Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 902


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Seeing that the girl really didn’t want to fight for the table, she had no choice but to give up. In other words, he is also a service industry, and the customer said no, he could not force it, so he found another table.

A middle-aged man sitting at this table has a strong body and a full beard with a full face. He is very angry. Apart from wine and meat on the table, he can’t even see a tooth.

“This guest, there is really no space left in the shop. You see that you are only one person, and here is half empty. Can you make a table with this Young Master?”

The young man was afraid of being rejected again, and was a bit more humble than the attitude he had when discussing with the girl before.

“No problem.” The middle-aged man was very outspoken. The boy was so happy when he heard that he was about to invite Li Xiuyan to sit down. He heard the middle-aged man say again: “You can fight with me, but There is a request.”

The young man thought that the middle-aged man wanted to add a dish and so on, so he agreed.

But the middle-aged man didn’t want to add food, he looked up towards Li Xiuyan, “Can you drink? If you can drink, just sit down and order whatever you want. It’s on my account. If you can’t drink…”

The middle-aged man didn’t say what was behind, but even a fool knew what he was behind.

Li Xiuyan is not greedy for free food. It just so happens that he is a bit tired recently. It is okay to have a drink and relax, so he nodded, “Since this big brother has this Yaxing, my little brother Bong will accompany him…”

“Okay.” The middle-aged man patted his thigh, “Sit.”

Li Xiuyan is also welcome, pulling out the chair and sitting down.

“Order whatever you want.” The middle-aged man fulfilled his promise.

Li Xiuyan came in here smelling the fragrance of vegetables. Naturally it is impossible to just sit and drink with him, so he asked the buddy, “When I just passed the door of your store, I suddenly asked a very fragrant smell. What dish?”

The young man laughed as soon as he heard this, “Young Master’s nose is so good, the scent you smell is the signature dish of our restaurant.”

“The signature dish? Okay, come here.” Li Xiuyan moved his index finger.

The middle-aged man seems to be a frequent visitor here, “How can one be enough? Come ten.”

The young man Le has flowers, and he hastened to prepare.

Li Xiuyan is a bit daunted. Can you finish ten of them?

I just wanted to ask the middle-aged man what the so-called signature dish was, but the middle-aged man already handed over a bowl of wine.

Li Xiuyan could only take it and drank it with the middle-aged man.

As soon as the wine entered, Li Xiuyan’s mouth suddenly filled with a mellow fragrance, and couldn’t help but praise the good wine.

As a result, this good drink directly aroused the interest of the middle-aged man, and he drank seven bowls with Li Xiuyan in one breath.

Li Xiuyan can drink, but that was his past life. This body’s alcohol volume is not very good. After seven bowls of wine, he already feels a little dizzy.

As for the Dionysus title previously obtained, they were actually obtained by cheating. The wine that pretended to be drunk by him is still placed in the Nine Realm Space.

Compared with the wine in Jiujing Space, the wine here tastes better, but not much worse.

“Little Brother, good drink…” The middle-aged man said as he waved his hand to call the buddy, and asked for another jar of wine.

The signature dishes ordered by Li Xiuyan came with wine.

Although the middle-aged man likes to drink, the wine is good. Let Li Xiuyan taste the signature dishes here, and then continue with him.

The so-called signature dish is actually a soup.

The middle-aged man ordered ten signature dishes for Li Xiuyan, exactly ten soup cups, which were placed in front of Li Xiuyan.

Li Xiuyan rubbed his nose and asked the middle-aged man, “Is this the so-called signature dish?”

The middle-aged man smiled nodded, “Try it.”

Li Xiuyan was not polite, and opened one of the soup cups.

As a result, as soon as the lid was opened, a refreshing fragrance suddenly assaults the senses, “This is too fragrant…”

Li Xiuyan was curious about what was in the soup, so he put the spoon in and took a little bit, but there was nothing in it except the soup.

Although there is nothing in it, the soup is very thick and rice-white, and looks very appetizing.

Li Xiuyan put the spoon under his nose, the scent became more intense.

Li Xiuyan couldn’t resist the temptation of the scent. Just about to put the spoon in his mouth, there was a young girl’s sweet drink behind him, “get out of my sight!”

Li Xiuyan heard the sound familiar, and before he had time to drink the soup, he turned his head subconsciously and looked at it. It turned out to be the girl who just refused to fight with him.

This little girl is being surrounded by three men at the moment.

Looking at the state of these three people, it was obvious that they were drunk too much. Not only did they sit at the girl’s table, they also acted on the girl.

Although the girl has a bad temper, she still has patience. Since Li Xiuyan looked over, she has been evasive, as if she didn’t mean to have a physical conflict with the three people.

“Impossible, broad daylight is so brilliant, I dare to molest the good women!”

The middle-aged man who is at the same table with Li Xiuyan slap the table and stand up, in the posture of a heroic hero, halberd and angry.

These words sound okay at first, but it’s night, where is the broad daylight? Where is the brilliant universe?

But this is just a scene, it doesn’t matter. The point is that the three gangsters molested a little girl who hadn’t arrived at the age of 20, but he said that she was a good woman, which is somewhat inappropriate.

And not only did Li Xiuyan find it inappropriate, as the little girl who was the client, the corners of her eyes twitched, and she seemed to want to teach the middle-aged man who was at the same table with Li Xiuyan.

But the middle-aged man, not at all, realized what was wrong with his words, and strode over.

The three hooligans obviously also not to be trifled with. Seeing the middle-aged man approaching, he didn’t have the slightest fear and directly greeted him, “What do you want! Warn you. Take out your fat body and light up!”

The middle-aged man’s body really doesn’t have a lot of fat, it’s all strong muscles. Hearing what the three of them said, he was directly unhappy, and grabbed the neck of the person closest to him. He mentioned it directly.

When his two companions saw this, they shouted sharply: “What are you doing, let him go, or don’t blame us for being polite!”

The middle-aged man sneered, “Come on, I want to see how you are not welcome!”

There is an unwritten rule in every town in the upper heaven realm that Martial Spirit is not to be liberated in the city immediately. Once discovered, they will be classified as dangerous, and the City Lord Mansion will be arrested immediately. If you are strong enough and don’t care about the power of City Lord Mansion, you can naturally ignore this rule, but under normal circumstances, almost no one will violate this rule. After all, City Lord Mansion is very strong in the local area, otherwise it is not qualified. Take charge of the town.

So under normal circumstances, no one wants to provoke the City Lord Mansion, and at the same time they will abide by this unwritten rule. After all, the city has a large population. Once the Martial Spirit is liberated, especially the realm is high, like the Soul Emperor Such people can easily cause large-scale damage to the town, and the number of casualties is not too small.

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