Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 905


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“Little Brother, if you have something to say, don’t shake your hands…” Moustache said with fear.

Li Xiuyan sneered, said: “My hands are not shaking, it depends on your men not listening.”

The mustache hurriedly said: “Observe, obedient, they are absolutely obedient.”

“That’s good.” Li Xiuyan said, winking at Guan Lie and motioning for him to come over to his side.

Although Guan Lie was beaten miserably, he didn’t seem to want to make things too much, because once they went outside the city to liberate Martial Spirit and fight, it would not be as simple as it is now. Someone must pay. At the cost of bleeding, this matter may end.

“Are you all right?” Li Xiuyan asked Guan Lie.

Guan Lie shook his head, “Thanks to you for giving me medicine pill before, otherwise the trouble will be big.”

Li Xiuyan hearing this, slightly smiled, then asked Guan Lie, “Today’s matter…”

Guan Lie rushed to Li Xiuyan nodded, and then asked Mustache, “What happened to you today?”

The moustache was held by Li Xiuyan with a knife against his neck, where he dared to make any requests, it was naturally what Guan Lie said.

At first, Guan Lie really wanted to get them out of the city and compete with them. Life and death depended on God’s will, but now, Li Xiuyan is involved.

The thing he dislikes most is owing favors to others, and he is more unwilling to do things that hurt others, so he can only be forced to change his mind, so he said to Mustache, “What happened today, we tentatively Right or wrong. I beat your subordinates and you hurt me. We are even tied. From now on, everyone minds their own business, how?”

Where did the mustache dare to say no, I quickly said yes, and specifically emphasized once, from now on, everyone minds their own business.

Guan Lie saw that Moustache was still sincere, so he winked at Li Xiuyan and motioned to Li Xiuyan to let him go.

Li Xiuyan saw Guan Lie nodded, and then let go of the mustache.

As soon as Moustache got out of trouble, he ran to his side.

As a result, as soon as the person passed by, his face changed, and it was really faster to turn his face than a book.

His subordinates seem to have known for a long time that once he gets out of trouble, he will immediately find the face he lost. Almost at the same time he ordered to do it, he was ready to do it.

Li Xiuyan also had this mental preparation. The reason why he chose to let him go was because Guan Lie asked him to do this, and the other was because he didn’t want to make things big.

But not wanting to make things big does not mean that he is afraid to make things big.

People who go back on one’s word like Mustache can only respond with violence.

Looking at Guan Lie again, like Li Xiuyan, he seems to have expected such a thing to happen, but he is still willing to give the moustaches a chance, but it is a pity that they don’t cherish the opportunity to give them.

Since there are more people on the moustache side, Guan Lie is the only one with him and Li Xiuyan. If Martial Spirit is not liberated, they are definitely not Moustache’s opponents.

So Guan Lie planned to break the unwritten rule and liberate Martial Spirit in the town.

But he will not choose to do it immediately, but will first take Li Xiuyan away from this place, let him completely escape from this incident, and then turn around to deal with the mustache group.

But when he was about to liberate Martial Spirit, Li Xiuyan immediately stopped him, “What are you doing, liberate Martial Spirit here, you won’t be able to gain a foothold in the future!”

Guan Lie said: “Of course I know this, if we don’t liberate Martial Spirit, we…”

Before the words were finished, Li Xiuyan interrupted, “I am here, it’s okay.”

As the voice fell, the silhouette had already rushed out.

The moustache’s men saw Li Xiuyan daring to rush over by himself, and his eyes showed a certain expression of Li Xiuyan.

But immediately, they realized that their ideas were wrong.

A dozen people besieged Li Xiuyan, but they were all beaten up by Li Xiuyan. Three of them were beaten badly. They even wanted to liberate Martial Spirit to deal with Li Xiuyan, but they were all stopped by Mustache. .

Moustache is a local tyrant in this city. If his subordinates don’t abide by the rules of the city, he will follow bad luck. When the time comes, it’s a small matter to be expelled from the city. Up.

So he won’t break the rules of the city when he is not as a last resort.

“Little Brother, you can fight too much…” Guan Lie almost looked silly.

He didn’t know how much Li Xiuyan’s fisting skills were, and he didn’t see what Li Xiuyan’s skills were special, but he was able to beat a dozen people down with one person in such a short time ,What’s happening here?

Especially when Li Xiuyan is fighting against someone, the opponent is not his opponent at all.

This makes Guan Lie, who is strong, unable to understand.

“It’s over, he is about to become your little fan.” The voice of the old soul sounded in Li Xiuyan’s heart at this time.

The reason why Li Xiuyan is able to fight like this is because his body is much stronger than an ordinary person, especially the strength of the skeleton and muscles. A conservative estimate should be about ten times that of a normal person.

It’s like an ordinary person’s punch with a force of about one, while Li Xiuyan’s punch is at least ten.

The same goes for defense capabilities.

This leads to Li Xiuyan’s ordinary attack ability, which is extremely powerful. If this World does not have Martial Spirit and soul power, Li Xiuyan is undoubtedly the ceiling among humans.

“This, this, how is this possible!” Moustache opened his mouth wide in surprise. He had never encountered such a tough person before.

“Come on, you are the only one left. Finish the call earlier and go home early to sleep.”

Li Xiuyan hooked his finger at the mustache.

Moustache saw with his own eyes how Li Xiuyan beat his subordinates, and where he dared to challenge Li Xiuyan, he admitted on the spot.

Li Xiuyan has been fooled once, so naturally he won’t be a second time. Now I let them go. Less than 5 minutes of time, they will bring more people back. When the time comes, isn’t it endless Up.

So he said coldly: “Do you think you are here with me, do you still have credibility?”

Little Beard saw that the situation was far from good, and quickly apologized to Li Xiuyan, “Yes, Little Brother, no, big brother, you give us another chance, from now on, we promise everyone minds their own business, no no no, as long as I see you, I will detour immediately and will never show up in front of you again, do you think it is?”

“Big brother Guan, what do you think?” Li Xiuyan thought that he would leave here tomorrow, but Guan Lie still had to live here. He left the decision right to him, so he could make his own decisions, and secondly , If he no longer pursues it, it would be equivalent to selling a favor.

Guan Lie really didn’t want to continue entangled with Moustache and the others because he didn’t want to involve Li Xiuyan, but now, he has thoroughly seen the character of Moustache and thinks that people like him cannot be trusted. The so-called If One Doesn’t Cut The Grass At Its Roots, Then The Spring Breeze Will Blow And Give Life To It Once More.

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