Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 903


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The middle-aged man and these three rascals are obviously people in this city, and they know the rules of the city well, so the three of them are noisy and no one wants to use spirit power first .

“stupid big fellow, I advise you not to be nosy! Let go of my brother!”

The middle-aged man was snered. Obviously, he was already a little drunk. Instead of letting him go, he slapped the man who was caught in the neck by him. He cursed: “You three smelly No shame stuff, I am so bold, I dare to molest the Liang family women in front of Lao Tzu!”

It was another good woman. The girl finally couldn’t bear it. She slapped the table and said angrily: “You guys have bad eyesight. Where do you see that I am a woman?”

After hearing the girl’s words, the middle-aged man felt a little embarrassed.

The two companions of the rogue who was caught by his neck took this opportunity to attack the middle-aged man.

Although the middle-aged man was not injured, the person caught by him took the opportunity to escape from his hands.

The three of them ran towards the stairs.

The middle-aged man was kicked by one of them. He was so angry that he chased him out.

Although Li Xiuyan doesn’t want to cause trouble, the middle-aged man is somehow the one who invited him to dinner. Now that something is going on, Li Xiuyan doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines, so he plans to go out and see if he can help.

But when she left, she found that the girl sat back and continued to eat.

Li Xiuyan is somewhat surprised, this girl’s curiosity is too small…

If this has nothing to do with him, it’s okay for her to be like this. The key thing is that it started because of her. Now the people who help her, and the people who molested her, go outside to make an appointment, she is actually not interested Look, and you can continue to eat, this person’s mentality is really…

Li Xiuyan has never seen someone like her.

“Aren’t you going down and have a look?” Li Xiuyan asked tentatively.

As a result, the girl said, “Does it have anything to do with me? I can win by seeing him?”

Li Xiuyan felt that he and this girl are not the same people in the world, so he didn’t say any more and went downstairs.

As a result, when he left the restaurant, there were already a lot of people onlookers outside. The middle-aged man was one enemy three, but he did not lose sight.

Li Xiuyan originally thought he would help, but now it seems that it is simply unnecessary.

Because of the unwritten regulations in the town that the Martial Spirit is not allowed to be liberated, the battle between the middle-aged man and the three hooligans is limited to fistwork. Even if the three hooligans suffer, they dare not rashly liberate Martial Spirit, because once they liberate Martial Spirit, City Lord Mansion will intervene in, and at that time, they don’t even want to get stuck in the city.

“With the strength of the three of you, still dare to be a gangster?” The middle-aged man had the upper hand with one enemy three, and he drank some wine, and he drifted off.

As a result, when he was proud, one of the guys suddenly took out a dagger and stabbed it from behind the middle-aged man.

Li Xiuyan noticed that the middle-aged man was not at all aware, so he rushed up, grabbing and pinching, the dagger fell directly to the ground, and the man’s wrist was directly broken by Li Xiuyan.

“Ah!” A painful wailing sound followed. Li Xiuyan didn’t hear everything, and punched him backhand directly to the ground.

Hearing the movement, the middle-aged man looked back and found that Li Xiuyan had saved his life. If it weren’t for Li Xiuyan, he would either break the rules and liberate the Martial Spirit, or he had fallen in a pool of blood.

“Little Brother, many thanks.” The middle-aged man thanked Li Xiuyan.

As a result, one step was wrong, one step was wrong. Just as he thanked Li Xiuyan, the other two gangsters also took out daggers and stabbed him.

Because he was facing two gangsters with his back, and he was thanking Li Xiuyan, this gave the two guys a chance.

Li Xiuyan is also because of the angle, not at all seeing the daggers in the hands of the two, causing the middle-aged man to be stabbed by the two daggers at the same time.

In the next second, both of them were knocked to the ground by Li Xiuyan.

“Are you all right?” Li Xiuyan asked.

The middle-aged man shook his head, “No major event, the wound is not deep.”

Li Xiuyan was not stingy and took out a Healing Medicine Pill directly and placed it in the hand of the middle-aged man, “eat it.”

The middle-aged man is also a good-knower. At a glance, he could see that Li Xiuyan gave him a medicine pill that was unusual, and he didn’t doubt it a lot. He chewed twice in his mouth and swallowed it.

While medicine efficacy spread within the body, the bleeding of middle-aged men has been significantly reduced.

Li Xiuyan said: “You can rest for a while, and leave these three craps to me.”

Li Xiuyan gave a middle-aged man medicine pill. It is not a top grade Divine Pill, but it is a healing medicine that can step into the high grade medicine pill. Although it does not reach the realm of the flesh and bones of the living dead, the wound is also naked. Eye’s visible speed, fast repair.

Seeing that the three hooligans had hit the iron plate this time, they dared to stay for a long time, helping each other to flee.

Li Xiuyan didn’t want to cause trouble, so instead of chasing after him, he immediately went forward and checked the middle-aged man’s injury. Seeing that he was fine, he felt relieved.

“Where do you live, I will send you back to rest,”

Li Xiuyan wanted to help people to the end, accompanies Buddha all the way to the west, but the middle-aged man didn’t want to go back, and he said, “We haven’t finished our wine, how can we leave.”

As soon as Li Xiuyan heard this, he took it at the time. His life was almost gone just now, and he wanted to drink.

So he persuaded: “It’s fine to drink, let’s make another day.”

“Don’t, where shall I find you another day.”

The middle-aged man grabbed Li Xiuyan’s wrist as if he was lifting a little chicken, and he directly gave Li Xiuyan a slip back to the second floor of the hotel.

When your man passed by the girl’s side, the blood and the smell of blood on his body may have attracted the girl’s attention.

“Are you injured?”

The middle-aged man step one stopped, turning his head and saying: “It’s okay, it’s a small meaning.”

The girl is also affordable. After listening to nodded, she started her own business.

Li Xiuyan was worried about the physical condition of the middle-aged man, so he asked, “Can you continue to drink like this?”

“Don’t delay.” The middle-aged man said, picking up the wine for one night, and he drank a clean drink.

I wiped my mouth and hiccuped.

Li Xiuyan saw that he was really okay. I thought it might be that medicine efficacy has been fully exerted, and his injury has no major event. He can recover completely after a period of training, so he continued to drink with him according to the requirements of the middle-aged man stand up.

Li Xiuyan was worried that the three guys would bring people back to seek revenge, so the rest of the wine was not drunk at all and was sent directly into the Nine Realm Space.

In the end, it didn’t take long for the three guys to return with a group of people to seek revenge.

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