Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 901


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Xiao Family, one of the Nine Great Families of the Heavenly Realm, is strong and has a thriving population. It is located in the Core Zone of Xiaoyu and Heavenly Fire City.

It is about nine hundred li or so from where Li Xiuyan is currently located.

Since Li Xiuyan’s current town is not at all teleportation spirit formations, if you want to go to Heavenly Fire City, you must first go to a town two hundred 30 li away.

It is estimated that there is no teleportation circle here, so Zhao felt it was safe just now, so all his family members were placed here.

At this time, it was getting late, Ma Xiaoyun suggested that he should take a rest for the time being, and wait until tomorrow morning before leaving.

After all, there are soul beasts everywhere in the upper heaven realm. It is still safer in the city. If you rush to the night, you will be easily attacked by the soul beasts.

Li Xiuyan heard the same reason, so the four of them found an Inn, and the Inn was full. After asking, I realized that it was all because of those soul beasts. It turned out that this place is not particularly peaceful, even though the city is still safe, but outside the city, it is possible to encounter an attack by a soul beast at any time.

So many travelers choose to live in the city, and wait until Nine Great Families clean up all the soul beasts in the upper heaven. After all, the ranks of these spirit beasts are very high, and they are extremely fierce, and some people with poor strength dare not provoke them.

As for the soul core and so on, I can’t even think about it.

“The shopkeeper’s, is there really no room left?” Ma Xiaoyun did not give up, grabbing the shopkeeper’s wrist, and asked with a slight threat.

The shopkeeper’s crying face of Old Zhang said, “It’s really gone. If there is, how can I say no, right?”

Ma Xiaoyun looked at shopkeeper and didn’t seem to be lying, so he let go of his hand and asked Li Xiuyan, “There is no place to live, what should I do?”

Li Xiuyan laughed, “What else can I do, go back.”

What Li Xiuyan is referring to is going back to the Nine Realm Space.

There are many experts in the heaven realm, and there are many people from the Nine Great Families. If nothing is wrong, Li Xiuyan is really unwilling to go in and out of the nine realm spaces. Because his bottom has been exposed, when Bao Qi enters and exits the Nine Realms space, he will be discovered by the people of Nine Great Families.

For Nine Great Families, Li Xiuyan is like a bomb. As long as Li Xiuyan is still alive, he cannot be peaceful for a moment.

Although it is mentioned in the family classics that the Lord of Nine Realms once appeared, it has been a long time now. Most of the people who have met the previous Lord of Nine Realms are already not in, and the previous Lord of Nine Realms not at all caused much damage to Nine Great Families, and was killed by Nine Great Families. Therefore, in the eyes of Nine Great Families, the title of Lord of Nine Realms is often larger, but true Ability, but not great.

Even in the eyes of some people, the influence of Li Xiuyan, the Lord of Nine Realms, is not as great as this time the Extreme North Land soul beast escaped.

“In this way, you go in and rest, I will find a place to deal with overnight, and I will let the old soul send you out tomorrow morning.”

Leaving the Inn, Li Xiuyan came to the alley behind the Inn.

Ma Xiaoyun looked around, “It’s pretty good here, there should be no who will pass by, it’s safe.”

Ma Xiaoyun meant that Li Xiuyan was naturally allowed to enter the Nine Realm Space. After all, this city is different from outside, except for Inn, who can only sleep on the street.

Li Xiuyan smiled and waved his hand, “Forget it, now is an extraordinary period. If you can avoid a point of danger, you can avoid one point. I will send you in.”

After that, Shen Xuanbing, Chu Qianhan and Ma Xiaoyun were all sent into the Nine Realm Dimension.

Leaving him alone, Li Xiuyan didn’t want to play beggar so early and sleep on the street, so he wandered on the street alone.

Due to the large quantities of soul beasts in the Extreme North Land flowing into the upper heaven, the city defense of the upper heaven town became very tense. As soon as the sky saw dark, all the city gates were closed, and the number of guards was also straightforward. Doubled.

However, the city has become lively. There are more people on the street, and the shops on both sides of the street have better business than before.

Li Xiuyan actually doesn’t want to sleep on the street. Who wants to pretend to be bald if he has hair?

The reason why the three of Shen Xuanbing and the others returned to the Nine Realm Space was also because the four people needed to open four rooms. Not only was the cost large, but the goal was also large. It was different for him alone. The goal was small and the cost was small .

Wandering all the way in the street, Li Xiuyan wandered unconsciously to the door of a restaurant.

Sniffing his nose, he couldn’t help but praised: “It smells so good…”

The aroma he was referring to was not the aroma of wine, but the aroma of vegetables wafting from the restaurant.

So looking for the fragrance directly, he walked into the restaurant.

The restaurant is divided into three floors, the first and second floors are scattered terraces, and the third floor is a box.

As soon as Li Xiuyan entered the door, a guy came forward to greet him, seeing that Li Xiuyan was alone, so he asked Li Xiuyan if he could join the table, because looking at it, there are people at every table on the first and second floors. , It’s just not full yet.

Li Xiuyan came in smelling the fragrance of the dishes, and the purpose was to taste the dishes here, so he didn’t care about joining the table with others. Anyway, he was alone and didn’t need any extravagance.

“Assemble the tables, you can arrange them for me.”

“Hole, please…”

Seeing that Li Xiuyan is very talkative, the young man is willing to entertain him, so he took Li Xiuyan all the way to the second floor.

Standing on tiptoe and looking around, there was only one person at the table by the window, and only two dishes were ordered. The table was half empty, so Li Xiuyan walked over.

Li Xiuyan took a look at it. It turned out to be a girl who was going to be at the same table. She felt a little uncomfortable. He was about to talk to the guy, but he had already spoken first and told the girl that he wanted Li Xiuyan to fight with her.

The girl is about 18-19 years old, she is good looking, fair and beautiful, and has long legs, but she has a bad temper. When she heard that the guy wanted her to fight with Li Xiuyan, she exploded. I patted the table and stood up, pointed at the noses of the young man and Li Xiuyan, and cursed, “What a joke, this Miss came to you to eat to give you face, you actually let this Miss fight with him!”

The next guy repeatedly apologized, but the intention of letting the two join the table was not reduced at all. After all, one table can sell two dishes, which is equivalent to more profit, not only makes people think of his food here. It’s delicious, and it also made a fortune for the shopkeeper.

It is precisely because of his hand-to-hand tablework that makes this restaurant’s business extremely popular. Of course, it is inseparable from the taste of the food.

“Why don’t you forget it, you can help me find a table.” Li Xiuyan saw that the girl didn’t want to fight with him for dinner, so naturally he didn’t want to force it. After all, he is a person who wants face and can’t be rejected by others, he Still hard, then he becomes who…

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