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Seeing the “Golden Dream”, everyone has signs of setting fire Anderson. Klein took a step forward and sideways to Daniz:


“Take me to the captain’s room.”


“…good, okay.” Daniz took back the sight of Roger Anderson Hood.


It is most important to save the captain first. It is most important to save the captain first… He constantly warns himself in his mind.


The “Golden Dream” first put down a small boat, then dropped the gangway, so that Klein no longer need to use the power of the spell, simply and easily set foot on the deck.


Anderson followed his side, completely ignoring the eyes of all the crew members of the “Golden Dream”, walking around with a smile, looking around, just like going back to their own home.


His psychological quality is absolutely super-class… um, even if he offended the half-god, he was forced to apologize in public, took over the commission, turned his head and smiled, and ate happily… Klein sighed in his heart and headed for “Three pairs” Jodson and others.


“Hello, Sparrow Gawain, I am the chief of the ship, Bruce Worth.” A man wearing a monocle, nearly 1.8 meters tall, politely bowed.


The “foodie” with a bounty of 6,200 pounds… The “Iceberg Lieutenant” pirate group, the bounty level is significantly lower than the “star above”, is a treasure hunter of part-time pirates… Klein uses Gelman Sparrow’s polite attitude And use the word:


“Hello, I have heard of you.”


“…haha, It’s my honor, I am just a treasure hunter who dreams of becoming a craftsman but has to embark on the path of a gourmet.” Bruce Wolse whispered himself and pointed to a man next to him. Our second deputy, ‘singer’ Olvers.”


The bounty of 5,500 pounds… The extraordinary on the “Golden Dream”, the nickname is very strange. If I don’t know the subordinates of It’s pirate generals in advance, I definitely think it is a sea tour group, singing songs and eating food and cooking. At the party, I was looking for the treasures in the legend. It was not too good… Klein turned his eyes to Olvers and nodded at random.


The “singer” has a stone-like deep outline and a brilliant blond hair, with a melancholy smile:


“In fact, I am just praising the sun, and now my sun is gone.”


… Klein almost got a goose bump.


“Oh, it’s the Intis, it’s the same as singing. Unfortunately, I was in Segal and grew up in Lunburg. I didn’t learn this ability.” Anderson didn’t know if he was boasting or laughing. After all, he Half of the Intis lineage.


Born in Segal, later went to Lunburg to study, um, it should be the church school, and the “Iceberg Lieutenant” Ademona is a classmate… Olvers Gawain can be identified as the “sun” path, but the probability is not “Eternal” Blazing Sun “church’s, judging from his bounty, should be Sequence Six “Notary”… almost forgot, he had to tell the little “sun”, his formula already had, and he didn’t know what he could exchange this time. … Klein grabbed the “foodie” Bruce Wals introduction before turning around to “flower bow tie” Jodson, “bucket” Dan Neils and others:


“We have seen it.


“Don’t delay time.”


“Okay.” Bruce Wals breathed a sigh of relief and touched his short beard. He first went to the cabin.


If Gelman Sparrow’s crazy reputation is loud on the boat, he doesn’t want to be so polite.


At this time, Anderson deliberately fell behind a few steps, alongside Daniz, Olvers and others.


He glanced at each other, and he didn’t care about Daniz. They wanted to shred their eyes and swallowed their eyes.


“You are not alert to me.”


“Yes, we are not alert to you, we just want to put you in, see it? That gun!” Daniz is not afraid of the other is the strongest hunter, after all, this is the “Golden Dream”, there are countless There are few pirates, and there are many extras of Sequence Seven and Sequence Six.


Anderson’s mouth snarled:


“The people like me don’t actually have any threats. You think about it. Your captain must hate me very much, hate me, and won’t even say a word to me. Isn’t this the most ideal state?”


“…” Daniz opened his mouth, but did not say anything, because he suddenly felt that the shit said it makes sense.


Olvers, Jederson and others looked at Anderson’s eyes and subconsciously softened a lot.


Anderson snorted and looked ahead, his tone slightly whispered:


“You should be alert to Gelman Sparrow.”


“Why?” Daniz asked.


Although it is a madman, it does need to be vigilant, but it is not an enemy at present… Daniz silently added a sentence in his heart.


Anderson smiled and said:


“I am assuming that if Gelman succeeds in finding your captain and saving her, will your captain feel a little good for him? And he looks good, has a cold beauty, and is strong. Reached the rank of pirate general, the background is also very mysterious, enough to match…”


How… Maybe… Daniz wanted to refute it, but he couldn’t open it, the more he thought it was wrong.


The expressions of Olvers and others slammed down a bit, and looked at Gelman Sparrow’s back with a little more vigilance and alertness.


solve! The problem that was just provoked was solved… Anderson smiled and followed the cabin.


When I came to the captain’s room, Klein first saw a bookcase that was surrounded by nearly a circle, filled with books of various kinds.


The general captain’s room is a wine cooler… He silently sighed and went straight to the desk in front of the window.


According to Daniz, Ademona, the “Iceberg Lieutenant”, was missing while conducting the research. Therefore, it is Klein’s purpose to find the traces of the research remnant. Once he has collected enough information, he can go to the same. It is.


At this point, there were a lot of things on the desk, with white paper, a round pen, a convex ink bottle, a copper knife, and some books that were not neatly stacked.


In the middle of the desk is a booklet bound with parchment. On the dark brown surface, the words “Mister Russell Travels” are written in the ancient Fusac language.


Isn’t this a collection of “Iceberger Lieutenant”? It comes from a mysterious, suspected to be related to the giant dragon family and the “miracle city” Levished… Ademona was studying this before it disappeared? Klein looked at the book and instinctively made a guess.


Seeing Gelman Sparrow looking at the ancient book, Daniz barely smiled:


“It has no problem, we have checked it.”


is it? I doubt your level of care… Because someone has turned over and there is obviously no abnormality, Klein, after using the spirituality intuition to initially confirm that Daniz did not lie, put his hand over and asked casually:


“Have you read this “Mister Russell Travels”?”


Daniz shook his head, and Bruce Worth, Olvers, and Jodson shook his head.


Their expressions seem to say that they are tired enough to study every day, and they don’t want to read any books when they are resting!


The fingertips slid over the tan parchment, and Klein carefully and carefully read it page by page.


Soon, he turned to the place where the glue couldn’t open, and the corner of his eye swept through the above.


“Oh… no!” Suddenly, his eyes narrowed and he turned back two pages.


He remembers very clearly that he only saw the giant personality Mister Russell and his team coming to challenge the “Golden Dragon”, the frosty giant dragon. There is no more behind it. Now, there are two more pages!


In other words, the glue part is thinner, and the book opens two pages more!


More than a thousand years, continue to write again? What is the research result of It’s “Iceberger”? This also led to her disappearance? Klein frowned and froze, and read more than the last time.


The two pages mainly tell a lost pirate lady. She encountered the “King of the North” in the snowstorm and was almost killed. She tried her best to escape and met the protagonist who came to challenge the frost giant dragon.


More pirate lady… pirate lady… Klein chewed this title, and suddenly there was an inspiration in her mind:


This will not be the “Iceberger” Ademona?


She entered the book and became a character in the story?


Following this idea, Klein quickly found some problems:


“Magical mirror” Arrods said that the past owners of “Mister Russell Travels” are missing…


In Mister Russell’s Travels, there are Era of Darkness, the second generation of active giants and elves, as well as the second era Quartenary Epoch’s monk, the Solomon Empire, and the fifth era’s Lun soldiers.


If they are the masters of the missing “Mister Russell Travels”, the problem can be explained… They themselves do not belong to an era, but they are swallowed by books and become a member of the story! The more Klein wants to think that this speculation seems ridiculous, there is a great possibility.


In the world of mystery science, this is not impossible!


I have to confirm… and, Ademona and the former masters have done what they have done, they will be swallowed up by books… I should do something to release them… Klein took his eyes back and meditated for a few seconds.


He quickly looked up and saw Daniz and others look at it:


“Give me a candle and other items, and I will pray for the secret existence.”


The secret existence is myself… Klein immediately ridiculed himself in his heart.


Sure enough, professional, really crazy… “Gourmet” Bruce Wals and others did not dare to say, rushed to provide items, and then they all quit the captain’s room.


They dare not watch this dangerous ceremony unless requested by Gelman Sparrow.


Inside the captain’s room, Klein locked the door, closed the window, and quickly arranged the ceremony to bring “Mister Russell” to the above the grey mist.


After putting this ancient book on the top of the bronze long table, he sat down with a paper pen and brushed a divination statement:


“Ademona is in the story of this book.”


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