Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 907


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At this time, Li Xiuyan, somewhat had a headache, because the two sides have now reached a deadlock. There is no special incident, and this deadlock is really difficult to break.

However, at this moment, the soul beast that had made a huge roar once again let out a deafening roar, followed by a heart-wrenching scream.

Moustache’s face suddenly changed when he heard the scream, and everyone else looked at Moustache.

Li Xiuyan guessed that the scream must be the person sent by Mustache to lure the soul beast.

A loud noise of “clang”, the huge city gate more than ten meters high, seemed to have been hit fiercely by something, as if the whole earth was trembling.

Li Xiuyan turned his head and looked towards the city gate, and immediately noticed that there was a very powerful force outside the city gate.

Moustache also seemed to be aware, and immediately winked at one of his men and asked him to go to the city wall to see what was going on outside.

Li Xiuyan not at all rushed to do it, but waited until the guy who went to check the situation on the city wall came back.

From the horrified expression on the man’s face, it can be seen that he must have seen something terrible, and even the words are unfavorable. In a short sentence, he was said to be shattered…

“Lao Lao Lao, Boss, no no no, it’s not good, one after another one, a big soul beast!”

Li Xiuyan’s hearing is different from that of ordinary people. Although he said this sentence lying in the ear of Mustache, it was also clearly heard by Li Xiuyan.

At the same time, the violent impact and the roar of the soul beast sounded again.

Judging from the extent to which the city gate is installed, the guys outside will never be too small. If the city gate is broken by it, the people in the city will be extremely unlucky.

“Hey, the enemy is now, should personal grievances be put aside first?” Li Xiuyan raised his chin at his mustache.

Moustache didn’t care, it seemed that even if the soul beast broke into the city, it had nothing to do with him.

However, one of Mustache’s subordinates persuaded Mustache at this moment, “Boss, that kid is right, let’s find a way to deal with the one outside.”

Moustache fiercely glared at the talker, as if simply didn’t mean to settle with Li Xiuyan.

The thick city gate has cracks due to the impact of the soul beast.

Li Xiuyan saw that Moustache was not in a hurry, he was naturally not in a hurry. What he is most worried about right now is not anything else but Guan Lie’s injury.

Although it is not very clear from this angle, he can see blood flowing from the corner of Guan Lie’s mouth.

The cracks on the city gate are getting bigger and bigger. Just hearing the loud noise of “peng”, somewhere in the city gate is penetrated by a huge claw.

This paw has sharp nails, and the entire arm is contained in a large black azure scale.

Li Xiuyan looks at the shape of this claw, it looks like a dragon claw, is it possible that Moustache’s man actually attracted a dragon?

Be aware that the entire three-day realm continent, the lower, the middle, and the upper forests of spirit beasts, plus the Land of Extreme North, may not make up ten dragons. I usually don’t want to see it. Li Xiuyan has seen it before and killed it, so for the guys outside, Li Xiuyan pays special attention to it. After all, there are some things that can only be known by experiencing it.

People from City Lord Mansion also rushed over at this time. Moustache handed Guan Lie, who was seriously injured and unconscious, to one of his subordinates. Then he leaned forward as if he was licking Gou. Without asking the others, he began to explain the situation. , And directly said Guan Lie, who was in a coma, was the culprit who attracted the spirit beast, and the reason why the group of them liberated the Martial Spirit was to deal with the spirit beast outside the city gate.

“Fuck your mother’s shit!”

Before the people of City Lord Mansion could speak, Li Xiuyan breathed out fragrance.

If Moustache successfully turns black and white, Guan Lie probably will be bad luck.

“Who are you?” The head of the City Lord Mansion entire group asked Li Xiuyan.

Li Xiuyan randomly compiled an identity and explained the whole story in a concise and concise way.

The moustache tried to interrupt, but was stopped by the person headed by City Lord Mansion.

“How did the whole thing happen, exactly as he said?” The leader browses slightly wrinkle, looking at the mustache in front of him and asked.

Must certainly won’t admit it.

But at the same time he denied it, the city gate was finally overwhelmed and was successfully broken by the big guy outside.

A huge soul beast with a height of fifteen centimeters, covered with black scales, and capable of walking semi-upright, appeared in the sight of everyone.

Li Xiuyan slumped in his heart on the spot and asked the old soul, “What is this, it looks too shabby…”

The shame Li Xiuyan refers to does not only refer to the ugly appearance of this soul beast, but also represents a kind of terror.

Not to mention its size, it is bigger than any kind of soul beast, and its image is very special, like a composite body of many souls.

The dragon head, bear body, tiger claw, and a huge python tail with a diameter of more than one meter thick.

“Everyone listens to the order, drive this monster out of the city!” The people headed by City Lord Mansion didn’t want to determine who was right between Li Xiuyan and Moustache. After all, as far as the situation is concerned, they are forced to retreat from this body shape. The huge soul beast is the top priority.

“Chop and slash, Tiger Ben sword!”

“Burn it, Yin-Yang Fire…”

The people of City Lord Mansion, when the voice of the leader fell, collectively liberated themselves Martial Spirit, and then the fierce and unafraid of death rushed to the huge soul beast.

Various types of soul abilities, like one after another colorful streamer, “shine” on this unidentified soul beast, but the resultant damage to it is minimal, and it can only temporarily stop its progress Footsteps, but it does not make it retreat.

“What are you guys doing in a daze? Don’t help yet!” the person headed by City Lord Mansion shouted angrily to the entire group of mustache.

Mustache and the others are also people in this city. People from City Lord Mansion also know each other. Naturally, they dare not listen to him. One person is left to look at Guan Lie, and the others are all facing the other end. The big four didn’t seem to launch a fierce attack.

The people headed by City Lord Mansion were not far behind and joined the battle.

However, at this moment, dozens of soul beasts of different sizes and sizes suddenly poured in from the feet of the huge Sidonian.

The person headed by City Lord Mansion saw this and immediately took out a ringing arrow to send a signal for help to City Lord Mansion.

Li Xiuyan didn’t want the spirit beasts to break into the city. After all, there are still many ordinary persons in the city. If they meet these spirit beasts, they will definitely die.

Thinking of this, Li Xiuyan made a decisive move, and with just one blow, he successfully eliminated the soul beast that rushed forward. Killed in one blow.

This action of him immediately attracted the attention of people headed by City Lord Mansion.

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