Put the pen in your hand and Klein untied the spiritual pendulum in the left wrist cuff. Hold it in one hand and hang it on the paper, almost touching it.

“Ademona is in the story of this book.” Klein closed his eyes and meditated on the divination statement.

After seven times, he opened his eyes and saw the citrine pendant spinning in a clockwise direction.

This is affirmation, saying that “Amiander” is in the book “Mister Russell Travels”!

It’s really the world in the book…and the state inside should be very special. Without newcomers to join, the story can’t be turned… Klein’s invisible location is down, and the silver chain hanging the citrine pendant is re-wrapped and picked up. Next to the crimson round pen, write a new divination statement:

“Enter the “Mister Russell Travels” approach.”

This time, he used the “dreamland divination technique”, and in the gray world, he saw a blurred figure.

These figures are huge, some slender, and the common feature is that they are all holding a book of yellow-brown parchment.

The next development has two different situations. Some of them have been carrying the “Mister Russell Travels” and disappeared silently. Some of them sometimes took the book and put it aside. After actively dripping blood on the cover, it suddenly disappeared!

The picture was broken, and Klein stared at the mottled long table in front of him, and frowned slightly to interpret:

“If you want to enter or open the Mister Russell Travels, you will either have long-term contact, reach a limit, or drop your own blood on the cover?

“Is this too simple? Maybe… it’s so simple, the story of the Lun’s soldier’s appearance is just an ordinary person, even without understanding mystery science, with the help of his companions, he grows up step by step’ Disciplinary Knight ‘…so, the method of opening is not complicated, and most people can do it.

“A small number of researchers before, including ‘Amiyama Iceberg’ Ademona, are extraordinary enough to have knowledge of mystery science. They can’t take their blood to drop things, otherwise they don’t know how to die, this is normal. People use the effective ‘magical mirror divination method’, it is very easy to attract strong unknowns, so they have no problem…

“Plus Ademona puts Mister Russell Travels in the collection room most of the time, and occasionally contacts, so until she has a new research idea and long-term touch, will this book reach the conditions for opening?

“Well, even the ‘magical mirror’ of Arrodes only knows that this book is weird, and that many of its owners have disappeared. It is suspected that it is related to the giant dragon family and the ‘miracle city’ Levished, which means “Mister Mister When Russell Travels is opened, it will interfere with the surrounding environment and erase the corresponding clues. Therefore, most of the collectors in the past are unclear that it has problems and no research ideas.

“The missing masters should not only be the few in the story, but the rest may have died of various problems and failed to leave a name in the travel notes…”

Klein retracted his thoughts and made another divination, hoping to get away from the “Mister Russell Travels”.

This time, he saw a more violent snowstorm in the gray dream world, and saw a huge figure standing on the top of the ice peak.

It is a translucent giant dragon with four feet standing still close to five meters. It is like a close relative of a lizard. It has an ugly face, a blue eye and a long, powerful tail with a pair of huge wings covering the membrane. It is only the expansion, there is a feeling of covering the sky.

Its scales are like ice crystals, and the shimmering shimmer is the most beautiful and dreamy place on the whole body.

Suddenly, this frost-like giant dragon raised his neck and body, sending out a terrible ripple through the blizzard.

At this moment, it is more than ten meters.

“King of the North”… The frost giant dragon… Klein got out of the dream and tapped the handrail of the high back chair.

His interpretation of the revelation of the previous divination is:

The key to leaving the “Mister Russell Travels” is “King of the North”!

Klein initially suspected that it was necessary to kill the frost giant dragon and let the protagonist Mister Russell achieve the goal in order to make the story “end” and open the way out of the book.

However, you can also try to force the break between the world of the book and the real world… Klein relies on a wealth of experience and soon has the idea of ​​trying.

He first picked up the “Dark Emperor” on the right hand side and integrated it into his spiritual body.

In the hustle and bustle, Klein’s body is covered with black body armor, and a heavy crown is placed on the top of the head. The atmosphere becomes noble and majestic, making people dare not look straight.

Then, he instigated the power of the mysterious space of above the grey mist to the greatest extent, letting them flow like water, surging.

Seeing this scene, Klein did not hesitate and waved through the “Poseidon Scepter” in the debris pile, pouring his own spirituality into it.

The cyan gems at the top of the white bones are lit one by one, giving off dazzling brilliance.

Countless silver and white lightnings emerged, hovering in the magnificent palace, Netz, as if forming a thunderous ocean.

In the end, Klein used the suppression and balance of the “Dark Emperor” personality to put all the power of the spurt into the lightning storm.


Above the grey mist The thunder swayed and went straight into the distance, and the thick lightnings of the hustle and bustle, or at the same time or successively, fell on the book “Mister Russell Travels”.

The glaring brilliance enveloped the entire palace and lasted for twenty seconds.

When everything subsided, Klein looked at the target again and found that the mottled long table was ruined, and the dark brown book was intact, only the corners were slightly rolled up.

It’s more powerful than I thought… Also, it’s easy to create a book in the world of the book… Oh, it’s definitely not a loss when you buy it for 8,000 pounds. It can be used as a shield. It can definitely block at least Saint. The only problem with the level of attack is that the area is too small and the coverage is not enough… Klein’s thoughts flashed, and the bronze long table quickly returned to its original state.

Since it is impossible to forcibly penetrate the “barrier” of the world of the book and the real world, he can only begin to consider how to enter in the normal way.

“Get some blood first, then bring it here, wipe it onto the cover, and use the spiritual body with ‘Dark Emperor’ and ‘Poseidon’ to enter? Don’t worry about getting ‘King of the Five Seas’ Nast because he I couldn’t get it, and I couldn’t enter the world of books, but the problem was that after she rescued the ‘Iceberg Lieutenant’, she was sure that Gelman Sparrow was the Grand Thefter ‘Dark Emperor’…

“Well, there is one of the most important issues. Entering with a spiritual body means that the body is in the outside world, in the captain’s room of the ‘Golden Dream’, and I don’t know the time flow of the world in the book. It is easy to go. A few days, in that case, the body will encounter an accident if it is not careful. After all, it lacks protection and is in a strange place. At that time, Ademona is rescued, but it is found that ‘self’ is gone, and the joke is wide open.” Klein quickly denied The idea of ​​entering the spiritual body.

He is not too trusting most people on the “Golden Dream” and is also wary of the strongest hunter Anderson.

After trying to divination into the book to save people, there is no danger, but after failing, Klein meditates for a while and returns to the real world. Then, without hesitation, he takes the “Mister Russell Travels” back and disposes of the ceremony. Residual traces.

Looking out the window of the sky near the dusk, he went to the door of the captain’s room, lifted the anti-lock and opened the door.

“Gourmet” Bruce Wols, “singer” Olvers and others are all outside, no one left, even the stairway, there are crew members to probe the brain.

“Is there a clue?” Bruce Wolth asked, but couldn’t hear his voice, because everyone who was squeezing at the door was asking.

Klein glanced and nodded.

In an instant, he heard the long-sounding superposition of layers, and saw all kinds of joy and excitement.

If one day, I am so missing, there will be people like them… Klein thoughts and turns, looking at Daniz:

“I need an assistant.”

After that, he turned to the desk position.

“Good!” Daniz was busy with the follow-up and skillfully locked the door.

“What do I need to do?” he eagerly asked, as if he had seen it, and with his own efforts, the captain was finally rescued.

Klein stood at the desk and said with a serious expression:

“The next thing will be very dangerous.”

“Very dangerous?” Daniz instincted his teeth.

“You may have disappeared from here, even died on the spot.” Klein gave the worst results.

Seeing Gelman Sparrow, this madman is so serious, Daniz understands the seriousness of the matter, his heart sinks, and the subconscious becomes confused:

“This, what does this have to do with the rescue of the captain?”

“Direct relationship,” Klein replied succinctly.

Daniz’s expression was somewhat distorted and silenced for two seconds:

“What if I don’t do it?”

“Your captain may stay there forever, or die in the next second,” Klein said truthfully.

Daniz opened his mouth and closed again, without speaking.

His eyes drifted for a few seconds and eventually fell back to Gelman Sparrow’s face, gnashing his teeth:

“let’s start.”

“Shit!” He whispered himself.

Klein picked up the paper and pen on the table, wrote a note, folded it into a square, and handed it to Daniz:

“Put it in your pocket and wait until you see it.”

“Go in?” Daniz asked in a stunned and confused way.

At the same time as the opening, he had automatically taken the paper and stuffed it into the trouser pocket.

Klein did not answer, referring to the “Mister Russell Travels” on the table:

“Get some of your own blood and apply it to the cover of this book.”

This…Daniz has some speculations, picking up the bronze dagger next to it and focusing on it:

“it is good!”

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