Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 576


Inside the cave, the blonde girl looked at Roel in front of him and stopped talking several times before finally showing a determined expression, and the black hair boy couldn’t help his face becoming serious after hearing Noelle’s words.

When Noelle told Roel of his time in the historical fragment last night, the black hair boy was very concerned about one thing, and that was what happened during the year.

Leaving aside the fact that Ascart Fiefdom was under attack when Roel left, Roel was particularly concerned about the war between aliens and humans. After all, Roel’s father Carter was on the front line at the time, and humans had already drawn up an offensive plan in the spring.

How is the plan going, whether the people around me are doing well this year, such questions and worries as it should be by rights appeared in Roel’s heart, but for these, because of the hasty battle last night, Roel has not been When time asked, Noelle never explained.

But now, seeing the expression of Her Highness the Princess, Roel had some bad premonitions in his heart, and as it was confirmed, Noelle also told the truth.

“Roel, don’t worry about Ascart Fiefdom. After that attack, Ascart Fiefdom became the focus area of ​​Theocracy. It has been peaceful throughout the year, but… the situation in Ascart House is not very good, listen. You need to do some psychological preparation before.”


Hearing Noelle’s words like this, Roel’s expression couldn’t help but change. He blinked and his expression stiffened suddenly, as if he hadn’t heard the girl’s words clearly, and didn’t seem to want to understand everything Noelle said.

Worries and fears began to grow inside. Roel didn’t know how to react for a while, and seemed to anticipate the emotional changes of the teenager. The blond girl had a distressed expression on her face. She touched Roel’s cheeks with her hands and opened the mouth softly. and said:

“Roel, calm down and listen to me. Uncle Carter was seriously injured in the battle with the enemy’s king of race in the last battle last year. He is currently undergoing training in his territory.”

“Seriously injured? What the hell is… and what is going on with the King of Race?”

Carter is Source Level 2. Although he is strong and has rich combat experience, he is unlikely to break through. You don’t need to play defense in Tucker Fortress. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible to fight against aliens’ Source Level 1. Seems to understand Roel’s question, Noelle also made a supplementary explanation.

“In the year after you left, it seems to be the influence of Savior’s recovery. The power of aliens began to increase as never before. One of the most obvious points is that remote priests began to increase.”


Thinking of the burning clouds above the alien army formation last night, the black hair boy couldn’t help but see clearly, and Noel nodded affirmed.

“Yes, it was the priests last night. It was not an isolated phenomenon, but the general organization of Legion, the alien NPC in the East. As a result, the defensive warfare began to become more and more unfavorable. Starting from the second half of last year, mankind’s policy has been changed to a combination of offense and defense. Uncle Carter was with grandfather in the biggest battle of Stallow…”


When Noelle spoke here, the originally calm voice was more crying, while Roel was slightly stared wide-eyed.



Her Highness the Princess lowered her head and closed her eyes, saying this to suppress all the emotions in her heart, and then lifts the head again:

“Uncle Carter and grandfather teamed up to kill a giant alien of Source Level 1. Both were seriously injured. Theocracy’s army also suffered heavy losses. Very, many people are…Woo!”


Looking at the girl who recalled the battle, because of the deaths and injuries of many relatives and friends, Roel took the initiative to extend the hand and hugged her in her arms after a moment of silence, while Her Highness the Princess grabbed the boy’s chest. Gritting his teeth and sobbing.

Noelle’s duality, this is what Roel of childhood sweethearts knows since childhood. Her Highness the Princess must be majestic and must not be weak in the face of the enemy. However, the flesh and blood human beings face many lives and deaths and serious injuries from their loved ones. , How can you be indifferent?

For a long time, the psychological pain continued to accumulate, and after seeing Roel, it began to burst out uncontrollably. Teenagers are happy to see this situation. On the one hand, this means that Roel is a person who can be fully trusted in Noelle’s heart. On the other hand, if this kind of emotional accumulation is too long, it is likely to cause psychological problems.

The boy hugging Noelle wanted to vent more, but it was a pity that Her Highness the Princess didn’t wait much. After crying a few times, the girl raised her head, as if there was something else she had to do. What had been told to Roel, the voice continued with a hoarse voice.

“You already know the situation of Uncle Carter and grandfather, but… I don’t really stop here, Roel, you must calm down and listen to me.”

“En? Noelle?”

Looking at the blond girl with a worried expression in front of him, Roel golden’s eyes widened, and a bad premonition suddenly appeared in his heart. When he saw such a boy, Noelle’s expression also became very heavy. After considering it for a moment Finally gritted his teeth and said the news that Roel absolutely couldn’t accept.

“Alicia is missing.”


At the moment when he heard the news, the boy with black hair froze his face, his body was stiff, and he stopped for a moment like an old man with poor ears. He blinked, as if he could not understand the sentence, until Noelle faced. Lu turned her cheeks distressedly, and Roel only regained her senses.

“Alicia, missing? How is it possible?”


The boy who said this changed his face and couldn’t help but grabbed Noelle’s shoulder and asked in a hurry:

“Alicia is missing? She was already source level 3 when I left! Even stronger than source level 2 at night, how could she disappear? And last year, Alicia was just an adult, how could you put her on the battlefield!?”

“No, it’s not a battlefield! You misunderstood Roel.”


“Well, after you disappeared, Ascart House has only Alicia as the heir, and she is so young, how can we put her on the battlefield?”

“Well, what is it…”

“She disappeared by herself.”


Looking at Noelle who said this, the boy with black hair lost his words for a while, Her Highness the Princess saw this sighed, sorted out the language and continued:

“Your disappearance a year ago was not only affected by various connections, but also caused a great blow to us, especially Alicia in Ascart City and Charlotte who arrived on the 2nd day.”

“After that we have been searching for your whereabouts, but as Wilhelmina spread the news that you entered the historical segment, and time passed day by day, those of us who had entered the historical segment with you began to despair, but Alicia never believed it.”

“Alicia insisted on leaving Ascart Fiefdom to find you, but Uncle Carter never agreed. Until six months ago, she suddenly disappeared when she went to the area where you disappeared again without leaving any clues. There has been no news since then. “


Hearing Noelle’s account, the boy with black hair fell into silence. He took two steps back, covering his forehead and breathing, but there was no dull brain between life and death, but it was blank at this time.

Alicia, this can be said to be Roel through childhood’s most caring and beloved younger sister, and also the girl who has spent the longest time with the teenager. The relationship between the two has even surpassed family love, and is the same as Carter, who has not been at home all the time. Alicia, who has no blood relationship, is more like his family than his family.

For Roel, after facing this cruel world and fighting with all kinds of enemies, it is a kind of salvation as long as he sees the girl’s smile the moment he returns home. However, now, that building is called home. But there is no girl’s silhouette in the thing.

This result was completely unacceptable to Roel, but how to solve this situation made the black hair boy unable to start for a while.

There must be a problem with Alicia’s disappearance. This is something Roel can be sure of. The evidence is that after Carter was injured, the girl still did not show up.

According to Noelle’s previous statement, the battle six months ago had a great impact, even if Roel’s father and Saint John were seriously injured as a result, the killing of the king of alien races was still hyped by the coalition army. The behavior is also considered a feat.

Under this circumstance, people in the human world will almost certainly hear about it, and if you know the news of Carter’s injury, then Alicia will definitely go home. After all, for her, after Roel disappeared, Carter Is the only relative.

“Is the movement restricted? Or is it not in the human world? Or is it…”

Can’t come back anymore.

Thinking of this most terrifying possibility, the boy with black hair couldn’t help shaking his body, and then grabbed his hair to force himself to calm down, but Noelle hurriedly took a step forward, grabbing the boy’s arm while persuading him.

“Roel, calm down, don’t think about it, Alicia may not be okay.”

“En? Why? Is there any basis?”

“There is no basis, but…in the first half of last year, her strength advanced by leaps and bounds, she should have reached source level 2 before she disappeared.”

“Source Level 2?”

Hearing Noelle’s explanation, Roel blinked and couldn’t believe the news for a while. After all, when he left, the silver-haired girl should have only been promoted to Gen 3 not long ago, but he thought of getting it in this historical fragment. After the information, the boy with black hair calmed down again.

Yes, if Alicia is really related to the Black Moon, then the problem of rapid strength growth for so long is not a big deal, but in that case, what is the reason…

“Wait, Noelle, you said that Alicia disappeared in the area where I entered the historical fragment, then… Could it be [Hidden Mist]?”

“We might have thought of this, but we don’t know much about the [Six Plagues]. Because of the war in the East, the investigators of [Hidden Mist] have been reduced a lot, and we have not been able to figure out its trends. ……”

“…That’s it.”

Looking at Noelle with a guilty expression, the boy with black hair did not say much after a moment of silence. After all, unlike the blonde girl, Roel now hopes to take Alicia away from the [Hidden Mist].

Judging from the relationship between Alicia and Mother God, [Hidden Mist] may not harm Alicia. On the contrary, if it is the interference of other forces, Alicia will be dangerous, and it is Savior represented by [collector] that worries the teenager the most. Believers.

The opposition between Savior and Mother God is well known. Although they had shown no interest in Alicia before, if the girl’s identity is revealed for some reason, then it is not possible for them to do it.

The young man thinking about this has a serious face, but before he can think of a solution, he suddenly starts to feel dizzy. Fortunately, Noelle, who has been carefully observing Roel’s situation, noticed the strangeness of the young man, and hurriedly stepped forward to stabilize his body. .


“…It’s okay, it’s just nodded dizzy, I’ll go over there to rest.”


Hearing the boy’s remarks, Noelle was unbearable for a while, his father was seriously injured, and the younger sister was missing. Such a shock came suddenly. It is normal for ordinary people to be unbearable, but Noelle still said these things. Came out because she felt that Roel was not in this list.

No matter how difficult the situation was in the past, Roel has never been devastated. Although this situation involves his family, it is the softest place in his heart, but if it is Roel, Noelle thinks he can survive this. Difficult.

Time passed by, and the boy with black hair fell into deep thought alone against the wall. After a long time, he sighed and his expression gradually became firm. When he saw such a boy, Noelle’s eyes brightened.

“Roel… are you better?”

“Well, I almost calm down, sorry, Noelle.”

“No, nothing, so… do you have any ideas?”

“There are many ideas, but… the first thing to do is to leave this alien area.”

Looking at the entrance of the cave, the boy with black hair has a solemn expression on his face. Although Alicia’s situation makes him very worried, and Carter’s injury also makes Roel concerned, but the reality is that it is Roel who may not be able to meet other people. itself.

After the escape last night, although Roel broke out of the encirclement, Roel is farther away from the human world. Facing the king of aliens who transcends the king of races, even if Roel regains his strength, he is not sure of winning. The important thing is that Noelle’s protection has a time limit.

“Noel, how long can the sage’s short blade last your projection?”

“Probably, until tomorrow…”


“More importantly, no one knows where you are, and it is impossible to open a breakthrough from the front line to meet you. With your current state, it is difficult to pass through the alien control zone, and continue like this…”

Having said this, Noelle clenched his fists, unable to conceal his worries, while Roel pursed his mouth and fell into silence.

It has to be said that even after experiencing so many dangers, the current situation is extremely bad for Roel, but only the determination to live is something that a teenager has and will persist in any situation, especially in the future. After knowing these things.

You must go back as soon as possible to find out the matter.

Looking at the dim light at the entrance of the cave, the boy with black hair thought so and fell into deep thought.


The boy with black hair was thinking about the way to break out of the shackles in the depths of the plain, while in the distant Tuck Fortress, Noel’s situation had attracted the attention of the Holy See.

In the command room of the fortress center, the body of the blonde girl was shrouded in a burst of holy rays of light, and outside the rays of light, there were groups of priests and curses used for emergency contact.

As the most important commander in the East, Noelle’s every move is related to the lives of the many soldiers of Theocracy. Now that his body cannot act, he naturally needs protection, and when he loses consciousness, many members of the Holy See cannot. Do not return the decision-making power of major event to the headquarters of the Holy See.

In the floating images in the room, the white-haired old man looked at the silhouette of the girl silently, and in the silence of Saint John, there was no sound in the whole room.

After arduous battles and successfully killed the giant aliens of Source Level 1, Saint John’s prestige further increased, but the serious injuries caused by this made the old man’s appearance a little older, but even with gray hair. However, Holy See’s John’s eyes gleaming with wisdom did not change.

At this time, the old man was observing Noelle in a coma, looking at the familiar mantra power and feeling very emotional. Such a mantra power fluctuation John had seen with his own eyes. It was exactly the scene in the palace where the old man was in a few years ago. , But now it reappears, and it has many meanings.

The child came back. This was John’s first reaction when he saw this scene, and it was greatly sighed in relief.

Over the past year, there have been so many things changed because of Roel’s disappearance. The biggest of them is the old man’s baby granddaughter. Although Noelle has never shown anything in public, in the silence, John has already I have seen her wiping tears secretly more than once.

Father died in battle and his grandfather was seriously injured. This situation pushed Noelle to the forefront, but John knew that the girl would not be able to hold it any longer. Fortunately, after the boy came back, a new pillar appeared, and everything was hopeful.

However, based on the current situation, things do not seem to be optimistic.

“Have you found out where the Holy Artifact started?”

“This, Lord Holy See, sacred relic seems to be interfered by some powerful force, and can only lock in the general direction.”

“Interference… where are they now.”

“…To the east, in the south-east direction.”


When the priest of the Holy Artifact Academy was silent for a moment and said this direction, there was a strange silence on the scene, and the pale face of Saint John opposite the image instantly became dignified, and the reason was very simple.

Everyone here knows where is the east side of Tuck Fortress, and when it comes to interfering with the power of Holy Artifact, many people already have guesses in their hearts.

Since last year, a powerful breath has covered the entire Tucker Plain, which is as fearsome as an ancient god. After that, a large number of priests began to appear in the army of aliens, thus turning the war against mankind. The direction is getting farther and farther.

Regarding this situation, even the human coalition that has experienced four times of alien invasions to the west has never seen it, but after research, both the Holy See and Scholar Kingdom have come to a similar conclusion, that is aliens. The supreme ruler woke up from his deep sleep.

In the room, many priests fell silent, because a question posed before Holy See John at this time, that is, whether to save people.

The skills of Holy Artifact won’t last long, and Noel will return sooner or later, but the person who activated Holy Artifact is still in the vast plains, going deep into the plains with only knowing the direction but not knowing the specific location, trying to rescue Roel’s success The rate is not only extremely low, it will also pay a huge price, and more importantly, this may be a trap.

Holy See John left the front line, not only because the Vatican’s headquarters is better for treatment, but also because humans are hiding the whereabouts of the kings of races, protecting Source Level 1 from being targeted by the terrifying existence.

Under this circumstance, entering the Tucker Plain is tantamount to a lamb in a tiger’s den, and equivalent to actively enters its home court. This is an extremely rare opportunity for the enemy, and it is also a gamble for life.

With a human origin level 1 and the lives of many soldiers as a bet, to save Roel, the golden generation Number One Person, is such an action worth it? I’m afraid no one can answer this question.

A long silence fell in the room. Saint John stared at the unconscious girl, and the whole person was motionless. After a long time, the white-haired old man let out a sigh.

“This moment has come after all, but it’s okay, maybe this is the most suitable opportunity.”

Holy See John who said this turned off the communication. He sat on the throne and silently picked up the pen and paper and began to write a letter.

Because of a certain person and a country, John didn’t want to leak any news before the operation started, so he temporarily blocked Noelle’s being summoned by the Holy Artifact, but the white-haired old man probably didn’t expect, Roel’s It was already known before it appeared.

All over Knight’s castles, the old man standing with a sword stood in front of the throne, and in front of him was the daughter of the Grand Duke, Teresa, who suddenly rushed back from the front line and lost one’s head out of fear.

Looking at the pink-haired girl who came suddenly without an announcement and waved everyone out after seeing Friedrich, the old man’s face was puzzled, but Teresa ignored the doubts of the king of holy sword. , But immediately took out the notebook tremblingly and wrote a line of text.

[Minna said last night that she sensed something, and then suddenly left and entered the plain, alone! ]


Looking at the notebook in the hand of Teresa, who was extremely anxious, the white-haired old man was taken aback for a moment, and his breath suddenly became serious.

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