Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 516

When the body is in different emotions, there will be different characteristics. When you are happy, you will naturally relax your muscles. When you are sad, it is easy to get cold. The action of the release all it subsconsciously is also the instinct of mankind.

For Transcender, this subconsciously adjustment is more, the most obvious is the Mantra of WITHIN THE BODY. Whether it is active or quality, it is more likely to express emotions than ordinary physical movements. It is also because of this, brown-red colorful girls can wake up at this time.

At the time of sleep, Charlotte felt a robe, almost never seen the curse fluctuated, that is a very angry and sad, but mixed with a little bit of sadness, such as lamenting Mantra fluctuation.

If the usual Roel’s spell fluctuations are like gentle water, then the current feeling is the busty cold, such a huge difference occurs in a short time, absolute iMPossible is a normal phenomenon.

When I felt and understood this moment of spell fluctuations, Charlotte opened his eyes from sleeping to the top teenager, but as she expected, the ROEL expression was quite depressed. Or exhausted.

It’s not anger to the extreme, it is not a sorrow of tears, but a sense of exhaustion with some confused, it seems to think about what, the Roel did not pay attention to Charlotte’s awakening, but also Therefore, the girl can see him like this.

If Charlotte wakes up, never like to make people worrying a young woman will be replaced back, this is the girl can be determined, but it is only because of this, Charlotte is only worried and doubts.

What is going on, let the teenager expose such a expression, and didn’t even notice her wake up?

Thinking about these Charlotte hesitated, he said greeted to the teenager.

“Dear, what happened to you?”


When Charlotte’s voice was introduced into the moment in the ear, the body of Roel shock, then as the girl expected, quickly, concealed a smile, and bowed to Charlot. Etetic eyes.

“Are you awake? How is it so fast, this is not there for an hour, how can you sleep again? Let’s work in the afternoon.”


Looking at the smack of Charlotte, I want to let the girl continue to take a nap Roel, the brown-red colorful girl is in silence, and the way to open the quiet road:

“… Today’s work is temporarily postponed.”

“Hey? Charlotte?”

“Nothing, there is no urgent file that must be approved, and … I think you have more important questions here.”

After a long time, I looked at the surprised RoE, the girl raised his hand and stroked the cheeks of the teenager, and I asked softly:

“… Dear, what happened?”


It was found that there was no smile on Charlotte. The smile on Black Hair’s juvenile face was slow, and the four eyes had been relatively long. I found that the girl was obviously asked, Roel gave up SIGHED, reached out to handle the letter to the side .

“this is……”

Elf YOUNG LADY 微 一 愣 愣 愣 一 起 起 起 起 起 起 起 起 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也 也Roel, actually some speechless.

The Evil Cultist’s facilities discovered a lot of blood, even the body organs, which I am afraid that it is unbearable for anyone, and it is a great insult to its family. This happens to Roel. It is said that he himself, even Charlotte also feels uncomfortable.

“Dear, I …”

After repeated bow, after several times, the brown-red girl gave up the language and simply across the teenager, and slammed Roel tightly in his arms, stroking teenager. Hair, Charlotte silenced a moment after a moment:

“Dear, it’s too sad, you can cry,”

“Cry? This is really can’t do. After all, although it is my ancestor, I don’t know.”

“Even so, will it be uncomfortable?”

“… It’s uncomfortable to say that it is not as good as it is for them.”

After silenced a moment, Black Hair’s teenager’s face re-exposed the tired expression, and seeing such a boy, Charlotte frightened her eyebrows, issued a helpless sigh.

Not worth it? Really.

The girl thinking is thinking about the situation of Ascart House, can’t help but agree with the juvenile view.

Since the second episode of the Ald home, the Choosing King is guarding the peace of WORLD, although it has also received a lofty position, but the blood-blood sacrifices have never been there, and it has been hidden in the darkness. The blood above the chest is the rise of Taiping and the rise of human civilization.

In order to protect the civilization of the humanity, the Choosing Wang family contained the most threatened mother and the power of Savior, but therefore, it was attracted by BACKLASH, so that the family crushed, the members fled, and there was almost no. The day of peace of peace.

After the millennium, now, the family disappeared, honor also has become the Just A Passing Scene as the empire, the whole family has declined to only two or two people, in fact before the Roel awakening Bloodline, in any other family In the eyes, Ascart House is over.

Compared with the people who have taken the king of the king?

Santa Jie will take strength with their flesh and blood, and strong Transcender can’t help the temptation to swim the slaughter knife, as the ackermann family of allies, the Millennium, now, only the king is in the edge of the daddy.

I thought that the power of the Ackermann is now with what is done, brown-red color girl is not striped frowned, and in the young woman, Roel is slightly fascinated by confusion, and I can’t help but ask a question.

“Charlotte, you said … good people, will there be good news?”


In the face of Roel, Charlotte is difficult to give an answer, whether it is modified in what language, a good person may not have a good news, Guardian’s last tragic, this is the history of ASCART HOUSE in the millennium. Unfailed real.

But even if the brown-red girl does not want to say these words, she believes that Roel is not asked to let her say these, and put the lips on the forehead of the teenager. After a moment, Charlotte Lifts The head:

“I don’t dare to say that good people must have a good news, but … I think the evil people will be retribution.”


“Yes, those sinners who are sinful will will be punished. If not, then I will come …”

Charlotte? ”

Listening to the brown colorful girl, Black Hair’s teenager has a little surprised, and then lifts the head is looking to Charlotte in front of him, finding the elf Young Lady is firmly looking at him, in the eyes Faith is firm and not shaken.

“Charlotte, you want …”

“Dear, the Santa Jie will give us, don’t you have to manage, ok?”

Strokes the cheeks of the teenager, Charlotte smiled and looked at Roel’s eyes and loud to lure, hearing this teenager’s slight stunned, followed by hesitating looks.

“If you want me? However, this is the ASCART HOUSE, completely handed over to Rosesee …”

“What is ASCART HOUSE, what is still trying to use this?”

I heard the Roel’s answer, the brown-red colorful girl showed a little dissatisfied expression, and Roel saw this hurried explained.

“No, I didn’t put Charlotte you as a foreigner, just, we haven’t married after all …”

“Didn’t get married, so? Although we are indeed not married yet, I am your fiancee? What is FiansE, what is Fiancee?”

“This …”

Looking at the girl who is not full of expression on the face, Roel is in a time, and Charlotte sees this SIGHED continuation:

“Originally, after this attack, they have also got a blacklist of Rosese, this time, it is only the unlimited latency, and … Rose also needs to change his position.”

“Location, you say …”

Black Hair’s teenager looked at Charlotte slightly, brown-red colorful girl Nodded said his idea.

For a long time, Rose Business United Nations policies have always been the mainstay of 光, full of businessmen and gas, and in the opening of the country, the Sorofysas family is indeed a business. The Ends of the Earth, but in recent years, the tide of peace has gradually returned, and Roses must also seek to change.

In today’s chaos, the importance of voice is getting bigger and bigger. Rosse can not only be used as a wallet of a human race, and it is necessary to make his own voice, and this Charlotte hits the incident is a The opportunity, the destruction of Santa Jie will not just retaliate, and the opportunity to show its own strength outside Rosese.

I heard these RoEl thought about the slightly nodded after a moment, expressed the idea of ​​Charlotte, after all, compared with theocracy, Austine Empire, etc. In this case, the Santa Jie will seem to be handed over to Rosse, and the Ascart House intervene is not good.

“And Apart from this, what did you forgot?”

“EN? What?”

“Yes, such as … My future baby is a member of Ascart House.”

Catch the Roel’s cheek, brown-red colorful girls, don’t help Roel, you can’t help but get your eyes.

“Once our Child awakens Ascart House’s Bloodline, will be stared at them? So as Mother, do you have these Evil Cultist in advance?”

“… Well, you are right, but not just the Santa Jie, there is also the fallen man.”

Under Charlotte’s claim, Black Hair’s teenager returned to God from the sense of the ancestors Die WITHOUT A Burial Site, and Golden’s eyes gradually sharply, and saw such Roel, brown red color girl Micro-inspected SIGHED in relief, the mouth of his mouth is fortunate to have succeeded in his strategy.

The problem that Roel sentiment was in the past. It is the sadness of Charlotte that cannot be touched, belonging to the sadness of the Ascart House, even if there is more, even if it is more powerful, but once it comes to Child. .

Child, next generation, these are the future, and Charlotte can master the dominant, the ancestor’s front car test may so that the Roel is not even lost, but once the goal is replaced with the baby, Charlotte believes Black Hair’s teenager can definitely re-oscillating.

Looking at the saddes of the sad boy, the brown-red color girl reveals a little smile, and begging how to think about the last haze in Roel, and then suddenly thought of a problem.

“Dear, the blood of the ancestors has the remains, how do you plan?”

“The specific solution is about to discuss with Father, but … I want to train back ascart fiefdom.”

“This, let the Andrew letle help to escort it, so that the Evil Cultist will come to seize.”

He listened to the Roel intended to make such proposals, the Black Hair’s teenager Hearing this is blinking. After all, Charlotte said that this is likely to exist, and Probability is not small.

Nowadays, Roel has grown, Santa Jie wants to get the new blood of the king of the king from him, this situation wants to continue to have the control of [Six Disaster Er], can only Organize these past inventories.

Of course, there is still a possibility of choosing the blood samples of the king in other facilities in Santa Jie, but this is no way.

Thinking of the teenager Nodded here, he accepted Charlotte’s kindness, and after hearing such words, Charlotte’s face also revealed a smile.

From the location of Santa Jie Facilities and the person who eshers, Lulude is already necessary during the way to Ascart Fiefdom, and since it passes, then what is the reason for Roel, what does not do?

Brown-red colorful girl looked at the lover in front of him, the emerald eyes were gently framed, thinking about the opening:

“Dear, then, we worship your ancestors together?”

“Worship ancestor?”

“Rosse, if it is the family returning to the battlefield, it will hold some Ceremony to pray, ascart fiefdom also has a different custom?”

“Well, it is true, but …”

“So, it is said! Just hosted a Ceremony for the ancestors, by you, and … as a wife.”

Reach your teenager’s lips, the girl who is forcing the sound of the sound of the sound, says the cheek slightly red, showing a happy smile.

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