Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 913


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The huge soul beasts all around, they are all ordinary soul beasts waiting. Li Xiuyan’s current location is just outside the limit of these soul beasts. In other words, as long as Li Xiuyan gets closer , Even if it was three five meters away, those soul beasts would be aware of his existence.

At this moment, Li Xiuyan doesn’t know what he is waiting for, but just wants to wait and see.

Waiting and waiting, he found that the huge soul beast was asleep and was still snoring.

What is called snoring like thunder, he can be regarded as a real experience.

Compared with the shouts of Ma Xiaoyun and Kou Ning, there is simply no comparability compared to this big guy.

As time passed by, Li Xiuyan didn’t know what he was thinking. Through the moonlight that was not too bright, he was always staring at the huge soul beast.

“I said, do you think it seems a bit smaller than before?”

Li Xiuyan suddenly asked the old soul in the heart.

It took a long time for the old soul to speak, “It seems to be a little smaller than before.”

“Is it possible that he was puffed?” Li Xiuyan said jokingly.

As a result, his tone barely fell, that huge soul beast suddenly turned into a luminous body, emitting Soul Power rays of light all over his body, shining his all around like daylight, even Some dazzling.

Li Xiuyan was dumbfounded. Seeing its posture, is it possible that you want to transform?

As I was thinking, the huge luminous body began to shrink sharply, and finally the Small Accomplishment directly shrank the outline of a human being.

Li Xiuyan laughed, it turns out that this is what he has been waiting for…

The process of seeing a huge soul beast transforming into an adult, I have to say, the visual impact is still great.

And the most important thing is that this guy is actually a mother… blame so many followers around.

Transfigured into a huge human-shaped soul beast, the rays of light emitted by Soul Power gradually weakened, and finally appeared in Li Xiuyan’s eyes as a perfect body without any flaws.

Li Xiuyan is even a little obsessed…

“Xiuyan, you said that if I send your little girlfriend out now and let her see that you are so obsessed with other women’s bodies, what do you think she will do to you?”

The words of the old soul immediately made Li Xiuyan look away.

The old soul immediately laughed heartily proudly.

Li Xiuyan spit out fragrant fragrance directly in the heart.

However, just when the two of you were talking about each other, the girl transformed from the soul beast seemed to wake up from a dream, but her eyes were a little confused.

After a while, I seemed to figure out the situation in front of me. I looked down at my body and tousled hair. I couldn’t help curl one’s lip. It seemed that I wanted to let the spirit beast waiting near her do something. Opening her mouth, she directly said a series of words that did not seem to be human, not only did Li Xiuyan not understand, but even the soul beasts around her were full of question marks.

Looking at the girl again, she was too anxious, making gestures with her hands while saying something no one could understand.

But those spirit beasts still didn’t understand what she wanted.

But Li Xiuyan understands, she wants a dress!

In the Nine Realms Space, there is ample food reserve, as well as clothes. Every time Li Xiuyan enters a town, he will go to the clothing store in the city, just in case.

Looking at the girl’s figure, she was similar to Chu Qianhan, so Li Xiuyan asked the old soul to secretly bring him a piece of Chu Qianhan’s clothes.

Because a lot of clothes were bought by Li Xiuyan, especially a lot of clothes were not worn, so there is one more one and one less. Someone knows that it is impossible.

The old soul was happy this time, and without a word, he stole a piece of clothing and gave it to Li Xiuyan.

Li Xiuyan took the clothes and just wanted to walk over to the girl, only to stand up, feeling something was wrong.

If he really swaggered over to give clothes to people, wouldn’t the girl know that he kept peeking here?

No way, no way!

Li Xiuyan felt that this was inappropriate. Although the other party’s real body was a soul beast, he has now become the same person as him.

As the saying goes, there is a difference between men and women. Even if the other party doesn’t care, you still care about your own fame, and you must not just go out so hastily.

At this moment, the old soul is secretly laughing.

Li Xiuyan just knew why he was so happy this time, because he wanted to see his own jokes.

“You send Longer out.” Li Xiuyan said to the old soul.

The old soul didn’t want to miss the chance to see Li Xiuyan making a fool of himself, so naturally he wouldn’t agree, but he didn’t refuse, he just pretended to be a little bit, in fact, not at all to call Longer, and then said to Li Xiuyan, Long The child is sleeping and can’t wake up at all.

Li Xiuyan was speechless for a while.

Ryuer herself is also a soul beast. If she comes forward, not only will it not be embarrassing, but it will also be easy to get closer to each other. Maybe the two can become friends. Then, the relationship between herself and her is Not that it can be closer…

Don’t look at her as an adult now, but Li Xiuyan will not forget that she breaks open the city gates with her own posture, and by the strength of oneself, fighting against the heroes, such a powerful ally, Li Xiuyan How can I not want to win.

Seeing Li Xiuyan, the soul was anxious, just like an ant on a hot pot, and stopped making a fool of yourself. He really called Longer and sent her out of the Nine Realm Space.

Li Xiuyan was still anxious, and Long Er suddenly appeared in front of him.

Li Xiuyan was overjoyed, knowing that the old soul was playing tricks on him just now, but he didn’t have time to pay attention to the old soul, so he immediately explained his thoughts to Long Er.

After listening to Long Er, she refused not at all, but told Li Xiuyan that she could only do her best. As for whether she would succeed or not, she could not guarantee.

Li Xiuyan didn’t want to put too much pressure on Long Er, just nodded, not at all.

He then looked at Long Er’s back, watching her walk all the way.

Because Long’er is also a soul beast, her aura, those soul beasts can know it, and soon, she was brought to the girl who was transformed into a huge soul beast.

The girl still couldn’t say anything that humans or spirit beasts could understand.

When I saw the clothes in Long Er’s hands, a hint of doubt suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Long Er didn’t say anything, and passed the clothes over.

The girl was not polite, she took the clothes and put them on.

But human clothes are not as simple as they seem, she seems to be the first time she turns into an adult.

In the end, it was with Long Er’s help that she successfully put on her clothes.

Long Er saw that she couldn’t speak clearly, so she couldn’t communicate, so she began to teach her how to speak.

Her learning ability is very strong. No matter what Long Er teaches her, she basically does it again, but in just one hour, she can have a simple communication with Long Er.

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