Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 910


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When I heard the teleportation circle was erected in the City Lord Mansion, Li Xiuyan had a little bit in his heart, and then started to listen to see if he could detect the specific location.

But such a topic, in this environment, is really hard to hear.

No way, Li Xiuyan can only find it by himself.

The scale of City Lord Mansion is not small, and the environment is relatively complicated. Li Xiuyan walked and walked blindly, and even turned a little bit, and there was no way to return.

Suddenly, he saw a man in the pavilion not far ahead.

So he leaned over, pressed for a moment, and asked about the location of the teleportation circle, so as not to waste time turning around here.

But after he got closer, he found that there was a girl in the pavilion. Looking at the back, It shouldn’t be a big age, and Li Xiuyan also felt that this back seemed to have been seen somewhere, there was a kind of acquaintance a feeling of.

The girl in the gazebo seemed to be thinking about something. She was a little lost. Li Xiuyan came behind her, but she didn’t even notice.

“cough cough.” Li Xiuyan coughed slightly.

The girl came back to his senses.

As a result, when she turned around, Li Xiuyan was astonished, because this girl was the one he had seen in the restaurant.

If it hadn’t been for her to help her out, Guan Lie wouldn’t have bargained with the moustache group, and perhaps the spirit beast would not attack the city.

“Is it you?”

“It’s you!”

Li Xiuyan spoke to the girl at the same time.

“Why are you at my house!” The girl quickly stood up and took a step back, and the Soul Power within the body also started.

Li Xiuyan was surprised, and quickly explained, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m in your house for a reason.”

“What’s the reason?!” The girl stared at Li Xiuyan like a thief, it seemed that as long as Li Xiuyan did anything wrong, she would immediately liberate Martial Spirit and kill Li Xiuyan on the spot.

Seeing her appearance, Li Xiuyan suddenly felt a little funny, and said angrily: “I came to your house, after all, it’s not because of you…”

“Because of me?” The girl was puzzled.

“In the final analysis, it is because of you, but it is not very much related to you.”

“Can you speak without turning around?”

“I…” Li Xiuyan was said that for the first time, and he usually said that to others.

“Well, well, since you asked, then I will tell you…”

Li Xiuyan didn’t hide it, and directly told the girl what happened tonight, “Now you know why I am here, right?”

The girl was nodded, “I see, you are here to destroy the teleportation circle.”

Li Xiuyan heard the girl’s words, it seemed something was wrong, but before she could react, she heard the girl yell, “Come on, catch the assassin!”


Li Xiuyan really wants to give her all of a sudden, it is so unreasonable. No wonder the situation has developed to the present level, and the City Lord has not ordered the dismantling of the teleportation array!

Really not a family, not a family!

The girl’s shout suddenly attracted people nearby, three people in total.

The person walking in the front took a look at Li Xiuyan and saw that he was wearing clothes from the house. He couldn’t help but wondered, and asked the girl, “Young Lady, where is the assassin?”

The girl pointed at Li Xiuyan, “Grab him, he is not from the house!”

The three of them heard this complexion changed and immediately pounced on Li Xiuyan.

How could they catch Li Xiuyan? Three or two stunned all three to the ground.

The girl looked straight. She didn’t expect that without liberating Martial Spirit, she would have such a strong combat capability, and she would still be unarmed.

“Whip, Whip of Thorns!”

The girl loudly shouted. She knew in her heart that with Li Xiuyan’s combat capability, if all the people from the City Lord Mansion came without using Soul Power, they might not be his opponents, so without the slightest hesitation, she liberated her Martial Spirit.

The rule that the Martial Spirit cannot be liberated in the city was issued by the City Lord Mansion in order to avoid fighting while liberating the Martial Spirit, which would cause casualties to buildings and people in the town, so as long as it is not endangered Life, without touching the opponent’s bottom line, almost no one will liberate Martial Spirit in the city, because the punishment is really severe.

Li Xiuyan just heard the three people call this girl Young Lady, and guessed that she might be the daughter of the City Lord. I believe she will know the location of the teleportation circle.

Thinking of this, Li Xiuyan also liberated Martial Spirit directly.

Because there are only two people here, he and this girl, and he must subdue each other in the shortest time, so he chose the first Martial Spirit, Heavenly Sword.

Due to personal factors, although Li Xiuyan was the Martial Spirit liberated after the girl, Li Xiuyan was the last one to take the shot.

When the girl reacted, Li Heavenly Sword was already on top of her jade neck.

“Don’t move around, don’t scream, otherwise, with the sword in my hand, it will easily tremble with excitement. If you cut a wound on your smooth skin, it will be bad.”

“You!” Although the girl was so angry, she didn’t dare to move. After all, girls love beauty. In case Li Xiuyan’s hands really shake, although it will not kill her, it will leave a scar on her neck, which will inevitably turn into an ugly scar in the future. How do you go out to meet people?

“That’s good.” Li Xiuyan saw that the girl was very obedient, and when he thought of her previous arrogant appearance, he couldn’t help but want to tease her, but because the situation is critical now, Li Xiuyan just decided. Just asked her name.

At first she refused to say, but then Li Xiuyan scared her, she told Li Xiuyan that her name was Baby Xue.

Li Xiuyan felt that Baby Xue was a little confused, so he called her baby directly and asked her where the teleportation spirit circle was.

As a result, this call directly made her blushing and embarrassed.

Li Xiuyan is not at all. I think there is something wrong. “Hey, why are you blushing? I asked you where the teleportation circle was set up. Hurry up and tell me. If it’s late, just It’s too late!”

Baby Xue’s breathing is already a bit short. If Li Xiuyan called her a baby just now, she was ashamed and angry, then the words after Li Xiuyan can only make her angry.

“hmph, I won’t tell you, you have to die this heart, you have the ability to find yourself!”

“Hey…you this girl, why are you so ignorant! I didn’t tell you that the goal of that soul beast is to teleport the spirit formation. If the teleportation spirit formation is not destroyed, many people will suffer from it Death, if your people can’t stop it, it will eventually find the teleportation circle, but at that time, more people have died because of it, don’t you understand?”

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