Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 543


In front of the huge monster hiding the sky and covering the earth, Roel Ascart has been driven to desperation. Leaving aside the curse power, the damage to his soul is extremely serious. No matter how you look at it, he has already lost the [six plagues] The strength of the most powerhouse in the fight to the death.

But to some extent, the boy’s task has been completed.

After a full-night flight, Roel has moved far away from Saint Mesit Theocracy and deep into the eastern mountain forest. This distance will not look back even if it is [Hidden Fog], whether it is Ascart City, Alicia, or CapitaLand is safe. Up.

After convinced of this, Roel no longer had any worries, and the plan came to an end.

Holding a crystal gem in his hand, the black hair teenager has a calm face. Until now, Roel never sets a plan with death as the ending, and this time is the same for teenagers.

The relic left by Roy is said to be an item passed down from generation to generation in Ascart House, and it is also the key to entering historical fragments. Although Roel does not know what kind of era and situation it is, the danger of entering can be said to be great. But now he has no choice.

Leaving a duel with [Hidden Mist] can only be swallowed and disappeared, letting go and enter the historical fragments, but there is hope of survival, even if it is no matter how uncertain, Roel has to bet.

Thinking of the boy here holding the crystal clear crystal and looking at the blue golden ring sealed in it, his eyes flashed with determination and the tenacious will to survive, Roel suddenly crushed the gem.


In the sound of jewel cracking, the blue and gold intertwined ring fell under the pull of gravity, and then came into contact with the boy’s skin. At this moment, the bloodline in Roel’s body shook violently, and in front of him, disaster The monster released an unprecedented panic, shrinking back quickly in fear.

Looking at the monster that behaved in this way, doubts flashed in Roel’s heart, but there was no time to think about it, because at this time the violent fluctuations in the spell’s power had almost drowned his consciousness.

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This is the historical fragment passed down from generation to generation by ancestors? What is this power…

The shining light illuminates the sky, which is different from the unimaginable wave of spell power that erupted in the past few bloodline activations. The next moment the sky light flashes, and the black hair teenager’s silhouette has since disappeared in the world.


When Roel’s consciousness regained his consciousness again, what sounded in his ears was not the whistling wind, but a faint whine, and the blood-reeking qi that Roel was very familiar with.

The moment the nose smelled the sweet smell, the boy with black hair was like being touched by the switch, his brain cleared instantly, and after sensing something, Roel quickly opened his eyes and looked around. around.

This is… the battlefield?

Looking at the mess nearby, corpses everywhere across the field, the pupil suddenly shrinks with black hair, and quickly understands the current situation.

It was not the first time that Roel encountered a battle when he entered the historical fragment, so Roel was not too surprised at first, but after a little observation, the boy was shocked this time, and the reason is very simple, because of this. At that time, most of the corpses on the battlefield were not humans.

Orcs, werewolves, elves, and various unrecognizable corpses were squeezed on the plain one after another. When they saw these corpses, Roel understood one thing, that is his own historical fragment. I am afraid that the time span of is a bit large, and after turning around, Roel completely affirmed this conjecture.

Behind Roel, a small corpse was lying on the ground. The hideous piercing wound penetrated his chest. The crimson blood was still flowing until this time, making the sound of a stream.

Giants, this is a race that has long since disappeared in ancient times. It might have been thousands of years before they were on the battlefield as a warrior. After witnessing this very impactful scene, Roel’s face became very solemn for a while, looking for After leaving a hidden place, he immediately looked towards the system.




[Detection of bloodline advancement signs]

[System assisted bloodline is being promoted and started]

【Enable Witness Status】

[The rotation between the new and the old, the competition between the sun and the moon, the key of the choice is back in your hands, extending a different path]

[Bloodline promotion: 7%]

[Evaluation: low (2)]


When seeing the bloodline promoted in the system, the black hair boy’s eyes revealed an unexpected light, and he knew that he was betting right this time.

Today’s Roel bloodline is still in the silver stage. Although it is sufficient for high-end transcenders, it is a bit difficult to advance to source level 2. If Roel can successfully capture the historical fragments this time, he who owns the golden bloodline is likely to immediately break through.

Once the breakthrough reaches Source Level 2, Roel dare not say that he will win in the face of [Hidden Mist], but at least he has the power of a battle. On the other hand, if he leaves the historical fragment smoothly, Roel will also get a new ancient god. assist.

Such a situation gave Roel the possibility of coming back to life, but soon the boy with black hair wrinkled frowned, because Roel discovered that the prompt of this system seemed to be missing one of the most important things-return to time.

“How come? Return to time?”

Roel found the problem without delay, and immediately asked system aloud, and system also gave an answer.

[Special bloodline reaction detected]

[Current status: Replacement exists]

[Return time cannot be determined during this period, please give priority to solving actual problems]

“Existence replacement? This means…”

After discovering new words that have never appeared before, the boy with black hair couldn’t help but ponder it carefully, and then found that the historical fragments at this time seem to be really different. To be precise, there is no sense of floating like a rootless wood.

In the past, Roel has always had a passing feeling in historical fragments, but this time there is a vague sense of reality for some reason, and just as confirming his thoughts, Roel suddenly found that there seemed to be something extra in his pocket. .

The never-before-seen discovery left the young man stunned, and then Roel immediately reached out his hand into his pocket and realized that he did not know when a letter had already appeared here.

It was a letter that was not made of paper, but was written with a substance with no specific material. Obviously it was not something from Roel’s time. The moment he saw the letter, Roel immediately had a rough idea of ​​the so-called “existence exchange” of the system. Thoughts.

Could it be that I have an identity in this era?

After holding the letter and thinking for a while, Roel frowned and opened it and read it carefully. The first sentence of the letter made him pupil suddenly shrink.

【Dear Chosen, Mr. Roel…】

“My name, is this existential replacement? What exactly is this historical fragment inherited from my ancestors…”

Roel continued to read with questions in his heart, and as he read continuously, the black hair boy’s expression became more and more solemn, and it took a long time to slowly collect the letter.

After reading the letter and combining the current situation, Roel has been roughly convinced of the era of this historical fragment. If he is not mistaken, it should be the era where Savior and Mother God co-existed after the disappearance of Sia. Judging from the content of the letter, it should be the end.

In general, the content of Roel’s letter is not esoteric. It can be regarded as a secret letter. The content is probably to inform Roel Savior that the third negotiation with the Mother God has completely failed. There is no possibility of peace between the two parties, and because of Roel’s long time As the representative of the king-chosen clan, the mother goddess will take action against it.

In order to be able to protect the king, the neutral race Angel Race that has been acquainted with the king has arranged a back road for him and asked him to be careful. The letter is signed by Angel Lamia.

Angel Lamia, the name Roel always feels inexplicably familiar, but for a while I can’t remember where I read it. But judging by the content of the letter and the battlefield of the current corpses everywhere across the field, Savior and Mother God It’s not just talking about collapse.

The war has begun. This is the fact described by the blood and corpses nearby, and Roel, as the so-called king chooser, may have become the focus of the battle between the two forces.

Roel was thinking about it with a solemn face, not knowing what to do, but before the young man took action, a group of brightly armed and fully armed soldiers suddenly appeared, and after seeing Roel, they quickly surrounded the young man.

“My lord, please leave with us, the second wave attack is about to begin!”

The leader of the warrior yelled and said, the shield was up and looked towards the sky, the entire group surrounded Roel, and seeing the light that belonged to the angels on these people, the black hair youth couldn’t help but feel refreshed.

“How did Lamia arrange it? What is the situation now?”

Asking questions based on limited information, the boy with black hair desperately wanted to understand the current situation, and when he heard Roel’s words, the leader of the gods and soldiers explained it in a soothing manner.

“My lord, please don’t worry. The refuge prepared by Lamia-sama is in front, but the minions of the mother god are chasing. We must arrive before dark, and the army of that lord will cover us.”

The leader of the soldier held a heavy shield, and his words were anxious, while Roel narrowed his eyes and understood something.

According to the content of the previous letter, it is speculated that the current situation may be that the mother god has discovered the fact that Roel has escaped, is sending troops to chase and kill, and is able to contend with the mother god, and even sent a giant to cover the so-called “adult” of Angel Race. It should be Savior, but this title seems a bit wrong.

In the letter, Angel Race remembered to say that the position is neutral, the mother god’s subordinates are minions, and Savior is “that lord”. The meaning in this words is not like neutrality.

The teenager who saw something different through only a few words became more careful in his heart, but did not ask or refute, but quickly evacuated under the protection of the soldiers after being nodded.

To be honest, whether it is Mother God or Savior, it seems to Roel that they are all the same. The dispute between the two boys has no intention of participating in it. It doesn’t matter to him where Angel Race falls, but the current boy is indeed right. The mother god is more guarded, and the reason is simple.

Because Roel now has the ability of a crown stone.

Although Roel doesn’t know what position [Six Plagues] has in this Ancient Times, once the mother god discovers Roel’s ability to have a crown stone, it is likely to cause unexpected incidents, especially in this case. Sensitive period.

On the other hand, Savior, according to the tree man sacrifice and the memories of Gurandal and the others, seems to be a wise and a leader recognized by many races in this period when he was not degenerate and mad.

Such a balance flashed in the black hair boy’s heart, making him make a decision to stay away from the mother god’s sphere of influence, and as if echoing, while being protected, a strong wave of curse power suddenly came from the sky.

“Not good! It’s Legion magic!”


Under the wide-area strike magic, the warriors of the gods screamed and raised their shields to form a square formation to protect the upper part, while Roel then ran wildly on the plain corpses everywhere across the field, and the entire group rushed to the body of the giant dragon. , The attack in the sky also began at this time.


In the fierce rumbling sound, the rain-like light gun poured down, hitting the giant dragon’s corpse with a dull blasting sound. Amidst the splashing of scales and flesh and blood, Roel and the others kept moving forward at a fast speed.

This situation lasted for a long time before the sky above Roel and the others returned to calm. Seeing everyone in the team relaxed, and in the distance behind Roel, various roars and shouts of killing also spread. Come.

“It’s the cover of Savior’s army.”

“Now, go!”

Due to the opportunity created by the friendly forces, Roel and the others were under pressure, and the speed of their marching rose in a breath, leaving the battlefield behind. It was only half an hour later that they eased.

Having survived the washing of Legion magic and walked through the sea of ​​blood on the dead mountain, both Roel and the soldiers in the team are sighed in relief, and this progress continues until the sunset of the setting sun in the distance spills on everyone. At that time, Roel asked again.

“How long will it take? Don’t you want to arrive before dark?”

“Yes, my lord, but don’t worry, it’s coming soon.”

The leading soldier responded in this way, with a relaxed tone, and Roel was relieved after hearing this. However, as soon as the conversation between the two was over, the sky suddenly became gloomy.

Ok? Is it a dark cloud?

At the moment when the earth suddenly became dark, Roel thought so reflexively, but when he lifted the head, he found that the people around him had been complexion greatly changed, and the black hair boy also knew the reason for the next moment.

The darkness is not because of dark clouds, but because of the abnormality of the sun.

Within a few seconds, the setting sun on the horizon fell rapidly as if it had been suppressed by something. The silver moon had appeared in the sky at some unknown time, accompanied by the momentary stiffness of Roel and the others’ bodies.

Under the shining of the moonlight, the entire group of black hair teenagers could no longer move as if they had been anchored, while the next moment, a sweet and ethereal female voice came from the moonlight and echoed in Roel’s ears.

“I found you.”

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