ranks of active attacks, but since it is an active attack, then you must develop a strategy instead of something like Striking like a headless fly.

“Judging from the current situation, those Savior believers should be very close to success, but it may not be necessary to say that the situation is not good for us.”

Thinking of all the sights he had seen at Veronica before, Roel in the heart silently summarized the information he had obtained.

The first thing that black hair teenagers can be sure of is that the Alder family’s seal of Savior is not at all announced, and this seal should only recognize bloodline awakened, and seems to have very harsh conditions, which led to the second era. The followers of Savior couldn’t react.

After defeating the King Choosing Clan, Savior was not able to immediately wake up Savior, allowing the Ackermann Clan to discover the danger of the Fallen, and launched an encirclement and suppression throughout the ancient Austin Empire at the end of the Second Age. This can be said to be the Fallen’s biggest failure.

The Alder clan of the Second Age is not without the strength to fight back even at the end. This can be known from Estherid and the great prophet Wendy Alder and the others. However, in this Under the circumstances, the family decisively chose to hide and evacuate. One of the reasons is probably to preserve their strength and prevent the believers from breaking the seal.

As a result, the descendants of the Alder clan survived successfully and survived the most difficult time of the end of the second era. When Savior fell into the sleepy third era again, the power of the Fallen was lost in the process of moving west. After being exhausted, the Ascart House sheltered by Theocracy quickly became stronger, the Twilight Sage would be rebuilt, and the situation was reversed again.

Calculated in this way, the plan of the Fallen has reached a thousand years, and when it is about to succeed, seeking instant benefit is almost inevitable, and the more likely it is to make mistakes at this time.

“This alien invasion is a precursor to Savior’s awakening again. For them, this is the best time. Until now, they have the advantage because they are in the dark, planning everything in the dark corner. , But now, they have stood in front of the stage impatiently, and the result is like this.”

Glancing faintly at the remains of the fallen treant ahead, the black hair boy has a cold face.

If thousands of years ago, the Alders were taken advantage of because they were too arrogant, then it is the believers of Savior who are full of arrogance. Compared with the German family, the problem is-although I am weak, it does not mean you are stronger.

Facts have proved that the frontal meet force with force, the fighting power of the king is still online, except for the first time that Roel was in danger by relying on the advantage of Divine Item. After that, the young man who fought one-on-one was far superior to the ancient god of Veronica. The combination and the crown stone almost crushed the opponent.

Of course, the other main reason for things to go so smoothly is that Lilian is here. The strictly speaking tree-man sacrifice named Okter is one-on-two, but even in a single-player battle, Roel believes that the final victory of the deathmatch is Yourself.

The boy with black hair was thinking about the comparison of the battle strengths of the two sides here, while beside him, Lilian recalled the memories of the ancestors that Roel had told him, and his eyes kept flickering.

Although Veronica has few memories, judging from the buildings and banquets in several memories, the life of the Alders is not far from the world or hidden in the mountains, but rather rich and superior. I’m afraid It has some other identities, but in any case, it means that it is within the power of the ancient Austrian Empire Ackermann clan.

At the end of Veronica’s memory, the battle that attacked the Alder family base camp seemed to be no problem, but if you think about it, the problem is big.

With almost all the elites being sent abroad, the Alders are impossible to know the emptiness of their family, so why did the ancestors make such a decision? Lilian felt that the greatest possibility was that the ancient Austin Empire would guarantee its safety at this time.

The Alders themselves are fighting for the stability of the human world. After the Fang Family belongs to the empire to ensure safety can be said to be reasonable. However, during that battle, Roel did not see any reinforcements, which is totally unreasonable.

In addition to the complaints that Estreide once said about the Ackermann family in the previous historical fragments, some bad guesses began to arise in the girl’s heart.

Behind the incident of the Alder family, I am afraid that there is the shadow of the Ackermann family. As for the reason, it is probably to check and balance based on the imperial studies that Lilian learned.

Although the selection of the king is hidden in the dark until now, its power has become no longer limited to the clansman with the prosperity of the Twilight Sage Association. Coupled with its own strength, it is absolutely normal to be jealous by the emperor.

At that time, the ancient Austrian Empire emperor probably wanted the fallen to fight with each other, sitting atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight, but didn’t expect the Alder family and the elite of the Twilight Sages to save humanity. In the world mission, the strength was greatly damaged, and the final result was that the balance was broken. The followers of Savior wrecked the world, and the ancient Austin Empire also fell apart.

Thinking of this, Lilian clenched her hands, frowning at the stupidity of the Ackermann family’s ancestors, and seeing Lilian like this, Roel couldn’t help but ask.

“Senior Sister? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, it’s a bit uncomfortable to think about the Ackermann family.”

The black hair girl with purple pupils thought about it for a while, turned her head and looked towards the teenager beside her, her purple pupils flickered, and her heart was obviously a little disturbed.

Lilian could guess what happened to the Ackermann family. How could Roel who saw the battle in Veronica’s memory fail to think of this possibility? So would the teenager care?

In any case, even with the blood of the king of the Ascart House clan, Lilian’s surname is still Ackermann, and is now the Imperial Princess of the Empire. What does Roel think about this?

Looking at the black hair teenager with doubts, Lilian kept silent without a word. Seeing this, Roel couldn’t help but stunned. After thinking for a moment, he waited quietly from the side until a long time later, the black hair was purple. The girl finally spoke with difficulty.

“Roel, you saw the memory of Veronica’s ancestors before, so you should have discovered it too. The Ackermann family seems to have a problem with this matter.”

“…Well, I can see it somewhat.”

Hearing Lilian’s expected question, the black-haired boy responded after a moment of silence.

During that battle, external rescue has never arrived. This is undoubtedly abnormal. Judging from the surrounding buildings at that time, the Alders should have lived in the capital, at the core of the ancient Austin Empire. No matter how powerful Savior’s believers are, it is impossible to attack the Imperial Family without disturbing them.

Taking a step back, even if there was a mistake in the Intelligence Section and such a fierce battle occurred in the capital, how could the Imperial Family of the ancient Austin Empire know nothing? How can it be too late if you really want to rescue with all your strength?

The teenager thinking in this way couldn’t help but sigh. As it should be by rights, he remembered what Estrede said, the two ends of the first mouse of the Ackermann clan. This comment can be said to be very appropriate, but… these are the same as the present. Lilian does not matter.

“Senior Sister, don’t you think that because of this, what do I think of you?”

Roel, who was worried about Bai Lili’an, looked towards the girl next to her asking this question. Lillian’s hearing this lowered her head slightly, with a heavy weight on her face.

“…There are some, after all, my last name is Ackermann anyway.”

“So what? Senior Sister is Senior Sister, and you asked me this question before?”

“I asked, but this time is different, isn’t it?”

The girl with black hair raised her eyes gently, recalling Roel’s expression after seeing the memory in her heart, and whispered:

“Listening to what you saw with your own eyes makes you feel completely different? And about the ancestors, it is also the target you want to investigate until now. Now you have found both enemies and accomplices. Do you really want to do something?”


Facing Lilian’s question, Roel was speechless for a while. The destruction of the Alder clan was indeed one of the truths he had been pursuing. After learning something, he was indeed angry. In fact, the teenager has completely regarded the fallen as his enemies. , But for the Ackermann family, things are different.

“Ancestor Estreide said that the Caroline ancestors of Ascart House had collaborated with the Ackermann clan at the end of the Second Age, whether their cooperation with Ascart House was out of guilt for what they had done before or simply for self-preservation , The grievances of the Second Age had already been settled by the ancestors of Caroline.”

“The tragedy thousands of years ago, aside from the external causes of the fallen, the internal causes were ultimately caused by the unprovoked suspicion of the Ackermann family. Now, how can I fail my beloved because of a surname? What is the difference between that and them? ?”


“Senior Sister, don’t worry about these unnecessary worries. After all, how can you count as an outsider with Ascart bloodline? Besides…Are you not a child’s mother?”


The boy with black hair curled up the corner of his mouth and said this sentence jokingly, causing the silent Lilian to suddenly raise her head. The girl looked at Roel’s cheek. After a long time, a smile appeared on her face with a little happiness.

“…It’s true, it’s really not like me.”

“Are you concerned about gains and losses? The Senior Sister now is indeed different from usual, but…… I like this Senior Sister too.”

“…I always think you’re better at talking than before.”

“Do you hate it?”


The girl in shook the head whispered, and stepped forward to kiss the boy gently, and Roel’s silhouette reflected in the purple eyes:

“Like it.”


After unraveling Lilian’s knot about the Ackermann family, the black-hair teenagers took a break and wandered on the ordinary streets that had not been turned into battlefields. It was not that two people were not doing their jobs, but Roel found them after careful calculation. Nothing needs to be done.

Although Veronica’s skills were stolen by the Treeman Sacrifice, unlike the original version, the deteriorated version of the Treeman Sacrifice can only last for one day, which means that when night falls, everyone in the investigation team will be restored to their original state. .

After fighting and communicating with Lilian, the time is now approaching noon. Roel is holding Veronica’s heart one by one to find traces to solve the curse. It is estimated that half of the spell may not be completed at night. Instead of such a waste of effort It’s better to just wait.

Moreover, for Roel and Lilian, this is also their last time alone. When the others return to their original state, the black hair young girl will once again become an ordinary Senior Sister Junior Brother, and after that it will be parting.

After passing through this section of the road, Lilian will rendezvous with the troops and follow the marching route of Austin Empire to go directly to the front line, while Roel will return to St. Freya Academy to continue investigating and searching for the traces of the [Six Plagues] to improve strength At the same time, through the members of Qiangwei Liming, exert the forces of various countries to find the fallen people headed by [collectors].

The goal of the fallen is the seal of Savior. This is not a matter for the Ascart family, but a major event related to everyone in Sia, so it is natural that everyone should work together, but Roel insists on his own revenge. Lilian was helpless, but she could only agree.

But in any case, this abandoned town in the mountains will be the last stop before the two leave. There is no doubt that they will cherish this last time alone and don’t want others to disturb them.

Veronica’s heart, Roel, intends to bring it back to the Ascart House for burial, which is considered to be the last thing for this ancestor who died in battle thousands of years ago. As for the issue of storage, it was handed over to Petra, which looked like the fallen tree man. By comparison, the life energy of the Earth Mother God does not know how many times it is pure, and it can completely hold the heart.

As for the [Pupil of Portas], Roel used the power of [Touch of Frozen Ground] to completely freeze it, and handed it over to the King of Demoness who knows magic best.

In fact, Roel wanted to destroy the lantern that symbolizes Savior’s eyes, tempting madness and depravity, but it turns out that it is not easy, and it is very inappropriate to give it to the Academy.

First of all, this is Roel’s own spoils of war. According to the regulations of St. Freya Academy, there is no need to hand in. Second, even if it is handed in, the Academy has no good way to do it. The last thing that worries Roel the most is There are many people at St. Freya Academy, and scholar is a representative of clear ideas. Maybe someone will make things happen and cause big accidents.

Because of the above reasons, Roel dismissed the idea of ​​handing it in. After giving it to Altasia, Roel began to lead Lilian to enjoy the nearby scenery.

After the thick white fog dissipated, the land of Austin Empire revealed its own unique scenery. Under the noon sun shining, a brilliant rainbow straddling the steamy in the sky, let you see this beauty The two people in the scenery are in a better mood, and they are also full of emotion.

Neither Lilian nor Roel expected that they would encounter such a danger in this remote town, let alone that the two would develop such a relationship here.

“Sorry Senior Sister, as a place with a unique memorial significance, it is a bit shabby here.”

“No, actually I don’t care about this, and if strictly speaking, we are together in a room in [Ten Cities].”

The girl with black hair and purple pupil said that her face was slightly red, and she had already planned to remember the bedroom forever. On the other hand, Roel thought of the child’s problem that the girl had mentioned.

“In other words… I remember that the ancestor Estherd once said that our next generation may be pure blood.”

“Well, I did.”

Hearing Roel’s words, Lilian recalled the little knowledge of the ancestors slightly nodded. For two people with the same bloodline, the child born from the combination may be better in bloodline and be further strengthened. This is the conclusion of Ancient Times. Out of the law.

“Choose the enhanced version of the blood of the king? I always feel a little terrifying, I can’t imagine how strong it will be.”

“…Actually, I don’t like the bloodline of the king’s blood. Although it is powerful, it is just as dangerous as you said before.”

Looking at the teenager next to him, Lilian thought for a moment and said so, she lowered her head, placed her hand on her belly unconsciously, and whispered:

“If there is a child, my only wish is for him to be happy and healthy, then the dangerous bloodline and so on, it doesn’t matter if there is no awakening.”


Looking at Lilian with a gentle expression, as if she had become a mother, the boy with black hair lost his words, and his golden pupils were placed on the girl’s body, and they couldn’t move away for a while.

What a nice view.

Such thoughts surfaced in the black hair boy’s mind, and Roel couldn’t help but his face was slightly red, but the girl’s speech made him disagree.

Before, Roel had thought that if he were born in Ascart House with Liliane, maybe he would be spoiled by the doting elder sister, but fortunately, it’s impossible to appear in this situation, but now, Roel thinks he’s Child is expected to experience this kind of gift package.

“Senior Sister, you are spoiling. The bloodline of Ascart House is indeed dangerous, but it may not necessarily happen. It is not possible. You can also suppress its effect by replacing the [Kingdom] source quality of Senior Sister…”

The boy with black hair said so and discussed with Lilian about the issue of bloodline and source quality, and then talked about many other topics.

Although it is already summer, the mountains are still cool. The two refreshed under the gusts of mountain wind chatted while standing high and watching the scenery of the mountains. They embraced and watched the setting sun until night fell. In the silent town, there were finally intermittent voices.

Seeing this, Roel and Lilian looked at each other, separated slowly with some regret, and then together looked for a team of recovered players.

In general, the search operation went smoothly, because everyone in the team is a high-level Transcender, so the change of terrain not at all endangers their lives. Roel does not need to save them, they can do it themselves. Rushed out of the ruins.

On the other hand, since it was lost one’s head out of fear the moment before it disappeared, everyone made a loud voice. Ghosts screamed everywhere in the town. After listening to the sound, they ran down and basically found it. But what makes Roel a little speechless is that many of these scholars with quite high Tier have been terrified, and even he has attacked.

After another squad member who had dealt with a random attack with a hand knife, Roel carried someone to the [Ten Cities] in the central area of ​​the town where Lilian had set up. However, after communicating with the girl, he heard bad news. .


“Well, there are already several members, it should be the influence of Savior’s power.”

“…That’s it.”

Hearing the news from Lilian, Roel’s complexion couldn’t help but become a little heavy. It was obvious that the effect of [Portas’ Pupils] was nothing to Roel, but it was a disaster for these people, even if it was saved. Life was also greatly affected.

Witnessing the situation of the first team, the black hair boy as it should be by rights thought of his second team, and couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. If he remembers correctly, Juliana and Serena should also be banned. Photographed.

Will they be okay? Still say…

The worried young man waited silently until the night was dark, two familiar curses appeared on the edge of the town, and they were immediately found by Roel who was waiting.

“President? This is…”

“Roel big brother?”

The first to be found was Stewart and Paul, who disappeared first. Unlike at first, the old look. Paul has regained his youth. Stewart also put the person down. After the two recovered for more than ten minutes, the other two The curse power also appeared suddenly, it was Juliana and Serena, but unlike Stewart and the others, both of them fell asleep.

Roel was shocked when he discovered this, and hurriedly checked the conditions of the two of them, only to find that it seemed to be a natural reaction after mental shock.

It was also photographed by [Portas’ Pupils], some of the high-level Transcenders in the first team went crazy, but the two members of Qiangwei Liming were fine. Seeing this scene, Roel couldn’t help but sigh the importance of Willpower and let it go The time of parting is coming soon as all personnel are found.

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