Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 904


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The middle-aged man was stabbed twice. In fact, he was holding back the fire. Seeing those people dare to come back, coldly snorted, and said: “It looks like you are trying to make things worse today!”

The headed person is a mustache, said with a sneer: “It’s not that we want to make things big, but you, the person who is full of nosy and hurt me, you said this What should I do?”

“What do you want to do?” The middle-aged man stood up.

“Simple, as for me, there are always a large number of adults. If you hurt my person, you will lose money.”

The middle-aged man sneered, “I think you are here to do and so on, so I want money, okay, I don’t have that many with me, you go with me to get it.”

“Yes.” The headed mustache thought that the middle-aged man was afraid of him.

In Li Xiuyan’s view, things are far from simple.

The middle-aged man asked the moustache group to wait outside the restaurant. He is a frequent visitor of this restaurant and does not want to cause trouble to the shopkeeper.

The moustache didn’t shut up here to make trouble, so he took someone out first, but left one person and stared at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man not at all pays attention to the stalking crap, picks up the wine bowl, and says to Li Xiuyan: “Little Brother, it’s a pleasure for Guan to have a swig with you today. Unfortunately, Someone is disrupting the situation, come here today, we if fated will meet again.”

Li Xiuyan knew what the middle-aged man wanted to do, and just about to speak, the middle-aged man motioned to him not to get involved. Immediately he called the buddy, settled the bill, and followed the moustache group.

The girl who got up because of her at this time also just walked out of the restaurant.

Li Xiuyan thought she was a conscience discovery, but she only glanced at Li Xiuyan and then walked in the opposite direction of the middle-aged man.

Li Xiuyan smiled helplessly, because he was worried that the middle-aged man would suffer. After all, there were too many people, so he followed.

In order to avoid being spotted by the bearded man, Li Xiuyan deliberately pulled away.

Soon, Li Xiuyan found that they were walking in the direction of the city gate.

It seems that his guess is correct, the middle-aged man really wants to take the moustache and the group out of the city. As long as you go outside the city, the rule that Martial Spirit cannot be liberated will naturally cease to exist.

Because the soul beasts of Extreme North Land invaded the upper realm, the city gate was closed long before dark.

But for the warrior, the city wall with several dozen meters high is nothing at all.

“Where are you taking us?”

Moustache seemed to notice something wrong, stopped and asked Guan Lie, who was a middle-aged man.

Guan Lie sneered and said: “My residence is outside the city, and the money is in my home. If you want it, naturally you have to go out of the city to get it with me.”

“Boss, for fear of fraud.”

One person next to Mustache, after listening to Guan Lie’s words, immediately leaned into Mustache’s ear to remind him.

But even so, it scared Moustache half to death, almost crying, shouting at his men to stop them.

It was their boss, after an order, the person still attacking Guan Lie finally stopped.

Guan Lie finally got a chance to breathe.

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