Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 542


On the plains, young people with black hair are fighting enemies that cannot be knocked down, while in the distant city of Ascart, young girls with silver hair are fighting bloody battles under the siege of countless enemies.

The death of the King of Wingmen did not stop the dead crow falcon from attacking. It is better to say that these terrifying monsters became more unscrupulous after the death of the ruler.

For powerful individuals, the battlefield is a paradise where food evolves constantly. In the course of the battle, more than one monster has swallowed the souls of human beings and the same kind, and climbed the ladder of source level 3. In the process, The soldiers and part of the people inevitably made sacrifices.

The dead colleagues aroused the anger of the soldiers, but the situation on the battlefield became more and more severe. Fortunately, Alicia’s ability far exceeded Rodney and the others’ imagination. The bloodline ability allowed Alicia to recover after paying a huge price. , So as to use the Tier of Source 3 to give full play to the strength of Source 2.

After several large-scale eradications as a commander, the monsters raging in the city were much less, but the silver-haired girl always had a strange feeling in her heart, and it became clearer and clearer with the battle.

The state today seems to be good?

Releasing the light gun in her hand, the girl who shot through the huge dead crow falcon that was biting the human corpse from a hundred meters away blinked, watching such thoughts flow in her mind.

It has been a long time since the battle started, because more and more powerful individuals from the enemy rushed into the Formation. Alicia consumed a lot of curse power. However, the silver-haired girl was not tired during the battle, but the more fights the more brave is.

Without Moonlight’s blessings, the state is getting better. This situation is undoubtedly contrary to Alicia bloodline, but now it does happen. Although the silver-haired girl does not know the specific reason, but in the process of fighting I have some feelings.

After killing the enemy again, the silver-haired girl looked to the east, always feeling that there was some strange power surging over there, forming the wave crests and troughs in response to her curse power. This is why her curse power has always been abundant. On one side, in front of the black hair teenager, Altacia’s reaction was completely different, or even completely the opposite.


At the moment when the King of Demoness appeared, Roel’s mood could be described with excitement. After all, the current black hair teenager was at stake.

In the constant chase, Roel’s soul has been hit several times, and the heavy exhaustion and inexplicable cold have quietly climbed into his heart. Although the boy has never been soul attacked before, but the biological instinct Has given him a foreboding of death.

Ushering in death without fighting back is something that black-haired teenagers absolutely cannot tolerate, but it can be found that Roel’s already weakened Gurandal and Petra are unable to help them. This makes the two ancients The god was anxious and annoyed, but Roel’s third ancient god, Altacia, was different.

The King of Demoness, who has a lot of knowledge, can definitely help. This is something Roel is convinced, but when he heard what Demoness said, the boy with black hair was puzzled, and the reason is very simple, because of the direction Altacia looked at. , Is not the direction where the King of Wingmen is.

Wait, isn’t it… we worry about one thing?

Roel stared wide-eyed, who seemed to have discovered the truth, did not expect another crisis. At the same moment, a vague feeling suddenly became stronger from the bottom of his boy’s heart, and he couldn’t help but look east. .

The boy looked towards the eastern sky, and then slowly stared wide-eyed. The words of Demoness and the familiar feelings in his heart immediately made him understand what Altasia said.

At this time, the eastern mountain range that should have been dark at night has been unconsciously disappeared, and turned into a white mist, which is a strange cloud, although it seems to be drifting with the airflow, but in fact it is Having been advancing close to the ground, he has unconsciously entered the sight of Roel and the others in the dark.

When he saw the familiar mist, Roel golden’s eyes widened, his scalp was numb as if it exploded, and the intense sense of crisis made his body instantly tense.

[Hidden Mist], the most powerful [Six Plagues] I have seen so far, unconsciously covered everything when Roel was fighting the fallen, and until then Roel finally understood something.

“Altacia, what stopped you during this time?”

“It’s the mother god! The moment you are seen by her, everything has been planned!”

Upon hearing Roel’s question, the King of Demoness said solemnly:

“Mother God’s magic is delayed. It will not trigger until the monster is within a certain range of you. I was cut off from all contact with you the moment I perceive it, until just now…”

Altacia’s face was stiff as he said this, and the mighty power of the mother god seemed to stimulate her deeply. On the other side, at the moment Roel watched, the thick fog that appeared silently in the east suddenly stopped, and then quickly The tossed up, revealing a vague face.


When he saw his cheeks in the mist in the distance, Roel’s heartbeat speeded up quickly, and the next moment, the terrible calamity removed the disguise, and Heaven and Earth changed color since then.


Amid the violent explosion, the thick fog attached to the ground suddenly soared into the sky, and the unimaginable wave of spell power impacted everyone’s brains like thunder. From Ascart City to the top of the sky dome on the plain, all creatures are in this brief moment Stopped the action.

The flocks of dead crows and falcons floating in the sky were all dumb, and the screams were instantly cleared. The humans guarding the city looked to the east, their faces trembled, and the fallen Spirit Race floating in the sky gave out strange roars and radiated light. His eyes flickered continuously, and the two huge monsters on the ground who had been fighting with each other for a long time also acted at the same time, and no longer had the thought of fighting hard.

The sky and the earth in the east seem to be the same in this brief moment. They are all embellished by fog. At the moment when he saw this terrifying monster, Roel, who knew the [Six Plagues] best, also understood one thing, that is Can’t win.

It is different from a year ago, and unlike the [Lord of the Dead Tide] who was just a newborn. After devouring Tuck Fortress, the monster in front of me has developed into a mature form. The power that shook Heaven and Earth is not at all unbreakable. Roel of 2 can fight.

Not far from Roel, the King of Wingmen, who was chasing the young man, stopped and looked at Dongfang in panic. It seemed that even death did not let him escape the fear, and there were no other powerhouses on the battlefield. The idea of ​​hands-on, because everyone subconsciously perceives the mind of the distant monster.

[Hidden Mist], this terrifying monster wants to swallow everything in front of him in order to further grow into a perfect body.

The shadow of death came suddenly, covering everyone present, and in the face of such a crisis, the reactions of all parties were also different.

Within a short period of time after the appearance of [Hidden Mist], the unconstrained army of dead crow falcons immediately dispersed and flew straight to the west. Above the ground, the three-legged dragon crows whose fighting intents were greatly reduced after the death of the Wingman King follow closely from behind, and on the other side, the Formation of Ascart City is activated to the strongest level, and it shines after the enemy leaves.

The fallen Spirit Race at the top of the sky did not leave immediately. Savior’s will made him want to kill Roel who had been seriously injured, but the fear of [Hidden Mist] did exist. This contradiction made his body tremble. And finally chose a compromise solution.

The fallen Spirit Race extend the hand with a trembling body and gave the final order to the dead King of Wingmen. Under this order, the rotten old man in the soul state looked at Roel again.

damn it!

When the soul of the king of wingmen stared at Roel again, the black-hair youth showed anxious face, and quickly flew back to avoid the imminent pursuit. The fallen Spirit Race saw this situation slightly nodded, and then quickly Leaving far away.

Under the threat of terror and disaster, the Fallen chose to retreat temporarily, but unfortunately, everything is not that simple.

The disaster monster who found the prey escaping did not fall silent, but released a flying mist instantly after a short accumulation. The clouds across the sky locked to the fallen fallen people who left like ghost hands, and then arrested them. action.

Under the eruption of [Hidden Mist], the cloud and mist came first, swallowing half of the dark cloud formed by the dead crow falcon in one fell swoop, the fallen Spirit Race was almost surrounded, and the huge three-legged dragon crow was covered by the cloud and mist. The like hand grabbed the hook and dragged it slower and slower.


In the face of this entanglement, the three-legged dragon crow struggled desperately, but the result was useless. Continuously dragging to catch up with this ancient creature’s misty hands more and more, the giant bird looked back and spewed dragon flames, but they were all [Hidden Mist] swallowed.

“That is!”

When he saw that the giant dragon’s flame had no effect, Roel’s expression instantly became gloomy to the extreme, and on the ground at the bottom, the old treeman stopped moving.

At this time, Cade looked at the monster that was approaching in the east, and his face was calmer than ever. It did not escape like the three-legged dragon crow, but slowly contracted nearby branches to heal the wounds of the earth.

In the face of this devouring disaster, Cade simply didn’t think about avoiding it. As a tree, it’s inconvenient to move. It’s simply impossible to run past that cloud-like monster. No matter how hard it struggles, it’s just showing that’s all. It’s better to face this last enemy calmly than so.

Cade and the people in Ascart, who were almost unable to move, chose to stay where they were, while the black hair young man’s face flying in the sky became more solemn, and he quietly made up his mind.

As the Fief Lord of Ascart Fiefdom, Roel is absolutely unable to accept the result of the swallowing of the city and relatives and friends. Just now when all parties took different actions on the arrival of [Hidden Mist], the boy with black hair had already thought about the next thing. Although the plan is extremely risky, it is not the time to hesitate.

“Altacia, can you let me charge ahead?”

“Of course.”

Faced with the chase and interception of [Hidden Mist], the boy with black hair asked this question. The response to him was the large amount of magic assistance from the King of Demoness. With constant blessings, Roel’s speed soared, trying to break through in all directions. Ecuador’s monster began to chase and intercept with all its strength.

Although [Hidden Mist] has a big appetite and wants to swallow everyone present, Roel is the top priority this time, and therefore the disaster monsters are doing their best. However, what the disaster monsters don’t know is that, This is exactly what Roel wants to take advantage of.

The current situation can be described as a double murderous intention for a teenager with black hair, and the first thing Roel needs to do is to deal with one of them.

Behind Roel, who was flying at high speed, Yunwu’s hands had gradually touched the soul of the King of Wingmen due to the constant pursuit. The rotten old man who discovered this scene was terrified, but there was nothing to do. With the ebbing of time, Wingmen In the pain, the body of the king was gradually swallowed by the mist, and disappeared into the world forever.

After solving an enemy, Roel did not relax, because he knew that the real battle had just begun.

After circling back and forth and attracting a lot of energy from [Hidden Mist], Roel can be said to have laid an inescapable net. The thick white fog hiding the sky and covering the earth completely blocked the escape directions. However, the disaster What the Ecuadorian monster monster didn’t expect was that after a long time of chasing, the black hair boy suddenly turned and rushed towards it.

In this brief moment, the disaster monster finally discovered Roel’s intentions, but it was too late. The obstacles placed by until now greatly dispersed the power of [Hidden Mist], and Roel’s body on the other side was covered with 3rd- The light of the layer.

[Frozen Earth Touch], [Dusk Wind], [Death Curse Rain] are activated at the same time, Roel’s body under the 3rd-layer crown stone is like a bullet, and it penetrates into the body of the terrifying disaster in an instant .

Moving forward, the Devouring Power of [Hidden Mist] frantically swallowed the wind and mist that wrapped Roel. On the other side, Roel was pushing the crown stone with all his strength. The conflict between the two sides was like a spear and a shield, and in the end, Roel, with three strengths, won.


In the air blast that vibrated the atmosphere, Roel’s body broke through the monster’s body and headed eastward, and just as the boy expected, the [Hidden Mist] with the task of the body reacted extremely, and immediately followed closely from behind. , The two sides moved quickly, and soon left behind the plain where Ascart City was located.

The battle of life and death began since then, but the result is actually doomed. After a night of battle, soul damage and full breakout, Roel is gradually approaching the limit in both body and curse power, but now it is just forcibly insisting.

Such a flight lasted all night. When the 2nd day morning sun rose, the black hair young man’s consciousness was a little blurred. He looked down and found that his goal was the scenery of the eastern mountains.

This distance should be enough, right?

The young man who was thinking in this way slowly slowed down, preparing to execute the last step of the plan, and behind him, the white mist quickly rushed in, baring fangs and brandishing claws wanted to swallow it.

In the tumbling mist, the vague face seemed to flash with mockery, but in front of the disaster, Roel’s face did not show any fear, he just leaned into his arms and calmly took out the simple box with crystal crystals.

It was left to him by Roy, a relic passed down from generation to generation by Ascart House.

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