Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 906


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Thinking about the character of the mustache, Guan Lie clenched the teeth, decided to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, so that from now on, not only he can be quiet, but Li Xiuyan will not be involved in any way, so he came to the mustache , “This time you won’t go back on one’s word anymore?”

“No, no, absolutely not!” Mustache swore to show determination. But in Guan Lie’s eyes, his words were like farts, without any credibility.

I immediately planned to get rid of the mustache by surprise.

But at this moment, the roar of the soul beast suddenly came from outside the city wall.

The call is loud, not only here in Li Xiuyan, but most people in the city can probably hear it.

The corners of the moustache’s mouth suddenly raised, and while liberating Martial Spirit, he punched Guan Lie in the chest.

Guan Lie’s chest sank suddenly, a mouthful of blood, and he sprayed out directly, and the person flew out like a kite with a broken wire, and fell heavily to the ground.

“Brothers, these two guys led the soul beasts to attack the town and take them down!”

With Moustache’s order, his men liberated Martial Spirit one after another.

Li Xiuyan not at all expected this scene to happen, watching Guan Lie who was seriously injured and fell to the ground, the fire in his heart burned instantly.

Also liberated Martial Spirit.

Although Li Xiuyan’s fleshy body is powerful, it is far behind the warrior who liberated Martial Spirit. That is to say, even if you reach the holy powerhouse, as long as you don’t liberate Martial Spirit, you can be very Low, and kill those who liberated Martial Spirit.

Guan Lie has been severely injured now, whether it is life or death, Li Xiuyan is not very clear.

He doesn’t want to be like Guan Lie, since the opponent liberated Martial Spirit, he must also liberate Martial Spirit.

“Hehe, I didn’t see it, you brat is so young that he has reached the realm of the soul emperor!” The mustache said while looking at Li Xiuyan.

Li Xiuyan coldly snorted, “You are not bad, and you have reached the realm of the soul emperor, but unfortunately, your lifelong achievements can only stop here.”

“What do you mean?” Mustache asked Li Xiuyan in a puzzled manner.

Li Xiuyan’s tone gradually became cold, “I mean, you will die here today.”

Li Xiuyan hates people who go back on one’s word like Moustache. Originally, he didn’t want to treat Moustache, but this guy gave up the chance to survive again and again. In this case, Li Xiuyan would not mind giving him 10%.

Moustache heard that Li Xiuyan was going to kill him, and laughed tauntingly, “You think you can kill me? Why do you? Not to mention the realm of my brothers, it’s just that we are one to one , Are you capable of killing me? Don’t forget, Lao Tzu is also the realm of the soul emperor!”

Li Xiuyan sneered, “I can kill the soul emperor realm, why can’t I kill you?”

Moustache and his men are hearing this laughed heartily. Obviously, they don’t believe that Li Xiuyan, a soul emperor realm person, can kill the soul emperor realm powerhouse.

All thought he was bluffing.

Li Xiuyan does not have the ability to kill the soul emperor or the realm powerhouse without the power of Wanjun, but once he uses the power of Wanjun, the soul emperor is like an ant .

The moustaches and the others in front of me are a group of go back on one’s word, people with no discipline and no lower limit, leaving them useless, and getting rid of them is equivalent to getting rid of the evil.

If Li Xiuyan didn’t guess wrong, he had arranged the roar of the soul beast from outside the city.

The purpose is to use this to get in touch with the restrictions that cannot liberate Martial Spirit in the town.

Because it is an extraordinary period, the shadows of soul beasts flowing out of the Extreme North Land are everywhere in the upper heaven.

Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to liberate Martial Spirit in the city, but if a spirit beast strikes, this rule will be automatically abolished.

The two of Mustache’s men ran away in the chaos before. Li Xiuyan at first thought they were afraid, so they ran away, but now it seems that the two of them obviously went outside the city to find spirit beasts.

Otherwise, Moustache will not immediately liberate Martial Spirit and attack Guan Lie after hearing the roar of the soul beast.

Because he had been prepared for a long time, interceding with Li Xiuyan, begging to let him go, it was just a battle book he used to delay time.

“No, do you really want to borrow the power of Sister Wanjun for these miscellaneous things?” The old soul felt somewhat unworthy.

Li Xiuyan actually feels worthless, but there is no way. Moustache is obviously the soul emperor realm, and the two next to Moustache are also soul emperors. The others are soul kings and want to defeat In addition to relying on Wanjun’s power, they could only call Ma Xiaoyun and Shen Xuanbing out.

But in that case, the battle time is bound to be lengthened.

It is not allowed to liberate Martial Spirit at will in the town. Once someone liberates Martial Spirit, the people from City Lord Mansion will appear later. Li Xiuyan doesn’t want the people from City Lord Mansion to join in, so he has to use Wanjun The power of, before the people of City Lord Mansion appeared, all the moustaches were eliminated.

“Well, anyway, it won’t take much effort to deal with this bunch of choppy.”

However, just when Li Xiuyan was about to start, Moustache’s men grabbed Guan Lie while Li Xiuyan was unprepared.

At this time, Guan Lie was seriously injured and had already fallen into a coma. If the medicine efficacy had not been exhausted, Gu Jiu would have killed him with the blow of the mustache.

Although Mustache has the Soul Emperor realm, he also faces Li Xiuyan who owns the Soul Emperor realm. He feels somewhat unsure in his heart. After all, Li Xiuyan has shown too many incredible places before. He does not want to take risks. That’s why he let his subordinates hold Guan Lie, the purpose is to blackmail Li Xiuyan.

Li Xiuyan is a person who doesn’t like being threatened, but Guan Lie’s life lies in the hands of Moustache and the others. Although he is not at all with Guan Lie, he can’t ignore his life or death. , So he said to Mustache and the others: “Let him go, I will let you leave alive, otherwise, you will all die here today, I am not cracking a joke.”

In Li Xiuyan’s tone, there is no emotion, cold, and it makes people shudder.

After hearing Li Xiuyan’s words, Moustache also felt a chill in his back, but Li Xiuyan was in his hands. He really didn’t believe Li Xiuyan would ignore them. Besides, he didn’t think Li Xiuyan could kill them all. Coldly smiled and said, “Boy, are you awake or drowsy, and you still don’t know the situation? Your big brother’s life can be held in my hand, you dare to follow me like this Speak?”

Li Xiuyan said: “I and him are nothing more than strangers coming together by chance.”

Where can the mustache believe, thinking that Li Xiuyan is trying to save people, so he said that.

In fact, Li Xiuyan really wants to save people first, but Moustache is also an old gang, and he won’t be fooled easily.

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