Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 911


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“I don’t understand, and I don’t need to understand. Kickback and I will never tell you where the teleportation spirit array is!” Xue Baobao put on a pretense of not listening to the eighth scriptures, and said Xiuyan was quite speechless.

Li Xiuyan doesn’t want to waste time, just threaten her, if you don’t tell the location of the teleportation circle, give her a Yi Rong Dan, and it’s the lowest one.

Baby Xue naturally knows what Yi Rong Dan is, especially the low-level Yi Rong Dan, which is not a Yi Rong Dan at all. It can definitely be called a disfigurement pill and cursed Li Xiuyan for being insidious.

Li Xiuyan can’t take care of that many anymore, as long as he can destroy the Xue Family’s teleportation circle.

“Don’t think I will crack a joke with you again!” Li Xiuyan really took out a medicine pill. Of course, this is not Yi Rongdan, but Baby Xue didn’t know it, and was scared by this medicine pill To die, finally said the location of the teleportation spirit array.

In order to prevent her from inventing a place to deceive herself, Li Xiuyan asked her to take her with her.

Because Xue Family is not a small family, if you want to walk the entire Xue Family, it is impossible to do it in a few hours, so even if you know where the Teleportation Array is, someone must lead the way. Just work.

“I warn you, don’t play tricks with me, otherwise, you know the consequences.” After Li Xiuyan threatened, let Baby Xue lead the way.

Baby Xue was obedient when he arrived, and she brought Li Xiuyan to the place where the teleportation spirit circle was.

“The Teleportation Array is inside, you can go in.” Xue Baobao pointed to the courtyard gate in front of him and said to Li Xiuyan.

Li Xiuyan already felt the spirit strength contained in the teleportation spirit formation, and confirmed that the teleportation spirit formation was in the other courtyard in front of him, so he released Baby Xue.

But just after he opened the courtyard door, he found that there were four guards in the courtyard where the teleportation circle was added.

Li Xiuyan, who opened the gate of the courtyard, immediately attracted the attention of these four people.

Because Li Xiuyan was still wearing Xue Family costumes, these four people did not at all react. As a result, Baby Xue who was behind Li Xiuyan suddenly yelled, “He’s here to destroy the person who teleports the spirit circle, grab him!”

The four of them heard the reputation, and looked over Li Xiuyan’s silhouette, and then fell on Baby Xue.

Baby Xue is the daughter of the Patriarch of the Xue Family, the Third Young Lady of the Xue Family. The four guards naturally recognize her. There is definitely nothing wrong with what she said. As a result, Li Xiuyan was not given the opportunity to explain, and the four of them pounced on Li Xiuyan.

There is an unwritten rule in the city that Martial Spirit is not allowed to be liberated at will, but it can also be divided into what kind of situation, and more into who, just like the current situation, these four people are impossible to liberate Martial Spirit, go up with Li Xiuyan A’s.

So while rushing to Li Xiuyan, they each liberated Martial Spirit.

Li Xiuyan saw that the four of them were unkind, especially their realm. Like him, they were all soul emperors, so he didn’t dare to neglect the slightest. Li Heavenly Sword and Wuyu Kuangsha were liberated almost at the same time.

The reason for liberating both Martial Spirits at the same time is because of his current situation. If he only liberates Heavenly Sword and focuses on attack and ignores defense, it is easy to be exploited by the opponent while attacking.

If he only liberates the domainless sands and blindly defends, it is no different from standing and being beaten, so he can only choose two kinds of Martial Spirit to liberate at the same time and integrate offense and defense.

With Li Heavenly Sword as the spear, and the domainless Kuangsha as the shield, one enemy four.

“Twin Martial Spirit!” Seeing Li Xiuyan liberating two Martial Spirits at the same time, Baby Xue’s eyes widened in shock.

There are not many people who have twin Martial Spirits. Among a hundred martial artists, there may be one, which is relatively rare. But like Li Xiuyan, people who liberate two Martial Spirits at the same time, Baby Xue Not only have I never seen it, but I have never even heard of it.

After all, the process of liberating the Martial Spirit is not as simple as a baby peeing and mud. The ability to liberate two Martial Spirits at the same time is enough to prove that this person’s control of Soul Power has reached a level that an ordinary person can’t match.

Not only that, Baby Xue also found that Li Xiuyan’s battle strength is amazing. It is also the soul emperor realm. When the four people add up, he can’t take advantage of it.

“Drifting Sand Domain!” Li Xiuyan lightly shouted. With the infusion of Soul Power, the originally solid ground immediately turned into soft and collapsed quicksand, causing the high platform for the teleportation formation to fall into the quicksand in.

Among the many types of Martial Spirit, the elemental Martial Spirit is listed as the strongest type of Martial Spirit, precisely because this Martial Spirit has a large range of influence, as it is now, if Li Xiuyan only liberates Li Heavenly Sword’s words, it is impossible to make the ground of the entire other courtyard begin to sink. It is naturally not that simple to destroy the teleportation spirit formation.

But now, Li Xiuyan can fight people while destroying the teleportation circle.

“you brat courting death!”

However, his action directly ignited the anger of the four guards, and they all attacked Li Xiuyan in desperate ways.

The other party started to kill, and Li Xiuyan also felt a little overwhelmed, but the teleportation circle hadn’t been completely destroyed, and he couldn’t stop it yet.

Baby Xue saw that the teleportation spirit formation built at a high price was about to be destroyed. Naturally, he would not choose to look on with his eyes. He immediately liberated Martial Spirit and joined the battle.

Baby Xue’s realm is still at Grade 9 Peak of the Soul King, and he hasn’t stepped into the Soul King realm, so her participation will not change the balance of battle strength of both parties too much.

Instead, Li Xiuyan seized the opportunity to use the opportunity of attacking Bao Bao Xue to plot the four guards against him. At the same time, he took advantage of the gap between the four of them to protect Bao Xue and directly destroyed it by virtue of Li Heavenly Sword Teleport Spirit Array.

As soon as the teleportation spirit formation is destroyed, the spirit strength condensed in the spirit formation also dissipates.

Baby Xue was dumbfounded, and the four guards were also a little dumbfounded.

In fact, as long as you find the location of the teleportation circle and want to destroy it, it is simply not too easy.

You don’t need to do it deliberately. As long as someone dares to liberate Martial Spirit and do it with you, the Soul Power storm created by the collision of two Soul Powers can definitely destroy the teleportation spirit formation easily.

Don’t talk about teleporting spirit formations, even the entire town is nothing difficult. That’s why it is not allowed to liberate Martial Spirit at will in the towns of the heaven realm.

“Okay, okay, don’t fight!” Li Xiuyan has achieved his goal, destroying the teleportation circle, and if he fights on, it has no meaning at all, so he took the initiative to speak.

As a result, his action not only angered the four guards, but also successfully angered Baby Xue. He pointed to Li Xiuyan’s nose and cursed, “How old are you? What about our teleportation spirit array?!”

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