Lord of Nine Realms Chapter 918


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From Mo’er’s tone, Li Xiuyan heard that the soul beasts in the Extreme North Land had a deep grievance with the Nine Great Families, that is to say, they could also be a target.

Thinking of this, Li Xiuyan began to behave in an orderly manner, constantly composing Moer’s words.

Moer was simply not fooled.

Don’t even think that she has just turned into an adult, but her IQ is not low, Li Xiuyan simply can’t coax her.

No way, Li Xiuyan had to repeat the same tricks, and reproduced some of the things he said before with the head of the Xue Family.

In order to show his sincerity, he even directly stated his identity to Mo Er, first explaining that he has a deep grievance with Nine Great Families.

Moer is not an ordinary soul beast, and she has heard about the legend of Lord of Nine Realms. Since then, her attitude towards Li Xiuyan has also changed a lot.

Because their purpose of coming out of Extreme North Land is actually to earn a place of their own in the heavenly realm.

This place doesn’t need to be too good, but at least it’s not like Extreme North Land, where the environment is bad and supplies are in short supply.

“How about it, now believe me and you are on the side?” Li Xiuyan asked Moer.

Mo Er nodded, “Believe it. If you told me earlier, you are Lord of Nine Realms, I would have put down my guard against you.”

Li Xiuyan was a little confused, “What do you mean by this?”

“How do you say…”

Mo Er thought for a while, and then said: “If I tell you that there is an instruction in my subconscious, would you believe it?”

“What instructions?” Li Xiuyan became more confused as he listened.

Mo Er said: “Speaking of which, I don’t know what the existence of this instruction is, but it is in my head.”

“What kind of instruction is it?” The more anxious Li Xiuyan, the more circumstantial Moer was.

Mo Er seemed to enjoy watching Li Xiuyan’s anxious look, and deliberately dragged him for a while before clarifying the matter about that instruction.

After hearing all about the instruction, Li Xiuyan was stunned and couldn’t help but confirm to Mo’er, “You mean, the instruction in your consciousness is to follow the instructions of the Lord of Nine Realms?”

This is the core content of that instruction.

Mo Er nodded, “Yes, that’s what it means, and…”

“And what?”

“And I found that I can’t violate this instruction.”

“No way…” Li Xiuyan didn’t believe me a little bit, and when his eyes rolled, he suddenly thought about it, “Come over and kiss me.”

Mo Er was stunned. From the look in her eyes, she could tell that she refused, but within a second, she walked straight towards Li Xiuyan, and under Li Xiuyan’s stunned gaze, she held it. Li Xiuyan kissed his face on the head.

Moer’s cheeks were flushed after the kiss, and she immediately wiped her mouth with her hands.

Li Xiuyan was puzzled, and asked the old soul in his heart, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know…” The old soul was also a little confused.

“What are you kidding about, and things you don’t know?”

If it is exactly what Moer said, Li Xiuyan will absolutely not believe it, this matter has nothing to do with the old soul.

Because after several years of getting along with each other, Li Xiuyan discovered that the Old Soul is very different from other Artifact Spirits. He is like the hub between Lord of Nine Realms and the Nine Realms Key Ring, so if Moer What is said is true, then this matter is impossible to know.

However, under Li Xiuyan’s persecution, the old soul repeatedly denied that this matter was related to him.

“In this way, you should get closer to her, preferably some physical contact, so that I can feel it, and see what is going on with the instruction in her consciousness.”

“Okay.” Li Xiuyan reluctantly agreed, and then said to Mo Er: “Come and squeeze my shoulders.”

“Don’t go too far!” Mo Er said as she really walked over, standing behind Li Xiuyan, putting her two little hands on Li Xiuyan’s shoulders, and began to pinch up .

“Comfortable……” Since Li Xiuyan was reborn, this is the first time he has experienced massage.

“I knew you were such a person, I shouldn’t have told you…” Mo’er was flushed with anger. It can be seen that she did not want to massage Li Xiuyan, but she seemed to be unable to control her body same.

Through Li Xiuyan’s physical contact with Mo’er, the old soul finally figured out why Mo’er would unconditionally obey Li Xiuyan’s orders. It turns out that all of this was a good thing done by the previous time Lord of Nine Realms, and he still carried it on his back. The old soul did it.

“Have you figured out, what is going on?” Li Xiuyan in the heart asked anxiously.

“I figured it out.”

Listening to what the old soul said, Li Xiuyan immediately told Mo Er to stop.

Mo’er was so angry, but Li Xiuyan didn’t do anything, so she could only pouting her lips and sulking.

Li Xiuyan asked Long Er to accompany her first, and immediately began to ask the old soul what was going on.

The old soul said: “The Lord of Nine Realms before you is a strange thing. He has no trust in humans. He has been obsessed with the way of beasts all his life, that is, he wants to fuck Soul Control beasts and destroy Nine. Great Families.”

“This is a bit difficult…”

“Who said no, I persuaded him, but he didn’t listen, he was like a stubborn donkey, messing around all day, and from time to time I was forced to sleep, probably when I was asleep , He made this instruction. As for the conditions for triggering this instruction, it is estimated that when she is the Lord of Nine Realms, it will be triggered automatically.”

“Fuck, is this amazing too?”

“Either I can say that that guy is a weird thing, he can’t do business, but he is playing better than anyone else. I really don’t understand how he was chosen as Lord of Nine Realms.”

“Listen to what you mean, who chooses to be Lord of Nine Realms, it seems that you are not in charge?”

“This…” The old soul is speechless.

Li Xiuyan remembers very clearly that the old soul told him before that all he could be chosen to become the Lord of Nine Realms is because of the old soul, but now it seems that simply is not the case, there should be another Choose one condition.

“Things are not as simple as you think, I…”

“Once it’s OK, don’t say it, it doesn’t matter to me now whether you choose it or who chooses it. Anyway, I am already Lord of Nine Realms. It doesn’t matter, I won’t blame it. Yours.”

Last soul, “…”

Li Xiuyan did not study the Lord of Nine Realms’s selection criteria with the old soul, but walked over and asked Moer, “Are you from Extreme North Land, right?”

Mo Er stared at him, and said: “Yes, what’s the matter!”

“I remember behind your army, there was a little girl, about seven or eight years old, with big eyes and double eyelids, who is that?”

Mo Er said: “She is our boss.”

Li Xiuyan nodded, is not very surprised, because he has guessed that the little girl is not an ordinary person.

“Where is she now?” Li Xiuyan asked again.

“I don’t know.” Moer said: “From the Extreme North Land, the nine of us were arranged in the nine domains.”

“Nine people? In other words, there are still eight people at your level?”


“Then can you tell me why you are so big in your body form?”

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